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Few people see the sovereignty of God in history.
This is a classic example of God at work in the affairs of man.



We Bible believers in America are daily being coerced to cheer for the US Military, the tool of NeoCon conquest, as they destroy one nation after the other and rape them for their natural resources. America is seen worldwide as a monster Big Bully which uses force and torture in violation of international law to humiliate the world. Our Presidents, all of them since about 1970, slap every nation on earth if they raise a complaint. The US Military is stationed in over 150 world nations nannying and nagging them.

This American demonic juggernaut is also promoting sodomy, and at the same time mocking at God and ruing him out of all national life. Thus, I want you Bible believers to be encouraged by the story of the Spanish Armada. In 1575 Spain was invincible, their navy was second to none, their ships were monsters of fire power and force, and Philip II of Spain let the world know that he was coming soon to every nation in the civilized world to conquer them for the Pope. And, he was succeeding magnificently. The whole world was in terror of the might of Spain.

Then, King Philip II launched the largest naval force the world had ever seen, and England, the bastion of Protestant Christianity, had only a fraction of the might of Spain. It was very clear-- Philip II would win his war with England, and Queen Elizabeth I would be dethroned, and anyone in England who did not pledge allegiance to the Pope would be killed.

And then, God stepped in. You will read what happened below. I ask you, whose side are YOU on? God will soon step in and stop the Big American Bully, and it will not be pretty. Are you satisfied to let God destroy the American empire while you watch? Are you an ambassador of Jesus Christ, or are you cheering for death and mayhem "made in USA"?

I choose  to set aside ALL restraint in this discussion of history. The story of the Spanish Armada is my favorite, only next to the stories of God's work in the Holy King James Bible.

The treacherous and bloody hand of Popery, along with virtually 100% of Roman Catholics then living in the late 1500s, is beyond description in civilized company. The Pope and Philip II of Spain were bastard mongrel pigs (Hebrews 12:8)-- Porci Del Diablo.  No period of human history has ever seen the horrors of mindless death and hell on earth like that hatched by the Vatican against Reformed Europe, the Anabaptists, and England.

We know very well that the adversary, Satan on his throne in the pig pen of the Vatican, was sensing that if God the Holy Spirit were to have continued authority in England, the Protestants would rule the civilized world. Why? Answer: Even though the Roman Catholic heart is filthy as a sewer, still, there is a longing to be free.

Christ makes men free, and Satan knew that his infernal Romanist servants, the Jesuits, could not prevent the most lowly bloodthirsty peasant in Spain from defecting to Jesus Christ if the Gospel ever got free reign in the world.

Who could do this?  Answer:  Those plodding, persistent, and pugnacious Englishmen.  We see that this is precisely what happened a hundred years later as the English missionaries went to the whole world with the Gospel.  Their zeal is unmatched in the annals of the Church Age. Men like Moffet, Livingston, CT Stud, and George Mueller would give all for Christ WITHOUT the sword of that old Taurus Fundiator in the Vatican to protect them.


We now give an excerpt from the book, "Final Authority" by William P. Grady.  

Graphic from Wiki Commons

This is taken from pages 203 to 206:

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With the death of Martin Luther in 1546, his spiritual descendants were set upon by a reviving Catholicism in the Schmalkald War of 1547. After suffering an initial defeat, the Protestant forces were rallied by Maurice of Saxony with the resultant Treaty of Passau (1552) temporarily securing Lutheran freedoms.

The Huguenot Wars in France began in 1560 and raged intermittently until religious toleration was finally wanted through the Edict of Nantes in 1598.

In 1567, the notorious Duke of Alva arrived in the Netherlands to suppress heresy on behalf of Philip H of Spain. The bloodletting of this campaign was so rampant that a house full of Dutch Christians in Rotterdam was spared when one of their own created a ruse by slaying a goat and sweeping the blood underneath the bolted doors into the street.

However, campaigns such as these were mere child's play when compared to the suffering of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648). Fought mainly in Germany, the antagonists consisted of several German princes backed by the Protestant powers of Sweden, Denmark, France and England against the Catholic House of Hapsburg which controlled, in addition to The Holy Roman Empire, Spain, Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, most of Italy and the Southern Netherlands.  

The ubiquitous "Jesuit Connection" was surmised by Newman who wrote:

The house of Hapsburg, in its Austrian branch, by the close of the sixteenth century, had come strongly under the influence of the Jesuits. As Archduke of Styria (1596 onward), Ferdinand, who as emperor was to play so prominent a part throughout the Thirty Years' War, carried out remorselessly the Jesuit policy in which he had been schooled from infancy by prohibiting Protestant worship, banishing the Protestant clergy, and placing before Protestant laymen the alternative of conversion or exile.

Throughout these intolerant years, Ferdinand's conscience was salved by his Jesuit confessor Viller.

Although the historic Peace of Westphalia, concluded in 1648, was essentially a victory for Protestantism, the overall loss from war-related extractions was incalculable. Newman summarizes the Jesuit-induced holocaust:

The extent of the destruction of life through the Thirty Years' War cannot be estimated. If we take into account the multitudes who died of starvation and exposure, the hundreds of thousands of women and children who were slain in the sacking and destroying of the towns and cities, the fearful waste of life that must have been involved in camp-- following, the deaths caused by the war would amount to many millions. In Bohemia, at the beginning of the war, there was a population of two million, of whom about eight-tenths were Protestant; at the close of the war there were about eight hundred thousand Catholics and no Protestants. Taking Germany and Austria together, we may safely say that the population was reduced by one-half, if not by two- thirds. And the deaths were in most cases the result of untold sufferings and as horrible as we can conceive. So far as the cities and towns were not utterly destroyed, they were the mere shadows of what they had been. Their buildings were dilapidated and large numbers of them unoccupied. Business of all kinds had been almost entirely destroyed. Agriculture had equally suffered. Livestock had been almost exterminated; farming implements had become scarce and rude. Desolation was everywhere.

However, because of the inevitable westward expansion of civilization, England's culture loomed ever larger as the Jesuits' primary target of conquest. In 1569 the Vatican agent, William Allen, established a college in Douai (then in the Spanish Netherlands), and a second school in Rome ten years later for the training of Jesuit missionaries to Britain. Allen set forth his goals in a passionate manner:

We make it our first and foremost study. . . to stir up in the minds of Catholics . . . zeal and just indignation against the heretics. This we do by setting before the eyes of the students the exceeding majesty of the ceremonial of the Catholic Church in the place where we live . . . At the same time we recall the mournful contrast that obtains at home: the utter desolation of all things sacred which there exists . . . our friends and kinsfolk, all our dear ones, and countless souls besides, perishing in schism and godlessness; every jail and dungeon filled to overflowing, not with thieves and villains but with Christ's priests and servants, nay, with our parents and kinsmen. There is nothing, then, that we ought not to suffer, rather than to look on at the ills that affect our nation.

The capture of Douai by Calvinist troops in 1578 sent the Jesuit College into exile in Reims until 1593. By the year 1585, a total of 268 graduates had secretly infiltrated England.  The leading personalities of this time were Jesuit agents Robert Parsons and Edmund Campion who entered the country in 1580 disguised as English military officers. The only Gospel they preached was the overthrow of Elizabeth! Boehmer states:

Then, under diverse disguises, they spread from county to county, from country house to castle. In the evening, they would hear confession; in the morning, they would preach and give communion, then they would disappear as mysteriously as they had arrived.

Green adds that their many disguises included "the cassock of the English Clergy."

It has been estimated that they won over 20,000 converts within a year of their arrival. However, their circulated literature encouraging the assassination of Elizabeth brought their English mission to an abrupt end. Although Parsons escaped to the Continent, "Father" Campion was captured and confined to the Tower, where he was "racked" severely to elicit the names of additional conspirators. On the following day when his jailer asked him how he felt, the exhausted Jesuit replied, "Not ill, because not at all."On December 1, 1581, he and fourteen others were publicly hanged.

In 1583, Pope Gregory XIII formulated a plan to invade England with three armies at once those of Ireland, France and Spain. Providentially, the Queen's agents discovered the plot and effective counter-measures caused a postponement of the attack.

Three years later, another Jesuit, John Ballard, was arrested for conspiring to bring Mary Stuart to the throne via a general uprising of England's Catholics. He and thirteen others were hanged and then brought down from the gibbet alive to be dismembered and disemboweled (torn limb from trunk).  Sixty-one priests and forty-nine laymen would be hung for conspiracy over the next fifteen years.

With friends like these, Mary Stuart needed few enemies. The intensified Jesuit activity eventually cost the would-be queen her head in 1587. Only weeks after her momentous execution, Pope Sixtus V pledged 600,000 gold crowns to King Philip's military coffers for the financing of an immediate invasion of England. In the words of Cardinal Mien, Britain's "usurping, heretic, prostitute" queen must surely be deposed.

On the morning of May 29, 1588, over 27,050 sailors and soldiers set sail from Lisbon's harbor aboard some 130 vessels sporting an average weight of 445 tons the largest fleet in maritime annals to that time.

The destruction of the Protestant religion was perceived as an intensely spiritual mission. The campaign's official banner read, "Exurge, Domine, et Vindica Causam Tuam,, - "Arise, 0 Lord, and vindicate thy cause." Indeed, "revival" had broken out during the final stages of departure; prostitutes were expelled gambling curtailed and profanity was reduced to a minimum. A high mass was celebrated and to a man, the Eucharist had been reverently received. Several hundred monks were among the passengers.

Philip II of Spain on the left, and Queen Elizabeth I on the right.
These two monarchs were the agents of God destined to carry out the war event that stopped
the Roman Whore Church from over running the Reformation in England.

On duly 19th, the vanguard of Spain's invincible armada was spotted. A mere thirty-four warships and fifty-eight support vessels under the command of Charles, Lord Howard, assisted by Sir Francis Drake prepared to engage her. What happened next has constituted one of the most remarkable displays of Divine intervention in all of recorded history.

The year before, Drake had led a surprise attack on the Spanish ships in Cddiz Harbor and discovered firsthand the Armada's construction project. Having been reared in the home of a Puritan minister, the undaunted "P.K." assured his Queen:

"God increase your most excellent Majesty's forces both by sea and land daily, ... for this I surely think: there was never any force so strong as there is now ready or making ready against your Majesty and true religion; but . . . the Lord of all strengths is stronger and will defend the truth of his Word."

Sir Francis Drake: See more on him and his contribution to the Armada event below this article.

Outmaneuvered by the smaller British vessels, the Spanish admiral, Medina-Sidonia, wrote in desperation:

The enemy pursue me, they fire on me from morn till dark, but they will not grapple . . . There is no remedy, for they are swift and we are slow.

Sustaining over 8,000 casualties on the twenty-seventh alone, Medina-Sidonia had had enough! However, the Northern seas would devour many thousands more along the stormy route of retreat. Twenty-three ships were wrecked off the rocky coast of Ireland alone. Over 1,100 drowned Spaniards were washed up on the beach of Sligo. And those who made it to the shore alive had their throats cut by the Kernes (poorer class of Irishmen).

Only fifty-one ships bearing 10,000 survivors were able to limp back to Spain. The Jesuit-educated Durant could only say that, "The winds favored Elizabeth." However, a total count of English losses placed at 60 men and 0 ships would divert the attention of sober men to Him Who "createth the wind." (Amos 4:13) Not a single hole was made below any English waterline!

With the Armada's crushing defeat driving Philip into isolation (a papal reneging on the 600,000 crowns not helping matters any), a major Jesuit project would emerge as the Vatican's last resort and ultimate secret weapon.

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Steve Van Nattan Comments:
I now continue the flow of William Grady's book as it continues on the page at this point.  I note that Grady saw, and described next, what The Roman Pontiffs did to move from open attack to subtle subterfuge. And, friends, it worked.  We now see 95% of Christendom running into the arms of Papa Roma. Read and weep.

_____ Continue Quoted section _____

Heretofore, the success of English Protestantism had been clearly attributable to her possession of God's Word in the vernacular. In 1582, Rome gave tacit endorsement to the adage, "If you can't beat them, join them" by producing her own English version of the New Testament as rendered by the Jesuit scholars at Reims (the Old Testament was completed in Douai and published in 1610).

Such a proclivity for momentary pragmatism has remained one of the Order's most distinguishable traits, Newman stating:

As a means of winning back Protestant communities to the Catholic faith, they gave the utmost attention to the cultivation of the preaching gifts among the members and used every device suggested by Protestant worship or otherwise for the popularization of the church services.

At this point, it is important to realize that the Pope's new Bible was not issued to help Catholics, but rather to hurt Christians. All good papists were still obliged to adhere religiously to the official Tridentine Profession of Faith (1564) which read, in part:

I acknowledge the sacred Scripture according to that sense which Holy Mother Church has held and holds, to whom it belongs to decide upon the true sense and interpretation of the holy Scriptures, nor will I ever receive and interpret the Scripture except according to the unanimous consent of the fathers.

As stated in an earlier chapter, it was this author's experience to spend twenty-two years in the Catholic church (including twelve years of parochial school) without ever reading a single verse out of the church's official Bible.

The Douay-Rheims "Bible" was a translation of the Latin Vulgate and therefore contained the multiplied perversities of Vaticanus and Sinaiticus. With education as their forte, the Jesuits would henceforth seek to undermine the Authorized Version with an appeal to superior manuscripts, superior being determined by age. Dr. Gipp writes:

The Jesuits' task was to entice Protestant scholarship back to Rome. They knew that they could not wean the leaders of Protestantism back into Rome as long as the stubborn "heretics" clung to the pure text of the Reformers. This Bible would have to he replaced with one which contained the pro-Roman Catholic readings of Jerome's Vulgate and the Jesuit translation of 1582. It would be necessary to "educate" the Protestant scholars to believe that their Reformation Text was unreliable and that their Authorized Version was "not scholarly." Once thus programmed, the egotistical scholars would spontaneously attack their own Bible and believe that they were helping God.

The impressive-sounding designation conferred upon this process of scrutinizing the preserved Word of God became known as the "science of textual criticism." Contrary to common belief, higher criticism did not begin with German rationalists but with Jesuit "fathers"!

The first scholar to employ "scientific methods" to the so-called textual and literary problems of the Bible was a Catholic priest by the name of Richard Simon (1638-1712). The Oxford Dictionary states:

Biblical scholar. From 1662 to 1678 he was a member of the French Oratory. His Histoire Criticquedu Vieux Testament (1678), arguing from the existence of duplicate accounts of the same incident and variations of style, denied that Moses was the author of the Pentateuch. He is generally regarded as the founder of Old Testament criticism.

Notice how the Oxford editors completely skirted Simon's Catholic credentials. For the record, "Father" Richard gained his liberal insights from the unsaved Jewish philosopher, Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677).

_____ End Quoted section _____

Read the above article in Korean

You need to know that, what Philip II of Spain and the Pope failed to do through the brutal physical aggression of war, the Jesuits and benign and subtle Popes have done through quiet acts of subversion in recent years.  The Word of God has been trashed in the hands of the vast majority of Christians today.  The Westcott and Hort Vatican Greek text has been used by soft headed scum in a thousand seminaries around the world to produce nearly 200 English Bibles.  

The NIV, RSV, and the foreign Bibles produced by the Bible Societies have sunk the Lord's Church, much to Pope Porci's delight.  The finale has been played out before our eyes as we have watched Billy Graham and Jack Van Impe lead millions of Bible believers into the arms of the Old Mother Whore of Rome.

All of you who will not be counseled to turn from the Roman Whore are not born again.  You will NOT be taken in the glorious Rapture of the Lord's Church.  You will remain here, and God will send you a spirit to believe lies.  This will result in your total submission to the priests and Pope of Rome, and you will think you are hearing a Fundamental Baptist, like Jack Van Impe or Jerry Falwell.  Your doom is sealed by the funny Bible you carry to church every Sunday morning.  

I hesitated to put it so bluntly, then I recalled that I would answer to God for this article, not to you.  How can you imagine God has included you in the elect brethren while you carry a Bible based on Roman Catholic butchered Greek texts-- Texts which have their foundation in a cult from ancient Alexandria which was based in a filthy Greek myth of Horus and Isis?  Indeed, you are moving steadily into the cult of the mother goddess and her illegitimate child of Satan.

We conclude in noting that the day is coming very soon when Roman Catholics worldwide will again drink the blood of the saints.  Already, the Jesuits in South America are burning Christians, their churches, and Bibles.  Already, Irish Catholics blast men, women, and babies into eternity in the name of Os Porci in the Vatican.  So, the cannibal goddess Kali, Isis, Mithra, Ashtart, and Erishkigal will soon restore their ceremonies of blood lust.  The day is very near when the markets of the world will have meat for sale marked, "Filet of Jew" and "Sirloin of Protestant."

If you don't want to be here to see this day, then you must repent, lay down that filthy NIV or funny bible, take up the King James Bible, and declare your zeal and faith for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Your open declaration of your salvation will then be accompanied by your giving the Pope a swift kick in the posterious maximus.  Such acts please God, and Jesus Christ will remove you from the future days of God's wrath when the Pope and all of Satan's workers are massacred by His Glorious power.  




I have done more study into the Spanish Armada since I posted the above article. Here is a list of what I learned was strategic in the total defeat of the Armada, and by defeat I mean that the Spanish navy was never the same.

You need to understand this-- the defeat of the Spanish navy resulted in the ascendancy of the British navy, and this resulted in the British Empire over about 300 years following the Armada battle. During this 300 years, the King James Bible went around the world in the hands of British colonial officials, explorers, and missionaries to become the English primer of the world. This was the great Philadelphian Age described in the Revelation of John. The door to the world swung wide open to the Protestant and Anabaptist zeal as the Spanish fleet limped sadly home.

So, the following are indeed a mighty tribute to a sovereign God who moves not only the weather, but the zeal in the hearts of imperfect men. I frankly believe that a Bible believer could find no better day to celebrate and have a feast every year than on the 1587 expedition of Drake to destroy Spanish ships, destroy all the wooden barrels destined for the Armada, and force the Spanish to put off the attack by one full year. That year was decisive in giving England time to gather its fleet.

So, here is the list of sovereign acts of God I learned about.

Philip ordered a Spanish Marquis, Medina Sidonia, to prepare the fleet of Spain for the great attack. But Philip's economy was in trouble, and he shorted Medina Sidonia on ordinance. The result was far too few cannon balls. This resulted in the Spanish fleet running out of ammunition midway up the English Channel and having to hold their fire only to defend themselves, not to attack. King Philip's shorthanded funding of the Armada also resulted in many delays as Medina Sidonia had to convince Philip to give him what he needed. The delays undoubtedly gave Queen Elizabeth time to rally her forces and set in place strategies along the English coast.

As I mentioned above, Sir Francis Drake made a preemptive strike against the Spanish and their servant nation, Portugal, some time before the Armada sailed.

Drake had returned from plundering the Spanish in the Caribbean and Colombia, and when he got back to Plymouth he heard the reports of the Spanish preparation of a naval attack on England. Drake also found that Queen Elizabeth I was being counseled by her court officials not to prepare for war. They believed they could use diplomacy with Spain. (Sound familiar?) This is the old story of timid men in high places. Drake knew very well that Spain was a mighty enemy, and Drake knew that the Pope intended to take England with the help of Spain. This would result in the destruction of the Protestant Reformation. Also, keep this in mind-- Sir Francis Drake hated the Roman Catholic Church fiercely.

So, Drake asked the Queen for permission to go to the coast of Portugal and Spain and carry on some of his usual plundering and thumping of the Spanish. He included a request to do any damage he felt useful. The Queen gave her approval, Drake headed by fast horse coach to Plymouth, set sail, and was off over the horizon before the court officials convinced the Queen to countermand Drake's orders. An attempt was made to catch up with Drake, but his tradition of sailing with all sails set at the greatest speed took him beyond reach.

In a Portuguese port along the coast was a town that made all of the wooden casks for Spain, especially for their navy. They had been making and curing thousands of oak barrels for the Armada. Oak casks were the ONLY thing in those days that could hold food items and keep them fresh for a long period of time. BUT, they had to be well cured, and that takes time. The sap from the oak had to be completely converted by age, or the green nature of the oak would make water foul, sour flour, and destroy cured meat.

Sir Francis Drake burned all the cured oak casks in Portugal, and the Armada had to set sail with all food and drink in green casks. This resulted in the Spanish sailors being horribly sick by the time the fleet reached the midway of the English Channel.

The Spanish Marquis and King Philip of Spain made special arrangements with the king of Belgium to raise an army of thousands of men, prepare barges to transport the men, and meet the Spanish Armada midway in the English Channel and transfer the army of men to the Spanish ships. At this point the Spanish ships would turn west and land on England and overwhelm the British army. This would have worked well. The numbers were greatly on the side of the Spanish in this. The king of Belgium got the barges and troops ready, but he panicked when he considered that his whole army might be killed off if the Spanish lost, AND the poor king looked out at the channel at the appointed launch time, and what did he see? Read on please.

The British did not have the huge war ships of the sort the Spanish had. The British were a bit timid because of this at first. They felt a bit overwhelmed. But they soon realized that the Spanish galleons were indeed monstrous machines of destruction, but they were very cumbersome.

English war ship on the left and Spanish and Portuguese on the right.

The Spanish war ships had a high fore and aft area where ranking officers were quartered, while the canon decks were limited as to the areas given to battle hardware. The British had developed a low slung ship that was not top heavy, could turn at full speed, and could get off far more rounds per minute than the Spanish. These small ships would sail in under the bows of the monstrous Spanish tubs and fire a round from all cannons, and then they would scurry away while the Spanish tried to position themselves to fire back. This tactic became deadly, especially when Sir Francis Drake used the tactic.

Do you recall the cannon balls shortage of the Spanish. Well, the British also had a shortage of cannon balls. But, while the Spanish were far from home where they could secure more cannon balls, the British were five or ten miles from the British coast. The British had decided long before the Armada era to use the same cannons on their ships that they used in their land based forts. The same caliber balls fit any British cannon. The British soon had plenty of cannon balls which they harvested from forts along the shore in long boats. The British had held their fire at first, but eventually ended up outgunning the Spanish in the extreme.

Now, what terrified the king of Belgium in the night as I mentioned above?

Fire ships!

The British had some ships that they realized were not of much effect in the battle. They lit them fire at night, and they sent them in amongst the Spanish fleet. The biggest galleon in Spain was in the fleet, and it was the pride and joy of King Philip. The British dreamed of lighting it afire.

The fire ships actually did very little harm, but they absolutely terrified the Spanish, forcing them to sail in circles, and one of the greatest ships was sunk when two ships ran into each other. But, the king or Belgium, poor fellow, stood on the castle wall and watched in horror as the fire ships sailed across the sea in the night. He decided there was no way he would send his slow vulnerable barges into that hell on the water.

Dear saint, let you imagination go a bit-- what a night that must have been. Be sure you are on the right side in the Last Days when God turns loose his "fire ships" into this wicked rebellious world. Drake had not been in command initially, but he was later made commander of the attack, and from that point onward, "El Diablo," as the Spanish called him, became the man God chose to stop the war of the Whore of Rome against the Reformation. If you want to win any battles for Christ, my friend, you better get your hate out and cultivate it.

Do you really hate God's enemies? I do.

Psalms 139:21 Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

As you read these terrifying accounts of the New World Order and the rage of world leaders against all that is of God-- as you tremble at the mighty technological and military power or America, Russia, and China, rest your mind and soul in this:

1 John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Did you also notice that God moved greatly in the hearts of wicked men in this historic account? They did stupid things because God sent them strong delusion so they would help him destroy them later.

Finally, there was the "wind of God" which is about all most Christian writers talk about when discussing the Armada.

The wind never blows up the English Channel from the south. The prevailing wind is from the north, and the Spanish were counting on this strategically and had tactics in hand that would put the normal winds to their advantage. But, they were sick as dogs, dodging fire ships, had no ammunition to defend themselves, and the mainland army did not show up......... and then the the wind changed.

And, it blew up a gale.

This caused the Spanish, after much destruction to their navy, to run like rats before the wind of God and sail out into the North Sea, far west of the coast of Ireland, and go limping back home puking their guts out from green water and moldy flour.

There is no hope in the Pope.

That wind which God sent was his miraculous participation a of the battle, nature. He controls the winds and the storms and the earthquakes. But, you must NOT lose the greater vision of God using men, men who hated the Pope, men who fought for God and England, men who prevailed. As King David said he trusted in God, King David at the same time spent many years practicing with that sling of his before he met Goliath. The lesson in the sovereignty of God is this-- God brings all things together to work for the good of his people and his glory. He uses them, and he enters in from time to time and moves nature and heaven against our enemies.

COUNT ON IT. Romans 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

And, you thought God might not be concerned that much about the affairs of men? THINK AGAIN

Psalms 89:13 Thou hast a mighty arm: strong is thy hand, and high is thy right hand.



By the way, to every Bible believer, to every citizen of a former British Empire nation, to every Protestant, August 12 must be celebrated with thanks to God. We must thank him for having mercy on England and opening the way for King James and his Bible, and thank God for freeing the Church of England to send Missionaries to the the whole world.

You Americans who are so eager to sweep Jesus Christ into the local church closet, damn your bastardized patriotism that is void of thanks to God for the Pilgrims, Puritans, Anabaptists, and all those others along the way who settled our nation.

The first Americans may not have all been true Bible believers, but they DID have the fear of God in them-- that same fear that was in Sir Francis Drake. And they had a white hot hate for the Pope. Let us not forget.

If God had not been fully engaged in the battle for England against the Spanish Armada, you Americans would not have your fetish US Constitution now, you would have Canon Law from the damned Pope. And, Jamestown would be the US capital.

And, you who live here in Texas, you need to understand that the fear of God that was openly shown by those Scotch Irish Presbyterians, Sam Houston, Davey Crocket, and so many others who settled Texas-- they too won Texas from the Pope and Santa Ana. For the record, Santa Ana was defeated at the battle of San Jacinto and disguised himself in women's clothes. He jumped on a stolen horse to flee, but the horse went straight back to its coral. Thus, Santa Ana was delivered into the hands of Sam Houston by a horse. Praise God, our Lord can even use a jackass to accomplish his will. That should give us all comfort.

God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.





This well done presentation does not include all the details, but it is a great tribute
to the ordinary men of England who fought to save England and her Protestant Queen
from the fate of His Hellishness, the Pope.

End of video