Searching for the Truth in the King James Bible;
Finding it, and passing it on to you.

Steve Van Nattan





If you study this course, you will be subjected to a synthesis of the worst New Age theology along with the virus of Fuller and Union Seminary. You will end up not believing in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, and your whole context will be what you have internalized, NOT what God has said.

Dr. James Stone

"It is within relationships that the connecting links of life have their greatest potential. All that the Scriptures proclaim, the heavens and the hells of life, transpire in the interaction of the connections of life. The ground of being for the germination of all life is the interaction of relationships."

Mystery of life explained by this heretic

The thumb represents the first person (Adam). Before he could experience a life of fulfillment, he had to be put to sleep. His current world of experience came to an end. While he was asleep, the essence of the second person was taken from his side. The little finger represents the second person (Eve). God took the rib from Adam, formed Eve, and then presented her back to Adam. When the second person was joined to the first person, it produced a third entity--the relationship between the two individuals. Now, there were three--the image and likeness of God was completed. The index finger represents the image of God--the manifestation of the likeness of the Son of God between the two. It is how flesh and blood bodies enter into and experience the kingdom of God. The entire process is the mystery of life demonstrating three noble truths of Christianity."

"Jesus has come, and He will come again and again to enable all to experience the power and the glory of His kingdom that knows no end."

"The success of enjoying life may largely depend on the successful navigation of the passage from one age to the next. Many fail to experience the steady development of life. They seem to have great difficulty in crossing the bridge that takes them to the next stage of their life. As with all of the created world, life is a continuous cycle of the death of an age and the birth of a new age."

"As in Daniel�s interpretation of the dream of the king of Babylon, it always has both judgment for the physical world and restoration of the spiritual realm. It always depicts the end of a present age and the coming of a new age."

Now, read at this Page:

" When an individual enters into a relationship with another person (be it superficial or intimate), a third entity is formed between the two flesh and blood people. It is within this incorporeal existence of the connection between the two that the kingdom of God is experienced. Jesus stated that the kingdom of God is among you, or in the midst of you."

Editor- Steve Van Nattan-- This is the theology of Freemasonry, defined in Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, Supreme Pontif, 33rd Degree, that God and Jesus are manifested in sexual intercourse.

The above hand theology is 100% equestrian manure and not even fit to put on your strawberries. This hand symbolism is much too close to the Satanic sign of Baphomet, and this fits well with the New Age teachings of this twink.

CAUTION: When George Bush or Texans give the hand sign above, do not panic-- It is the hand sign of the University of Texas at Austin football team-- The Longhonrs.

CAUTION: It is impossible to keep track of all the following links. Some are dead, and some may even been taken over by porn sites. Please SEND MAIL and tell me if any such problems.



Web master and self-appointed expert is a convicted felon
of sex perversion, and he jumped probation and is now in
The Netherlands.


NEW RELIGIOUS CULTS-- Beware. These people may find
narrow Bible believers to be cults simply because they are
preoccupied with "tolerance".


FALUN GONG cult of China







Read Moon's doctrine of nudity
Moon hosts a fools' theological club
Love bombing
"...of any note." What does that mean?
And, god remembers his sheep
The kingdom of god

Spiritwatch Site-- Very useful resource--
Church of God in Tennessee-- Caution re. some doctrine, and they are Bible mutilators.


12 Million of these books in print!
This is a sexual perversion, but it is a cult which draws off men and women who lust for slave master relationships. The promise is that the followers will one day be taken to GOR, a planet on the other side of the moon. This is Hale Bopp innovation with a bondage twist. We are concerned that GOR followers may recruit in local churches where pastors are not paying attention by counterfeit alleged Christians. Watch for the man to have more than one woman with him, recluse life, home schooling, dead looks on the women's faces, the man will be highly motivated and vocal about the narrow way and Fundamental Christian zeal. The man will also be very sweet to young girls and single women. The women will dress very modestly and show seeming open submission to the man. In GOR, a man can have several slaves, so be aware that "daughters" may be other woman slaves.

Scientology exposed-- Very well done site

Here is a very sincere and very arrogant heretic (Darwin Fish) who appears to be on the narrow way. He believes no one in Church history, since the Apostles, has ever gotten the truth right besides him.

WATCHMAN BIBLE STUDY GROUP-- This is an intensely blasphemous group. They teach hate of Jews. Make Jesus other than a Jew. Eve had sex with Satan. The rapture is a myth. Many more blasphemies they have patented.

Do you want a religion where everyone on earth, including Adolph Hitler, is finally saved-- a religion with no hell or punishment for spiritual rebels?

Fruits and Nuts Abounding:

Bernice Hicks strikes again-- In Iceland!  Her cultic "church" is moving out into the world now:

A Comparison Between David Koresh And Yisrayl Hawkins

THE DO-GOODERS CLUB: These are groups who seem to fight for worthy causes, but they are dead spiritually, or they refuse to take a stand on sin, the Blood, hell, and salvation. All are ecumenical and proud of it. They draw away sincere people into dead works where they can go to hell convinced that they are doing God a big favor:

The following are listed on a God Hating Site. I think it is useful to see how pagans see these alleged "ministries":
Dr. Laura
· Christian Coalition · Religious Freedom Amendment · "Judicial Activism" · Promise Keepers · Southern Baptist Convention · Family Research Council · American Family Association · Concerned Women for America · Eagle Forum · Operation Rescue · Christian Action Network · American Center for Law and Justice · Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights · Citizens for Excellence in Education · Education · The Marriage Law Project · Ex-gay ministries · Jerry Falwell · Gary Bauer · Pat Robertson · Bob Barr · Tom Delay ·

Other Do Gooders: Focus on the Family · New Life Ministries (Minrith-Meier Clinics) · The Center for Counseling & Health Resources · New Hope Ministries · Christian Recovery Fellowship · Christians Unite · Bob Larson


New Star Rising- These folks really hit hard and with sound doctrine:

Belfast Berean-- David McAllister is exposing the loonie Third Wave:

Over the edge in Nigeria-- Church leaders groan over heretics:

Cross and Word of UK--  Good Articles on Cults:

Good resource, though not sure about version of Bible and End Times doctrine:

Dr. Gene Scott:

I am not sure of every detail on these people, but the data is exceptional (non-KJV site):

False Prophets in Review:

Exceptional Apostasy List of Articles:

Here is a "I am my own cult" writer.
He mocks at some good people, then exalts some lunatics:

New Age Christian Ecumenism-- Blasphemy that will make you Vomit:
A Friend of this Cult:

Though not a Christain as far as I can tell, this man offers a lot of data on cults:

Everyone from Billy Graham to Promise Keepers to David Spangler:

Here is an assortment of articles which are dynamite on cults:

The Belfast Berean Broadcast Centre--  REAL AUDIO Messages Exposing Heretics: and

Biblical Discernment Ministries-- Treasure of material-- Possible Disclaimer some material:

Exposés on false teaching & teachers, and "Christian" organisations:  Biblical Discernment Ministries:



SWORD OF THE LORD, On the Children of God-- (These people have stolen John R Rice's Flag, but they have some useful material):

HERE IS A SNAKE WHO MAY BE FAR MORE YOUR ENEMY THAN FRIEND IN THE YEARS AHEAD--  Exit Counseling and Intervention in "Cults," which may, by definition of Satan's gang,  be YOU!!!:


CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE--  (Disclaimer some content and Bible versions):




Dr Eddy Cheong,  PO Box 441,,75760 Malacca,
West Malaysia
Compuserve: 74663,3322

Useful, but NOT Fundamental.  Be careful.



HERE IS A VERY USEFUL LIST WITH BRIEF NOTES: I am not sure about these people in all areas of their zeal, but they expose Cult Awareness Network well.





Christian Research Center, Hank Hanegraaff
The Walter Martin Homepage
Christianity, Cults And Religions
Cult Watch
Irving Hexham's Sources For The Study Of Cults, Sects And New Religion
Computer Discernment Notebook
The Christian Conscience


Catholics and the Bible
Catholics Do Worship Virgin Mary
List of Heresies
Mary Worship
New Roman Catholic Bible
Popery Opposed To The Bible
Relics Exposed
Vatican Condemns Literal Interpretation of the Bible
Visit of the Pope - The
Why Does the Roman Catholic Church Hate Ana-Baptists?
An Open Letter to Roman Catholics by Lucien J. LeSage, Jr.
Purgatory is the Goldmine of the Roman Catholic Church by Joseph Zacchello
Mission to Catholics Home Page
Abe Vs. Catholism: Division in the Church by Kevin Thompson
The Heresy of the ECT Movement
Errors of Rome


The Errors of Mormonism
The Importance of Definitions in Dealing with Mormons
Ten Reasons Why Not To Be A Mormon (Latter-Day Saint)
Those Dangerous Mormon Teachers
Ex-Mormon Christian
Mormon Research Ministry
Mormons In Transition
The Maze of Mormonsim by Walter Martin
The Book of Mormon by Walter Martin
Spiritual Multiplication, Athiesm, LDS Evangelism by Hank Hanegraaff
The Bible and the Book of Mormon Compared By Chad Lyndon Dills

Jehovah's Witnesses

Facts Jehovah’s Witnesses WILL NOT TELL YOU when calling at your door
Propheciesof the Watchtower Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses
John 1:1 and the Jehovah's Winessess by Walter Martin
Christian Articles For Witnessing To Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Christian Witnesses
Jehovah's Witnesses & Watchtower FAQ
Information Center For Jehovah's Witnesses
Answers to Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Witnesses and The Deity of Jesus Christ by Walter Martin
Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity by Walter Martin
The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Doctrine of Death by Walter Martin

Seventh Day Adventists

Seventh Day Adventist Error
Seventh Day Adventists By Gerald L. Caldwell


Christians Answer The Challenges Of Islam
Islam: The Way, The Truth And The Light?
The Christian Mission To Islam: Islam Viewed From A Biblical

Masonic Lodge

My Masonic Friend! by C. F. McQuaig
No Room in the Lodge for Jesus by Jim Shaw


Unitarianism, the Cult of the Intellect by Walter Martin
The Unitarian Church -- Salvation by Character By Braxton Greathouse

Christian Science

Christian Science and the Resurrection of Christ by Walter Martin

The Unification Church

What Do the Moonies (Unification Church) Teach?

Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers vs. Biblical Salvation
A Pastor’s Experiences with a Promise Keepers Representative
The Promise Keepers Lie
The Promise Keepers’ Bandwagon
Promises and Promise Keepers

Toronto "Revival"

The Toronto Phenomenon (Part 1) by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
The Toronto Phenomenon (Part 2) by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum


Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries

The Occult

The Bible & the Occult
Satanism on the Rise by Walter Martin

False Teachers

Benny Hinn's New Book "The Blood"
Billy Graham
"Faith Healers" Divine? or Deceptive?
Graham Associate Preaches Humanistic Gospel
Pat Robertson and Diamonds
The Strange Case of Peter Ruckman
The Harmfulness of the Billy Graham Crusades by Kevin Thompson
Billy Graham -- Ally of Rome by Dr. Ian Paisley
Charles Finney vs. The Westminster Confession by Michael Horton
Wandering Bible Colleges and Seminaries



One of Everything!
Disclaimer: Some sites are very ugly
NO Children please.
Beware of links which may be abandoned
and taken over by porn and Satanic sites.

3HO/Yogi Bhajan

The Case Against Yogi Bhajan
x3HO Conversations
X-3HO Friends
Yogi Bhajan: A parody page
"Ripped Off by a Religious Fraud"
3HO Discussion e-Group


Free Youth
The Reformation (about clergy abuse)
The "Courage to Heal" debunked
Bad Therapy Kills
Book Review of "Courage to Heal"
Borderline Personality Disorder
Shattered Love, Broken Lives
A Practical Guide to Ultra-Authority
The Taliban's War Against Women in Afghanistan
Child Protection Project
Friends of Montrose Baptist Church
Spiritual Abuse and Recovery Resources
Rest Ministries
Bully on Line
Parent Watch
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Security on Campus
Freedom from Abusive Relationships
Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute
Shattered Hearts
Lois' Home Page on Spiritual Abuse
Recovery from Spirtual Abuse
Protection of Theotokos -- A site for victims of abuse in the Orthodox Church
Student Safety: Violence, Hazing and Other Campus Crimes

Adi Da:
aka... Da Free John, Bubba Free John and Franklin Jones

The Daism Seminar
The Knee of Daism

Aetherius Society
Aetherius Society

Amish Deception


Amway/Quixtar Analysis
An Insider's Perspective
Quixtar Amway Business Analysis
Welcome to Amway: The Continuing Story
WWDB: The Things They Will Say
Dream Stealers
Amway UK Rip Off
Amway S....... Disclaimer language
Amway/Quixtar--mad rants
Amway: Facts for Thought
False Profits
The MLM Survivors Page
Jackie's Amway Info Homepage
"More Truth About Amway"

Ananda Church of Self-Realization

Ananda Uncovered
Ananda Info

Aquarian Concepts Community/Gabriel of Sedona

The Truth About The Aquarian Concepts Community
and its leader Gabriel of Sedona

Assemblies of God

Recovery from Spirtual Abuse




Avatar: A Cult in the Company
Church of Scientology vs. Harry--U.S. Court
Church of Scientology vs. Harry--U.S. Court of Appeals
Simpos/Avatar--Harry Palmer

William Branham

William Branham biography by Eric Pement
Watchman Fellowship analysis of William Branham

The Brethren--James Roberts aka the Garbage Eaters,
The Brothers and Sisters

Find Ben
Larry & Judy Wilcox's Home Page
The Roberts Parents Group

Brothers/Bruderhof Communities

The Peregrine Foundation
Graduate Good News
My Life In the Bruderhof Communities

Burning Man Event--Larry Harvey

Burning Man is Dead
Burning Man--a religious movement?

Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity and Cleargreen

Sustained Action

The Cassiopeia's (Ark Jadcyzk and Laura Knight-Jadcyzk)

The Truth about Cassiopeia: Ouiji Alien Alert

Controversial Catholic Sects and Movements

Ultra Traditionalists
Unity Publishing

Children of God now known as The Family--founder Moses David Berg

Moving On
Sword of the Lord Ministries
Bulletin Board for Ex-COG Members
The Magic Green Shirt--by James Penn

Ching Hai

Opposing Views about Suma Ching Hai

Deepak Chopra

Shameless Mind

Community of Jesus/Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary/
Canaan Franciscan Brotherhood

Community of Jesus/Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary/
Canaan Franciscan Brotherhood

Christian Cult Watchers

Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR)
New Covenant Ministries
New England Institute of Religious Research
Biblical Discernment Ministry(Jan Groenveld)
Cult Awareness & Information Centre - Australia (Jan Groenveld)
Watchman Fellowship
Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center
Dialog Center
On Line Guide to the Major Cults
The Christian Research Institute
Personal Freedom Outreach
Apologia Report
John Ankerberg Theological Institute
The Belfast Berean
CounterCult Outreach Resource Directory
Apologetics Index
Cult Link

Christian Fellowship Churches--founded by Wayman Mitchell
aka The Potter's House, The Door, Victory Chapel

Life after Potter's House

Christian Fundamentalism

People United for Religious Freedom
Alabama Free Thought Association
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
North Texas Church of Free Thought
Christians Anonymous
Fundamentalism by Gene Garman
"Recovering Fundamentalists"
"Born Again Fundamentalism - Hope or Hoax?"
"Addicted to Hate"--Rev. Fred Phelps
Anti-Pat Robertson Christian Coalition
Institute for Democracy Studies

Christian Reconstructionism

Christian Reconstructionism--God's Glorius Millennium?
Public Eye (see Reconstructionism under Search)

The Church of Bible Understanding (COBU)


Church Universal and Triumphant / Elizabeth Clare Prophet (CUT)

An analysis of CUT by Joe Szimhart

Clergy Abuse

SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
CEASE, Clergy Sexual Abuse
Alter Boys The Advocate
Survivors of Clergy Abuse
Boston Herald, Trail of Abuse
Boston Globe spotlight investigation
Clergy Abuse Tracker
Dallas Morning News Clergy Abuse files

Consumer Protection

Ministry Watch
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
Charity Navigator
Internet Fraud Services
The Rip Off Report
Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Internet 101
Cyber Criminals Most Wanted
National Consumers League
Consumer World
Trading Standards--United Kingdom
Scam Shield
Fraud Bureau
Commercial Business Intelligence
Good Money
Exeter University Resource Page
Victims Against Scams
South African Crime Research Guide
Consumer Protection for the Elderly--NAIC
UK Fraud Protection
Professionals Against Confidence Crimes
UK Serious Fraud Office
Better Business Bureau
Urban Legends and Folklore
Internet ScamBusters
Net Scams
National Fraud Information Center
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
National Charities Information Bureau
Quatloos--Scams & Frauds Exposed

Dawn Horse Communion/Da Free John

The Knee of Daism/Deconstructing Adi Da


Washington Post/Mother of God
Damaged Disciples

Divine Light Mission (aka Elan Vital) founded
by Guru Maharaji (aka Maharaji)

I Object to Prempal Rawat
Maharaji Drek
Maharaji's Unofficial Website
Great Worldwide Linkup


Surviving the Cult Eckankar
The Center for Twitchellian Plagiarism

Emin Foundation

The Emin Foundation

The Endeavor Academy--Chuck Anderson,
a.k.a. "The Master Teacher"

The Complete Story of the Course--Patrick Miller

Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary Canaan Franciscan Brotherhood

Association of former members of the Evangelical Sisterhood of
Mary Canaan Franciscan Brotherhood

Exclusive Brethren of Australia

Exclusive Brethren Information

Exclusive Plymouth Brethren

Exclusive Plymouth Brethren

Faith Healing Groups

In Memory of Deborah Elizabeth Shepherd

The Faith Movement

The Faith Movement-a critical perspective

Fake Faith Healers

Fake Faith

False Memories

The "Courage to Heal" debunked
Bad Therapy Kills
A Parent's View of "Courage to Heal"
Book Review of "Courage to Heal"
Children's Eyewitness Reports After Exposure to Misinformation
from Parents, American Psychological Association

Forensic PTSD
Australian False Memory Association
British False Memory Society
Human Trinity Hypnotherapy
False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Victims of Memory
Letters to My Recovered Memories Therapist

Fellowship of Friends/Fourth Way

The Burton Assram
The Fourth Way--Gurdjieff Ouspensky School

Bill Fields and The Peacemakers International

Ex Peacemakers
Bible-Based "cult of the month"


Findhorn (New Age commune Schotland)

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order

FWBO Files
Ex-Friends of the Buddhist Order


Texas Gang Investigators Association
Southeastern CT Gang Activities Group
Gang Prevention Inc.
Gang and Security Threat Group Awareness
California Gang Investigator's Association
Inmate Information
National Gang Crime Research Center

Gans, Sharon, Alex Horn and the "Fourth Way"

Alex Horn, "Theater of All Possibilities"

Geftakys Assembly

Geftakys (critical website by former members)

General Group Information

Carol Giambalvo's Homepage
NY Jewish Family Service Cult Clinic
Stephen Kent, Ph.D. Cults, New Religions and Social Movements
Cult Watch, New Zealand
Cult Information Centre, Great Britain
A Practical Guide to Ultra-Authority
Info Cult Canada
Free Minds
Cult Catalyst UK
Cult The Cult Survivor Canada
American Family Foundation
Yahoo's Cults Page
Critical Thinking & Psychology Links
Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking
Joe Szimhart
Religious Movement Resource Center
Simpos-the Netherlands
Omni Magazine Cult Page
Dialog Center International Top 5 Sites about Cults
Resource Center for Freedom of Mind
Philip Zimbardo Web site

Gospel Assembly Church

Gospel Assembly Free (Wanda Mason)

Gothard, Bill

Midwest Christian Outreach, Bill Gothard archive


     Child Protection

Administration for Children and Families
Children's Bureau
     Government Resources

Federal Trade Commission
The United States Senate
The U.S. Postal Service
European Union Online
Department of Health and Human Services
     Law Enforcement

National Sheriff's Association
Michigan State University, Criminal Justice Resources
Law Enforcement Sites on the Web
John Jay College Law Enforcement News
Florida State University, Criminal Justice Links
Federal Bureau of Investigation
United States Department of Justice
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Growing Families International (GFI)

Ezzo Info


The Indian Skeptic
"Gurus - Good, Bad and Bogus"
Sarlo's Guru Rating List

Hate Groups and Extremists

One People's Project
The Public Eye
The Lethal Triad
The Hate Directory
Hate Crimes Research Network
Center for New Community
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Dan Gayman
Klanwatch/Southern Poverty Law Center
Stop The Hate
The Anti-Defamation League


Mental Health
National Institute of Mental Health
National Mental Health Association
Live Science from Omni Magazine
Health Frontiers Center for Quackery Control
"My ordeal as a patient of Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D." By Mary L. Cupp
Alternative health/quackery


Work from Home
Herbalife--mad rants

Benny Hinn

Fake Faith
Benny Hinn's False Prophesies

House of Jacob

House Afire

Human Rights

Amnesty International

Iglesia ni Cristo (Filipino Church of Christ)

Church of Christ Iglesia ni Cristo Deceptions
Iglesia ni Cristo - Insiders Truth Page
Iglesia ni Cristo aka Church of Christ Fulfilled Prophecy?
Iglesia Ni Cristo Forum
Examine the Iglesia ni Cristo
Iglesia ni Cristo (Let Us Reason)

Influence and Persuasion

A Practical Guide to Ultra-Authority
Primer of Practical Persuasion

Interaction Dynamics Systems/
James D. Brennan and Patrick McNally Group

The Brennan Cult of Hawaii Exposed

The Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP)

The Global Prosperity Group Scam

Kip McKean's "International Church of Christ"

(formerly known as both the "Boston Church of Christ" or "The Boston Movement"
- not to be confused with either the United Church of Christ or independent churches of Christ)

Crossroads Church of Christ disassociates from the Boston Church of Christ Movement
Bewitchment, Tim and Carla Williams
Leadership Lifestyles--New Covenant Ministries
The Discipling Dilemma by Flavil Yeakley
Recovery from the International Church of Christ
The ICC Alumni
Steven Rauch's ICC Page
Triumphing Over London Cults (Graham Cluley)
Reveal by Catherine Hampton
RESOURCE-Cults and Spiritual Abuse
International Church Of Christ Vs. The Bible
Freedom's Ring
McKean's Mafia
"Are The International Churches of Christ Teachings Biblical"?
The International Churches Of Christ/Boston Movement: A Preliminary Bibliography
Cults.Net: Campus News on Cults

International Zen Association

The Teachings of Mystical Zen Buddhism
A Critical Review of AZI by Ralph Halfmann

Isis Holistic Center

Isis Holistic Center

Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower's Investments
Watchtower Information Service
Time Lost by Ex Jehovah's Witnesses
Silent Lambs--victims of abuse within Jehovah's Witnesses
Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses
Our Journey Out--Kathleen Quen
Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses
Watchtower Observer
Watchtower World
WATCH the TOWER ~~ Official Web Site of Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses
Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses
Comments from the Friends
Watchtower Review Chatroom

Jesus Army

Jesus Army Watch

Jewish Helping Organizations

Jewish Political Advocacy
DOROT--for the Jewish elderly
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Israel Humanitarian Foundation
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
Orthodox Union--National Council for the Disabled
Orthodox Union--Solidarity Mission to Israel
Long Island Social Work/Hospital Services
National Council of Jewish Women
New York Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services
The New York Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty

Jesus People USA

JPUSA Info -- from former members

Jews For Jesus?

Questions and Answers about Jews for Jesus
"Keepers of the Covenant"
Their Hollow Inheritance
A Jewish Response to the Messianic Movement
Hawking God: A Young Jewish Woman's Ordeal in Jews for Jesus
Jews for Judaism
Jonestown--the People's Temple and Jim Jones

Seductive Poison
Jonestown and Official San Francisco: The Untold Story
Jonestown Memorial Project

William Kamm and the Marian Work of Atonement

William Kamm and the Marian Work of Atonement

Kashi Ashram, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Ma Jaya and Kashi Ashram Revealed


GBC, General Board of Complaints
The Eleven "Bogus Gurus"
Krishna Today

Landmark Forum

Werner Erhard's Celebrity Website
Landmark Education by Andy Testa
Landmark Forum: Just a Bowl of Cherries--But Watch Out for the Pits!
Landmark Forum Shatters A Young Girl's Dreams

Large Group Awareness

Skeptic's Dictionary about LAGATs
The Power of Words
The Top Ten Concepts of Transformational Types
The Awareness Page--information about groups like est, Momentus,
Lifespring, Mind Dynamics, the Forum, PSI World, Insight, Phoenix 2000 and more

Legionaries of Christ

Legionaries of Christ

Fredrick Lenz aka Rama, Zen Master Rama

Jim Picariello's Page
Mark Laxer's Book: Take Me For A Ride


Mahikari Exposed
Link to the electronic edition of All The Emperors Men
Goseigen - a book of Revelations
Jesus Christ is Buried in Japan?
Mahikari and the Protocols of Zion
A seemingly harmless but yet dangerous sect


Maranatha and Champions for Christ


Center for Millennial Studies

Momentus (aka Association for Christian Character
Development, Mashiyach Ministries)

Cephas Ministry
Problems in Momentus--Messiah Lutheran Church
Momentus Tactics by a family therapist
Momentus--Christian Research Institute


The Mormon Conspiracy
Mormon Beliefs Reviewed
Mormon copyright claims
Recovery from Mormonism
A Close Look At Mormonism
Lighthouse Ministry
"The Truth and all the Truth"



Mountain Park Baptist Boarding School

Mountain Park Survivors

MSIA, John Roger, Insight

The Peter McWilliams Story
Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

Multi-Level Marketing

MLM Watch
Consumer Protection Institute
Multi Sense
The Cagey Consumer
Legal Principles of Multi Level Marketing
Multi Level Marketing: What it was, what it became, what it is today
The Mirage of Multi-Level Marketing
MLM Alerts
Money Scams
MLM Survivor
Pyramid Scheme Alert
What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?


Narconon Exposed

Nation of Islam

Comparison Between Islam And Farrakhanism
Nation of Islam Exposed
Examining the Black Muslim Movement
Seperating Man from Myth by Brock Meeks

National Labor Federation

The Truth About NATLFED

New Acropolis

New Acropolis

New Alliance Party, NAP, CUIP, Social Therapy
--Fred Newman and Leonora Fulani
Political Research Associates, Public Eye
A Cult By Any Other Name: The New Alliance
Party Dismantled and Reincarnated--ADL

Betrayal in Black: The strange career of Leonara Fulani
The New Party Alliance: Dr. Fulani's Snake-Oil Show

New American Wing - James Vincent Randazzo

NAW Aware: School or Scam?

Nityananda Institute

Leaving Nityananda


Ontopsychology--a critical page

Opus Dei

Guide on Preventing Opus Dei Infiltration
"Opus Dei Awareness Network"
"Opus Dei--The Unofficial Homepage"

The Order Of The Magnificat Of The Mother Of God
--and associated groups such as The Apostles of Love/Canada

The Broken Cross Home Page

The Ordo Templi Orientis

SOTO Truthri
The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho)

People of Hope

The People of Hope N.J.


Origins of the Pentecostal Movement, ORU
20th Century Tongues: Faith or Fake?


Tapestry: Against Polygamy
Help Find Ruby Jessop
The Principle
A Chronology Of Federal Legislation On Polygamy

Pre-Paid Legal

Pre-Paid Legal 101

Private Investigation

Pierre Merkl, Desvernine Associates
Skip Porteous, Private Investigator
Larry Zilliox, Investigations
Canadian Intelligence Security Service


Raelian Religion

Radhasoami, Sant Mat and Shabd Yoga

Radhasoami Beas Secret History
Radhasoami Studies
Radhasoami Essays and Reviews by David Lane
ExSatsangi Support Group

Ramtha/J.Z. Knight

A Review of "Finding Enlightenment:
Ramtha's School of Ancient Wisdom" by J. Gordon Melton, 1998.

Spiritualism/J.Z. Knight/Ramtha

Recovery and Support/Former Cult Members

Borderline Personality Disorder
The Therapist Locator
Colleen Russell, LMFT California
RETIRN, Philadelphia--Steve Dubrow Eichel, Ph.D.
Ex-Cult Archive
Bill and Lorna Goldberg--Support Group
Ex Members Society
Former cult members at Odenwald Residence
Ex-Members' Society--Information for Cult Survivors
Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center

Reevaluation Co-Counseling

The Liberate Re-evaluation Counseling Site

Religious Studies

Theology and Religious Studies Resources

Revival Centers International

Sahaja Yoga

Is Sahaja Yoga Good or Bad?
Sahaja Yoga: Facts and the Truth
Sahaja yoga - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Information about Sahaja Yoga
Dangers of Sahaja Yoga

Sai Baba

Concerned former devotees of Sathya Sai Baba
The Findings
Sathya Shree Sai Baba: critical views

Sant Baba Amar Singh and Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar Worldwide

Sant Baba Amar


The Believers


The Wenatchee Concerned Citizens for Legal Accountability
The Prosecution of Paul Ingram

Anne Wilson Schaef's, Living in Process Intensive

Anne Wilson Schaef--Consumer Alert

School of Economic Science

School of Economic Science


Scientology: Index of Critical websites
Narconon Exposed
ARS Week in Review, by Rod Keller
Lerma "Exposing the con"
The Fishman Affadavit
Reed Slatkin Financial Fraud
The Scientology Comparative Theology Page
Occupied Clearwater
Critical Institute for the Study of Alternative Religion--Germany
The Church of Scientology vs. the Net (Ron Newman)
EFF "Church of Scientology v the Net" ARCHIVE (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
Tilman Hausherr's home page
Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz (David S. Touretzky)
Stephen's UK Scientology page
Scientology vs. the Internet: Free Speech &
Copyright Infringement on the Information Super-Highway
(Skeptic Magazine)
Operation Clambake
The Fishman Papers
Jeff Jacobsen's information about Scientology.
Lisa McPherson Memorial Page
"The Secret Library of Scientology"
Teodor V��n�nen's Home Page
Scientology Audited (Chris Owen)
International ViewPoints
Yahoo - "Scientology critics" page
Companies Owned or Managed by Scientologists
The Secret Library of Scientology
Dianetech--something funny
Italian Scientology Critics Page
Secrets of Scientology: The E-Meter


Graphic discussion

Self-Realization Fellowship

Ananda Uncovered
SRF Walrus Discussion Board


Shepherd's Chapel and Arnold Murray

Charles Taze Russell and Arnold Murray
Watchman Fellowship Profile--Arnold Murray
Southwest Institute for Orthodox Studies--Shepherd's Chapel
The Christian Sentinel--The Cultic Views of
Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel

Jesus People study of Arnold Murray


Siddha Yoga

Leaving Siddha


Dangerous Ideas
The Skeptical Mind
The Indian Skeptic
Skeptics Information Links
Miracle Mongers and their Methods, by Harry Houdini
Bay Area Skeptics
Skeptics Annotated Bibliography
Annals of Improbable Research
Skeptics Society Web
Skeptic Dictionary
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
The Skeptic
British Columbia Skeptics Society
The Secular Web
Mind Surf with the Skeptic
Andrew Skolnick-Science and Medical Journalist
James Randi
UFO Hoax
Urban Legends Archive
The Straight Dope Archives
The Left Hemisphere

Society of St. Pius The Tenth--SSPX

Sean O' Lachtnain"s Page
Agenda SSPX
Is the Society of St. Pius X a Cult?
Is the Society of St. Pius X in Schism?

Soka Gakkai (formerly known as NSA or Nichirin Shoshu of America)

SGA Reassessment Group
Soka Gakkai Information
Victims of Soka Gakkai Association


Houdini exposes spiritualism

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy: The Real Story
Sri Chinmoy discussion group
About Sri Chinmoy
Death in a Cult--Sir Chinmoy

R.G. Stair Ministries

Watchman Fellowship article

Straight Inc.

International Survivors Action Committee Inc.
Straight Survivors
Anonymity Anonymous
Clippings regarding Straight and its leaders
Cattleman Road
Straight Inc.-Drug war concentration camps of the 1980s

Suma Ching Hai

Opposing Views about Suma Ching Hai

Swami Chetanananda/Nityananda Institute of Portland, OR

Leaving Nityananda Institute

Swami Shyam

Shyam Shadows: The Dark Side of Swami Shyam


The Light on Synanon

Teen Help

Free Youth


Uri Geller


Violence Policy Center
Air War College, Homeland Security
An Analysis of al-Qaeda Tradecraft
ANSER Institute
International Policy Institute, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
Jane's, The War Against Terrorism
Journal on Terrorism and Political Violence
MIPT, Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
US State Department, Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism
FAS, Terrorism Intelligence Threat Assessment
Terrorism Research Center


Alice Bailey/Lucis Trust


The Rise of Hitler and Nazism
Joseph Stalin Reference Archive
Stalin Era Research and Archives Project
Mao Tse-Tung: A Biography
Totalitarianism Source Page

Transcendental Meditation

Call No Man Master, Joyce Collin-Smith
TM by Don Krieger
Usenet NewsGroup
Falling Down the TM Rabbit Hole
Behind the TM Facade
Meditation Information Network (Mike Doughney)
The Maharhish Caper: Or How to Hoodwink Top Medical Journals

Traveling Magazine Sales Crew

Parent Watch
Dedicated Memorial Web Site

Trinity Broadcasting Network

Search result page at Rick Ross's site
Confused world of Paul and Jan Crouch
New World Order and TBN
Grand Kingdom on Earth
Private page showing TBN facilities
Paul Crouch advises, "...sue the bastards"

Tvind --a.k.a. Institute for International Co-operation and
Development (IICD), Planet Aid, Humana or Humana People-to-People,
DAPP (DevelopmentAid from People to People),
ADDP ( Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo),
UFF (Ulanashjaelp fra Folk till Folk)and NetUp

Tvind Alert

Twelve Tribes

Twelve Tribes-Ex

Two-by-Twos aka "Cooneyites" and "Church Without A Name"

Workers, Friends and Their Church Without A Name

UFOs/and related groups

Kidnapped by UFOs/PBS-Nova
UFO Folklore
An Exploration of the Relationship Between
Science Fiction Film and the UFO Mythology

UFO Hoax

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Groups

Can the Rebbe be Moshiach?
Hillel Association--Israel

Unification Church (Moon)

"The Anti-Christ Revealed"--Investigative Report on Rev. Moon
Cult Watch for Dance Families
Sun Myung Moon - Moonies - Cult - Unification Church
Unificationism/Moonism: A Threat to Democracy, Freedom ...and Families
The Moonies
Ex-Unification Church member Allen Tate Wood
Ex-Unification Church member Craig Maxim's Homepage

United Pentecostal Church International

Ex-Charisma, a support group for former Charismatics
Spiritual Abuse

Universal Church of Peter William Leach Lewis [anti-Semitic]

Universal Church of Peter William Leach Lewis [anti-Semitic]

Waco Davidians/David Koresh

Texas Rangers Waco Davidian archive
Debunking the Waco FLIR by Ian Goddard/Ubiquity
PBS Frontline Waco Documentary
Court TV Waco Coverage
TIME Magazine Waco Newsfile

Waldorf Schools/Anthroposophy

The PLANS Page
Anthroposophy/Waldorf schools

The Way International

Misc Bible Based Cults & Isms - The Way International
No Way Out
The ONElist
The Sway International--A parody
Wayfer Free Zone
Ex Way World

Western Buddhist Order

Ex-Friends of the Buddhist Order


A Guide to Witchcraft, Wicca and other Earth Religions

Witness Lee's Local Church

Information about the Local Church of Witness Lee by Daniel Azuma

Word of Faith Fellowship, SC--Jane Whaley

Christ Web page about the Whaleys
Watchman Fellowship report

Word of Faith Movement

Fake Faith

Worldwide Church of God

Missing Dimension
The Ambassador Files
Non Believer Former Members of Worldwide Church of God
Exit and Support Recovery Page

Young Living - Gary Young

Young Living, Gary Young

This is not from a Fundamental Bible Believer perspective.
It is a great way to learn from all directions though.

» Alternative Healing

» Amina Lawal

» Archeology

» AUM Shinrikyo

» Beta Dominion Xenophilia

» The Body (Attleboro Cult)

» Branch Davidians

» Buddhism

» Catholic Church

» Cult Apologists

» Edgar, Neil and Christy

» Einhorn, Ira

» Emmanuel Milingo

» Faith Healing

» False Memory Syndrome

» Falun Gong

» God's Creation Outreach Ministry (Neil and Christy Edgar)

» Hare Krishna (ISKCON)

» Harry Potter

» Hate Groups

» Human Rights Violations, USA

» ISKCON (Hare Krishna)

» Islam

» Islamism

» Jehovah's Witnesses

» Johnston, Mary

» Lewis, CS

» Lord's Resistance Army

» Milingo, Emmanuel

» Mitchell, Brian

» Mormon Church

» Mungiki

» National Alliance

» Neo-Nazi

» Nuwaubians

» Occultism

» Offbeat News

» Panawave

» Polygamy

» Psychics

» Raelians

» Religion Trends

» Ritual Killing

» Santeria

» Scientology

» Success Coaches

» Transcendental Meditation

» Tvind

» Unification Church

» White Supremacy

» Witchcraft

» Word of Faith Fellowship

» World Church of the Creator

» Wrongful Convictions

» Yoga







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