Searching for the Truth in the King James Bible;
Finding it, and passing it on to you.

Steve Van Nattan





By Steve Van Nattan



Opus Dei is a spiritual club within the Roman Catholic Church which inducts Catholics for the sole purpose of destroying Protestant and other Christian churches.

If you ask a Catholic about this, they will deny it and claim it is all about living a holy life. True, Opus Dei puts Catholics under severe personal standards and disciplines. But, the whole point it to develop warriors for the Pope.

This author has personally been attacked by Opus Dei in a church he pastored. This is Christian warfare at its most deadly level.

Thus, we look as the various ways Opus Dei infiltrates and attacks churches.

Method of infiltration:

Abbreviation: OD stands for Opus Dei where used.

A.  Opus Dei, and other infiltrators from Satan, will sometimes "walk the aisle" about their third Sunday.   They will have tears and quite a story to tell.  Sometimes they will "come forward" to get "saved," and other times to "get right" with the Lord.  Any preacher who is obsessed with carving notches on his gun will be elated, yet he will foolishly be rejoicing that a wolf has entered.

B.  The most common trick is to attend for two Sundays or so, then they will come to the pastor after a morning message and say something like this, "Pastor, we have visited every church in this area, and this is the first church where we have heard sound Bible teaching."  Hubris, man hubris.  Inhale the incense, preacher!  Get the rush, groupies.

C.  Their testimony will often be that they were delivered from the Roman Catholic Church.  This is done on purpose by Opus Dei so that if they blunder and lose their cover at some point by being seen at some priest's office, they can claim they are witnessing to their former priest or Catholic friends.

One Opus Dei operative went every week to a nearby city to "visit old friends" and have Christian "fellowship."  The pastor of the OD couple went for this line.  Much later, he realized that the OD operative was very likely reporting in to his commander, Father A_________.  The OD operative regularly expressed concern to witness to Father A________, which could be used as a cover if he were ever seen with the priest.  Opus Dei members are under strict and highly developed military control within the Roman Catholic hierarchy, and they have to arrange for this in everyday life.


Method of gaining confidence of a pastor:

A.  The most effective way to take over a pastor's soul is to give heavily. The pastor will notice that giving jumps from the first Sunday they visit. They will usually give by check so that the Treasurer  will tell the pastor who is giving. The gifts will start out modestly and may finally be very large. 

B.  They will hand "love gifts" to the pastor, saying, "Pastor, you need some time off. Take this, and you and your wife go some place nice and relax." What pastor won't believe that he is over worked?  

C.  The Opus Dei infiltrator will sometimes sponsor a kid to camp, pay for a church bus, or give to some non-church need that will seduce the pastor or saints. He will do it under the pretext of secret giving, but it will somehow get out anyway.

D.  The infiltrator will, after some months of faithfulness, take the pastor's side in some disagreement, especially if he sees that the pastor is wrong. This will force the pastor into a firm but ungodly position of power. Pastoral rule is often fanned into existence by an Opus Dei infiltrator who has previously approached the pastor suggesting that the pastor needs to control the church more. Some real problem or rebellion will be used to justify this to the pastor, and he will go for it, thinking he is saving the church. The Opus Dei boy will support the pastor as he usurps the New Testament leaders whom the Holy Spirit has already put into authority. To prevent this, you pastors need to make all decisions by calling on your leading men to help in the decision making. If you are a Jack Boot dictator, you are wide open for an Opus Dei infiltrator to take your side and promote your folly.

E.  The infiltrator will eventually offer to take a class or training program.  His favorite will be a soul winning class on Wednesday night.  He will be very popular, and the result will be that the pastor's prayer meeting group will shrink to just a handful.  IT HAS BEEN DONE MANY TIMES! If you do little or no praying on "prayer meeting" night, you have been had. You either have lost YOUR zeal to pray, or someone has slipped you a micky from Satan himself. The devil will even tolerate you going "soul winning" if that is what it takes to get you off your knees.

F.  The OD couple will sit on the front row, and they will shout and sing real well.  They will be up with a testimony first, and it will make the old ladies cry.  Watch the cops in your church.  They are often the first ones to see through these tactics-- look at the cop's facial expression when various alleged zealous saints give a testimony.  One Christian cop is worth 20 "Christian" shrinks any day!


This page applies to other groups.

There are now a number of witchcraft groups, Satanists, and One Worlders who specialize in destroying local churches. Sodomites also get a rush out of infiltrating churches and Christian organizations.

I suggest you very carefully examine any new helpful Henry and Henrietta who comes along and seems to be eager to do a service to the local church and the pastor.

The best people to give responsibility in the local church are the old faithful folks, even if they are dull and a bit of a hick.


Method of dividing the assembly:

A.  Mentioned above:  The infiltrator will take the pastor's side in any issue which will divide the  assembly. 

B.  The infiltrator will keep track of the hospital and try to beat the pastor there to visit anyone who is taken there.  He will say that the pastor is very busy, so he is helping with visitation.  Implied: The infiltrator sacrifices to do what the pastor is failing to do.  Are you getting the message, friend?

C.  The infiltrator's wife will start hustling the pastor or a deacon.  She may also start showing up at church picnics in skimpy clothing.  The pastor will not want to confront the situation because the infiltrators are giving heavily.              

D.  The Opus Dei infiltrator may learn of some area where the pastor is taking a biblical stand on an issue or doctrine contrary to congregation's feelings.  The pastor may be teaching through the thing with care so as not to totally disrupt the assembly.  The infiltrator will then volunteer to teach the adult class, and he will find his way to the doctrinal controversy and teach it with a vengeance and force division.  Then he will say, "...and I agree with Pastor Smith on this Bible doctrine."  Good-bye pastor Smith.  Hello havoc.

E.  For those churches stupid enough to have congregational business meetings, the infiltrator will do all sorts of tricks to create division during business meetings.  He will use the church constitution and Robert's rules of order to "move the previous question" and "table the motion," etc, until pure hate is raging on all sides.           

F.  The infiltrator will try to stimulate the youth in sexual areas.  He will throw boys and girls together  in non-spiritual activities, and he will encourage mixed swimming parties and boating events.  If he cannot do this, he will offer to host youth activities and steer them away from soul winning and Christian service activities.  He will offer to coach the church ball team, and he will fire up so much competitive spirit that the youth turn mean and nasty.  Church ball teams are wicked anyway.  Don't waste your time on them.

G.  The Opus Dei infiltrator will get into the church files while the pastor is away.  He will look for sensitive material, especially notes on meetings prior to church discipline.  He will copy these notes and distribute them, or he will show  them to parties clear outside of the church, even to the unsaved.  This will definitely be done after a pastor leaves to go to another church.  The objective is to cause a split or church feud which will prevent the church from getting down to the business of calling another pastor.

Example: After we left one church, the infiltrator tried to give the church building to a bunch of wine bibbers. He also got into the files and took out a very sensitive item about a man put out of the church in years past. The file was sealed and instructions were on it to never open it unless it were for legal requirements.

The infiltrator showed the file to sinners to make jerks of us. We were not there to defend the decisions of the past which were spelled out in the letter used. We only learned about it when the wife of a reprobate sinner, who had seen the letter, wrote us and blasted us for the content of the letter.  That was the point when we began to tremble, and we panicked in the Lord and had to try to rescue the church by phone from 2000 miles away. God was merciful, and disaster was averted. Will you be smart enough to learn by our blunders?


Method of showing counterfeit zeal:

A.  The infiltrator of Opus Dei will suggest the assembly support a new missionary, especially if the one suggested is in fact a Roman Catholic plant.  If the missionary is a good servant, the OD infiltrator will wait until the missionary is on  the field, and then he will find fault with the missionary and suggest his support be dropped.  The missionary may be a good servant of Christ, and the infiltrator is trying to damage that missionary's service to Christ.

B.  The infiltrator will hand out tracts, but he will either use tracts with error, or he will use harsh and mindless tracts, being sure to put the church's address on the back.  He will also talk every Sunday about all the tracts he handed out, but he will be lying.

Example:  There is a preacher in Hammond, Indiana who boasts of leading 300 people a week to Christ.  I  don't believe him.  Is he an Opus Dei infiltrator?  Note his "humble" way of exalting himself.   Note how much of a sermon is given to jokes, chops, and stories, rather than teaching the Word.   Note how he has scandalized the Lord's Church with his secretary.  It is very likely that he has a  covey of infiltrators around him who have encouraged him in his folly.  I hate to think that he is  himself an infiltrator.  He DOES teach heresy, and I can prove it with two of his taped messages.  Can we ever solve it?  Answer: NO, and that is often how it is with infiltrators.  As with Judas, God has to expose them in the end before the saints will sit up and take notice.

Question:  Could Opus Dei produce a "Fundamental Baptist, King James Only" Gospel preaching man and get him into a church pulpit?  Answer:  Yes, and they are doing it.  In fact, they are right now taking our teaching of Salvation by Faith into their Catholic circles to deceive the simple minded.  Of course, they do not remove any of their ongoing heresies.  

I know of one preacher, with a former nun for a wife, who is a KJV Fundamental soul winning tiger.  He also, teaches that Greys, Reptilians, and Yannis are running loose in the earth, that they are dropping cattle and people in hydrogen peroxide and swimming in it to gain strength, that there is a ball planet inside the earth where naughty Freemasons are taken to die, and that Melchizadeck was the first son of Adam and Eve and he is still with us-- 5000 years old.  He has a whole church of dear folks guruized with this stuff.  Will they drink the Kool Aid?  I hope not.  He claims to have been a Federal Agent at one time. He is either a Fed plant who is doing mind experiments on saints (as Jim Jones did), or he is Opus Dei, and soon his program will burst forth and make jerks of Fundamentalists. 


Method of counterfeiting spiritual fruit:

Opus Dei infiltrators will tell story after story of Bible studies they held in the past.  They will tell of  handing out Gospel tracts, and their stories will be exciting.  They will produce an occasional friend whom they allegedly "lead to Christ," but closer investigation will show the "convert" has no Christian victory.  The key is this--  They will have no fruit RIGHT NOW. Beware.

Example:  An Opus Dei infiltrator came to one church with a story of a tract ministry.  They had a camp trailer they had rigged up to park at flea markets and county fairs.  They had it covered with Gospel tracts--  Well almost.  The pastor one day opened the doors of the trailer to see the inside, and it was loaded with very old dog eared copies of such drivel as Richard DeHaan's devotional booklets.  It became obvious later that the object of the tract "ministry" was to locate Bible believers at the fairs and drag them into the Opus Dei web.  

It also occurred to the pastor that the OD duo may have bought the trailer as a decoy, and they never dragged it anywhere but to their back yard as a spiritual ministry subterfuge.

The good works which Opus Dei infiltrators do will be in the form of helping little old ladies and fixing the church's plumbing.  

Example:  One pastor reports that the Opus Dei infiltrator remodeled the parsonage kitchen completely, and he did a great job.  This is seductive because it can pass for spiritual fruit, whereas it is only human zeal if not done by a saved saint.  If in doubt, you are safer to hire the village drunk to do such work.  At least you have something to start with in regard to soul winning with that fellow. Furthermore; the Opus Dei operative may very well plant a microphone or camera in your home these days.

Example:  One Opus Dei infiltrator would invite the pastor and his family to the OD home for a gathering.  The OD duo would also invite some of the sleaziest characters to also be there.  They may have been Opus Dei members who were on assignment to create havoc, or they may have just been social animals from former days.  In any case, the pastor's family was made thoroughly miserable, feeling they had to be considerate to the "friends" of the Opus Dei duo.  This was also done at church dinners and other functions.  At times sodomites were included, as well as teenage whorettes who were brought in under color of "from our former church."  In the summer, the teen whores would be nearly naked. Some friends invited to the OD home were other saints in Christian service who had also been deceived by the Opus Dei couple.  The impact on the peace of the local church was disastrous.


Method of attacking sound doctrine:

The single most deadly attack will come in practical theology.  By that we mean that the Opus Dei viper will encourage the saints in the local church to act and live in a manner at odds with God's teachings in God's Word.

Example:  Jack ________.  He had been abandoned by his wife long ago.   She was a worthless sinful woman, and she drove Jack nearly mad.  After she left, Jack determined that the Word of God forbid him to divorce her and to get remarried.  An Opus Dei "couple" (more likely a priest and nun on assignment) would "reason" with Jack, showing him the mercy and forgiveness of God.

The Opus Dei "couple" would also set up dinner and social events in their home to which Jack was invited.  They would always invite another guest-- a "godly" Christian lady who might or might not have been divorced.  In any case, the object was to destroy Jack's zeal to obey the Word of God.  Jack never figured it out.  At last report he was still not married, but he was still visiting the infiltrator's home regularly.

Example:  The same "couple" would invite a truly born again married couple to go sailing with them.  The "husband" of the Opus Dei couple would take the wife of the guest couple sailing, while the Opus Dei "wife" would stay on shore and "fellowship" with the guest husband.  This was clearly meant to open doors for adultery.  At the same time, the targeted husband was worked on regularly to try to get him to lower his zeal to dress modestly, and his soul winning zeal was discouraged overtly.

You will find that Opus Dei men will visit women when they are alone at home. They will fix things around the home for them and even fool the husband into thinking the OD man is so spiritual that it is OK. One OD gigolo was finally run off by a Christian man who kept coming home and finding the OD operative helping fix things around his home while his wife was there alone. Anything to sabotage righteousness in a God fearing home.


Method of attacking the homes of saints:

First, the attack may be very direct.  

Example:  One pastor reports that he finally had to conclude that the Opus Dei infiltrator had tapped his phone.  This was concluded because the infiltrators would frequently arrive for a casual visit to the parsonage just as the pastor's family was going out the door for an outing for rest or ministry.  The only clue they could have had was to hear a phone conversation just before the outing was to take place in which the outing was mentioned to someone else.        

The infiltrators might have a pie in their hand, and who can refuse that?  The point was, the infiltrators would not arrive during a fight or troubling time-- They arrived just as the pastor's family was going to do something useful and spiritually helpful.  The visit would last so long that the good works were lost to the pastor and his family.  

Are you starting to get the point?  These people have worked hard at arranging to destroy every good thing.  They are very subtle as they attack narrow way saints because they dare not get caught.


Method of diluting the power of pastors:

A.  The Opus Dei intruder will talk about the lack of spiritual zeal in members of the church to the pastor alone.  It will sound like old Opus is really concerned.  

Example:  The Opus Dei infiltrator will talk about the pastor to the other members like this, "Pastor Smith is sure doing a great job isn't he?  Do you think he is a bit over worked?  I hope he is finding enough time to really study right for his sermons.  Do you think his messages are a bit weak at times?  Perhaps he is over worked."  The listener will be slowly lead to agree in what seems to be genuine concern, but, after the conversation, the listener will feel bad because they talked about the pastor behind his back.  They will probably not make it right, and there is now a breach between that member and the pastor.  AND, the pastor has no idea.  He thinks the infiltrator is very spiritual and thinks only good of him.

B. The infiltrator will bring a "prayer request" on Wednesday night which is carefully loaded with innuendo and gossip about another saint.  He will claim that he wants to be discreet, and say, "Let's just pray for the Jones family. They have a very heavy burden in their home." Oh, how fertile is this ground for some biddy with a National Enquirer imagination!  It works every time.  Soap city for a fortnight!

C.  As I said above, they will sit in the front row or near the front.  They will do little things that will drive you nuts while you are preaching.  They may start racing here and there in their Bible after you make a point and read a proof text.  This is to make you fear that you blundered, and they are getting THEIR proof texts.   Call on them to read the next verse you use, and watch the fun. 

The lady in the duo will do things to rattle you.  She may sit up quite straight and look neither mad nor blessed, but she will sit there all bug-eyed when you bash the Pope or some other snake.  This is to make you see her big eyes and lose your nerve.  It is as if she is startled and confused, and you are supposed to back off.

The duo may hug and cuddle up all during the sermon, and being in the front row, this will distract the saints behind them.  Put this item in your file, which I mention later.  Call on the man to stand and read a verse.

The infiltrator may laugh at the wrong time.  Also, he may laugh at something you say, which is meant to be humorous, but his wife will rebuke him soundly and noisily.  Implied:  The preacher has a sinful sense of humor.


Method of sheep stealing--
The Whore's Version of a House Church

The latest Opus Dei method of destroying local churches is to start a house church. The House Church is becoming a very real choice for Bible believers who find that they have no fellowship nearby, what fellowship there is has become brutal and Jack Boot, or because they have been cast out of the synagogue for standing for the King James Bible and righteousness.

The House Church, used as a tool of destruction by the Roman Whore, will, as usual, have the marks of Fundamental Bible believing zeal. It will not seem to be authoritarian. The leader will be gentle and allow any sort of liberty within the fellowship, including rebellion, divorce in leaders, some low lever perversion, loonie obsessions, and so forth. Doctrine will be talked about, but the members will be allowed to hold any other doctrine they like also.

When a fired up Fundamental Baptist is gleaned off of a local church, he will find the other members of the Whore House Church very patient with him, indeed, approving of his narrow stand on things. This has been cultivated by the leader who teaches the members to be very laid back with visitors. The leader will tell the members that new people in the Whore House Church have been abused, and it is important to let them vent and express their narrow beliefs for a while. In this regard, the leader may even use the King James Bible when the Fundamental Baptist visitor first comes to look in on the Whore fellowship.

The strong standards and doctrinal beliefs of a Fundamental Baptist newby at a Whore House Church will be washed out of him by several tricks:

1. He will be thrown in with Brethren, Assembly of God, Methodist, Church of God, Church of Christ, and other people who have come to the Whore House Church. He will be told quietly by the leader that these people need some room to learn the truth, and he will be encouraged to pray for them.

2. When the Fundamental Baptist attender shows zeal for biblical doctrine, the leader will point out to him how badly he was treated by the local church he left, and his sorrows will be associated with the narrow way and sound Bible teaching. This will tempt him to think his zeal for the Word of God is the problem, not the solution.

3. The Fundamental Baptist attender will be given responsibility, even allowed to lead discussions. This will happen after steps 1. and 2. have taken effect. His reward for dropping the discussion of his narrower zeal will be to "have a ministry." This will especially be done with someone who was restricted from leadership in his past local church because he was divorced or under church discipline. He will feel liberated, and he will easily drop all controversial issues in teaching in order to "have a ministry."

The Whore's House Church will farm the other Bible believing local churches in the area looking for rebels and those under church discipline. They will also target the teen age children of loyal members in churches in the community. They will give them jobs in businesses owned to the Whore House Church members in order to compromise the separation of the parents. They will help these teen agers leave the narrow way and become promiscuous and rebellious to their parents.

The easy way to learn who to glean off of a local church is to have regular members of the Whore House Church watch for people from area churches who have some distraction over church life. Any distraction will do. This distraction will be discussed with sympathy, and the victim will be invited to visit the Whore House Church to learn what the Bible allegedly teaches on the issue. At first, the victim will not be encouraged to leave their church. In fact, they may be encouraged to only come to Whore House Church meetings which do not conflict with their own regular church attendance. The leader may even encourage them to stay faithful to that church. This is for two reasons:

1. The victim will be made to think that the leader of the Whore House Church is not trying to steal sheep. This goes against the trend of many Jack Boot preachers who are slow bellies and too lazy to build a church any other way.

2. This trick also leaves the victim in the local church to be an agent provocateur. This person will gradually "have all my questions answered," and they will start telling folks back at their local church what a blessing "Pastor Bill" is at the Whore House Church.

The worst trick of all is that the leader of the Whore House Church may even commend and fawn over the pastor of the various local churches in the area. This is done to put those pastors in a position that they cannot bad mouth the leader of the Whore Church.

Another aspect of the Whore House Church is the art of working believer against believer. People who are dealing with differences will be helped to despise each other by the Whore members. The leader in particular will listen to the two parties separately, and he will commend their thoughts of resentment, even though he may be contradicting himself. He will do this in such a way that neither of the two parties will realize his craft and stealth as he leads them to make their own minds up as to plans of action to attack each other. These people are not being recruited to the Whore House Church. This tactic is simply a strategy of destruction.

In order to destroy such a Whore House Church, Bible believing pastors need to speak bluntly about them from the pulpit. Their heresies need to be identified and blasted. Those who start visiting them must be warned sharply, and if they continue to attend them, they must be removed from the local church and forced out the door. They will farm your church, brother, and take more and more people with them.


How Opus Dei infiltraitors were caught:

The key to catching an Opus Dei infiltrator is to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  Here are some steps many of us wish we had followed directly:

A.  Before every visitor even makes their second appearance in your assembly, check with the church they just left.  Find out who the deacons are in that church, and call one or two of them as well as the pastor.  It is always possible that the pastor of the previous church is also an Opus Dei provocateur.

B.  Put 2 and 2 and 2 and 2 and 2 together.  When a rather new attender does a peculiar thing, make a mental or written note of it.  Drop it in a file at home.  Add to this every time the person or their spouse does an odd thing.  After a while, meditate and pray over the file.  Is there a pattern developing?  Does it sound like Gaderra?

Example:  We had a St. Patrick's party one time.  We told how Patrick was a Bible believer and a missionary and how the Roman Church stole him from us.  We asked everyone to wear Protestant orange to the party and fix orange food.   The infiltrator and his wife claimed they couldn't come up with something orange.  In fact. they were two of the most uninhibited people around.  they would do the most unexpected things.  We were disappointed, but we failed to see this as part of a pattern.  They just couldn't bring themselves to do certain things.  One was to wear Protestant orange.  Alone, this matter could have been overlooked, but taken with their other pro-Catholic behavior, we should have caught them.  We didn't until very late.

C.  Once you have a clear pattern of Roman Catholic behavior, in small matters that is, do NOT panic.  Do not assume anything yet.  Test them.  Set them up with you in a series of anti-Roman Catholic situations where they will be seen by the world as anti-Roman Catholic.  

This should include witness situations.  We went to pass out tracts at an ecumenical rally including Roman Catholics.  The OD infiltrators absolutely refused to go along with us, yet they went to bizarre lengths at times to pass out tracts.  I wish I had pushed another such opportunity to do that again.  It might have jarred us awake.

If they claim that they left the Roman Catholic Church, ask them to tell the assembly what heresies to watch out for in the Roman Church.  If they decline or make a lame excuse, beware.

Give them a book, like "Fifty Years in the Church of Rome," about the Roman Church, and ask for their opinion.  If they are only critical of the book, beware.

Give them a book defending the King James Bible to read.  We did this with our infiltrator, and he blasted it.  This is the point at which we began to see the light, and we began to tremble.

D.  If you get poor response after poor response to opportunities to, and situations involving, the Catholic Church, start getting really blunt and kick the Pope violently when you are in conversation with them.  If they get really uncomfortable, simply confront them.

Show them this page, or print it, and hand it to them.  Ask them, "Why should I believe you are not in Opus Dei?  You keep failing the test, and you get uncomfortable when it is time to kick the Pope.  Who are you anyway?"

E.  Go around to a Roman Catholic institution which has a big library.  They may have the directory of priests on the shelf where you can browse it.  If not, go to the desk and tell them you are trying to locate a priest friend, and you need to look in the directory.  See if you can find your infiltrator in past listings in the directory.

F.  You may want to use some subterfuge.  Call a priest in high authority in your area, and in the infiltrator's former area.  Tell him you are Father _________ of the Jesuit Order, and you need a good man for a short assignment to pretend to be a Baptist and get some information from a Baptist church near you.  Tell him you are on sabbatical from Aquinas College to do some special investigating, for the Holy Office, into several Baptist churches.  Tell the priest it is very confidential, so you cannot reveal the actual information needed until you speak to the person he suggests.  

Do this all the way through the list of Bishops, Monsignors, and ranking priests in the diocese from which your infiltrator suspect last came.  Plan carefully since these rascals will communicate shortly after you call, and they will not open up later.  If one of them suggests your infiltrator, you have him nailed to the wall.  You may also never see your infiltrator again, since he may be pulled off of his assignment to you.

Do you have a problem lying to the devil's vipers to catch them?  I don't, and neither did David.  Nor did the Hebrew midwives who lied to Pharaoh by faith (Exodus 1:15-21).  

G.  Be cautious, and prepare for battle.  Have two highly trusted deacons or fellow pastors in prayer when you confront the infiltrator.  He and his wife WILL attack in one of several ways:

They may pretend to be very hurt.  This is to break you down.  Steel yourself against this, especially if the infiltrator calls his wife into it.  She will weep openly to put you on the spot.

The infiltrator may loudly accuse you of being schizoid and paranoid.  I had one infiltrator tell me I was an egomaniac and paranoid.  Think about that a minute.  It don't work that way folks.

The infiltrator and his wife may walk off indignantly.  Let them go.  DO NOT chase after them.  That is what they want.

The only thing to respond to is the question, "Why do you think I am an Opus Dei infiltrator, pastor?"  If they sound serious and a bit frustrated, then tell them all of the observations and tests you have used on them.  Tell them that they are either a very timid wimp about the Roman Church, or they are an agent provocateur sent to wreck your church.  Then ask them, "Which is it, friend?"

H.  You won't like this one.  It doesn't sound spiritual.  No matter what they say, and how they want to repent, send them to another place.  They may need to go to some remote Bible Institute, but only if you can sit down and discuss what has transpired with the leaders of the Bible Institute AND THEM PRESENT.

DO NOT let them stay in your church.  Why?  They are trained to repent and get right in order to fool you.  I mean, if they weep and cry and wail for mercy, run them off.  They are trained, let's say it again, to ruin you and your ministry.  The day after they repent, they will go into high gear to start a rumor that you are a queer or a child molester.  

John 2:24 But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men,  
25 And needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man.

I.  You must start teaching your people NOW about the tactics of the Roman Church.  Dig into history.  Tell the story of John Huss and how the Pope lied to him about keeping him safe.  Lay it on heavy, and read examples of infiltration to your people regularly.

J.  Nearly all Opus Dei operatives have a donkey somewhere in their home.  One infiltrator had one in the yard and one in the home.  The donkey is supposed to represent the ass which carried Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.  One pastor noted the donkeys in an OD home, but he didn't figure it out what it meant until much later.  

Of course, one must take care not to react to every donkey one sees.  Some folks innocently collect donkeys, and it must be assumed that Opus Dei will shortly warn their members to hide the donkeys in bedrooms etc. since we have exposed them.

K.  Opus Dei is a monastic order of sorts.  Only about 2% of its members are priests, so it is structured in military fashion in order to keep the members in line.  Some OD members actually go to monasteries and put themselves through horrible self abuse in order to become holy.

Thus, you can expect the Opus Dei infiltrator to use his income totally in the cause of his assignment.  This will include generous giving to the church he is attacking, and it will include all sorts of hard work for various saints he intends to deceive, use politically, or destroy with sin.  

The OD infiltrator will also exalt pain and suffering.  

Example:  One OD fellow was for ever rejoicing when it was either miserably hot and humid or when it was painfully cold and windy.  He would wait until some saint expressed having a hard time, then the OD infiltrator would go to extremes telling how joyful he was to suffer in the cold.  This gave him the feeling he was acting in good monastic form while he shamed the poor saint.  His apparent love of suffering made everyone around him feel guilty for groaning under the pain of the curse.  He worked like he hoped to kill himself at times in the worst heat and humidity of the summer, while others could not keep up with him.  All the time, his wife was feigning concern that he might overdo it.  The pastor only figured this out long after the fact, so it had a powerful impact on the peace of the assembly.




Whatever you do, DO NOT invite Alberto Rivera to your church.  He is a fraud, and he will tell your people false tales about the Catholic Church to make fools of you.  I can prove what I say.  


2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;  
4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.  

I realize that some of your Rivera junkies will assume that I must be an infiltrator myself to warn you against your guru, Rivera.  So be it.  Rivera tells churches that the Roman Catholic Church started Islam.  I have vast documentation to prove that Islam pre-dated the Roman Catholic Church.  Islam's origins actually go back to the tower of Babel. Read about it in my book, "Allah, Divine or Demonic?"  

The main line Alberto uses is his alleged past days as a Jesuit priest. He claims Cardinal Bea, the Jesuit General, personally trained him, and that he was shown through the treasures in the Vatican basement-- all this when he was a novice flunky priest?  If you want to believe this, help yourself.  General Westmoreland also took me through Basic Training in the US Army at Fort Knox, and he showed me the top secret vaults in the Pentegon.  Do you believe that?  I hope not!  

If you bring Alberto Rivera to your church, the result will be that you will lose your power from the Holy Ghost because God cannot bless a babbling fool who mixes myths with the Gospel, sincerity and zeal notwithstanding.

Also, Communism was NOT started by the Catholic Church as Rivera claims.  It was started by five four-flushers who sat on a couch one day in Simervalt, Switzerland and asked. "What shall we do?"  Not one of the five was the Pope, mind you.  The Marxist Communist system was the answer.  If anyone participated in its exaltation, it was the New World Order type slave masters like Armand Hammer, not the Pope.  To be sure, the Pope used the Marxist system to further his cause, but he was NOT the prime mover, as Alberto Rivera claims.

Example:  Jack Chick and his tracts.  Brother Jack has fallen for Alberto and will not recant.  So, God has allowed Chick Publications to be infiltrated by an agent provocateur who has introduced profanity and blasphemy into the story line of about 30 of brother Chick's tracts.  Also, many of brother Chick's tracts which contain any portrayal of law enforcement officers make the cops out to be mindless jerks (Compare with Romans 13:1-3).  This is a very sad example of what God will allow you to experience if you make a fetish or guru of any alleged saint, including Alberto Rivera.  Personally, I believe that Alberto is very likely a Jesuit or early Opus Dei plant.  Opus Dei was started in Spain-- Alberto's country of origin and work, and Alberto's era. Read that again please. 

Opus Dei does not waste their time on liberal scum.  They target mighty Christian servants and publishers, but especially pastors.  If you are a spiritual wimp, really you have very little to worry about from Opus Dei.  They want a real challenge.

If you do not teach your people about Jesuit and Opus Dei well before an infiltration happens, they will not believe you when you tell them later that the infiltrators were agents from the Roman Whore who were sent to destroy your church. The counterfeit sweetness of the OD operatives will deceive the people before you have a chance to teach them what is happening.



I want to suggest a rule which pastors, church leaders, and faithful saints should be given:

Whenever a new attender comes into a fellowship, and as they seem to be drawn into the life of the church--  If a saint feels that something is not quite right with the new ones, that saint should go at once to the pastor or a church leader, and tell them of their discomfort of soul.  This need not be cause for immediate action, but the leader involved should, from then on, guard himself against endearment with the new ones while testing them with opportunities to show zeal.  If several saints have these feelings, the pastor should confront the new attender as suggested above.  We pastors tend to think that we have superior discernment, and we often miss crucial signals from the old boy in the coveralls who is smart as a whip with human nature.   

1 Timothy 5:22 Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure.  

Matthew 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

John 2:24 But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men



You MUST assume you will be infiltrated.  If you are at all zealous, and if you are King James Bible ONLY, you WILL be targeted by Opus Dei.  You must always be in prayer for deliverance and for wisdom to catch the wolf at the door.  You must dispense with any feelings to be overly charitable and cautious with judgment.

Most important, if you are about to start a series on the Roman Catholic Church, get outside prayer for your defense.  Also, watch for the attack.  It WILL come. Our infiltrators came just as I preached a series on the Roman Whore.  Many visitors who were truly spiritual tigers came to the series, so the OD infiltrators slipped in subtly by claiming they had been saved out of the Roman Church.  I sent copies of the cassette tapes of two sermons in the series called, "Dear John Paul II" to the Holy Office in the Vatican.  I would do it again in a minute, but I would certainly go to a lot more trouble getting ready.  

John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

You must judge or you will have your face torn off.  

However; having said that, I want to caution you against living on the defensive.  Opus Dei wants you just that way so that your joy and witness will be swallowed up in terror and defensive activity.  Take the high ground in Christ, and pull down Satan's strongholds.  When you feel surrounded by the enemy, remember the words of the WW II general, "Men, we have them right where we want them.  Don't let one of them get away."  Also, remember the words of General McAuliffe of the US ARMY!  He was the commander of the city of Bastogne and was surrounded during the Battle of the Bulge during WW II. When he was asked to surrender by the German Command, he replied by radio, "NUTS!."  The Germans are still working on that one.

We are commanded in the Word of God:

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

2 Peter 3:17 Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness.

James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.



Be aware that Promise Keepers has all of the marks of an Opus Dei front organization.  You are a fool and a hireling if you allow any infection into your assembly from PK.

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

Go to the Third Wave and Promise Keepers section of the Cults listing in this journal for more on PK.



Any Roman Catholic who attends your assembly must be lovingly confronted at once with the Gospel.  Go for a verdict at once.  If none is forthcoming, run them off.  IF they "accept the Lord," press them into Christian growth at once, but do keep watch for signs of Opus Dei motivation, and keep watching them, wise as serpents and harmless as doves, until the rapture!  We can no longer be careless with Roman Catholics who are allegedly born again.  

In fact, this must also be the rule with all sodomites who take the steps to be saved and with all who come from witchcraft and the cults.  They must get saved quickly and get into total victory or get out of the Lord's Church assembled.  You can play softball if you like, but these Satanic institutions are playing hardball and hitting below the belt.  

Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.



Destroy ALL files when you leave a church, and don't leave anything in the church files that could be used to make a fool of you or the assembly.  Regarding those possible litigation questions, experience has shown that you are not very likely to ever be convicted for something for which there is NO documentation.  The day is soon on us when the BATF and other Feds will be looking for material to convict the saints and destroy their churches.  I also strongly suggest that you de-register your church with the IRS.  This association with Caesar leaves you wide open to an Opus Dei infiltrator.

Also, please consider destroying your church constitution and by-laws.  Get yourself down to just the King James Bible.  This will be possible only if you de-register your church,  WHICH YOU CAN DO EASILY.  If you are going to be attacked from within or from without, your adversary will then have to do so in the context of only the KJV 1611 as your operating document.  That will terrify the courts and the Feds, and any sane judge will throw your case out of court in the fear of violating your First Amendment "religion" rights.  It has happened many times.



When you identify a wicked attack like we are discussing, tell other saints you know. Pastors need to get over this stupid way of isolating themselves from one another. One thing the Opus Dei operatives know is that they can meddle and destroy local churches in a given area, and the pastors they attack will never talk to each other about what is happening to them. I have watched this, and I have tried to warn other pastors where I have served the Lord, and they don't want to hear anything about it. They end up being victimized and fight on alone like fools.

Also, every Fundamental Bible believing preacher should seek to find Catholic priests whom he can befriend. This is needed for two reasons:

1. They need to be delivered of the Whore Church and be born again. Many Catholic priests are sincere in wanting to please and serve God, but they are very frustrated with the monster they are trapped in. They are worked extremely hard if they are not drunks or pedophiles because so many other priests are wicked and lazy. You may be able to lead them to faith in Christ alone. God will give you such opportunities if you really are willing to befriend one of these victims of Satan.

2. A Catholic priest who feels he can trust you will talk about the wickedness in the Roman Church. Many priests consider the Vatican and the Pope utterly wicked. A priest friend of mine says the Pope is the antichrist, or at least the next Pope will be the antichrist. It is time we stop quoting one another over and over like some idiotic urban legend being passed around. Many of you are quoting Hislop and Jack Chick, who are possibly two of the worst authorities on current Vatican and Roman Catholic matters. Jack Chick's information is very outdated I think.







Told by one subjected to an OD attack

OD-  Opus Dei operative

J____-  Unlearned victim of OD

One of the first things that struck me about OD_______ was how he interjected a Bible verse out of context into a doctrinal discussion to (1) sow discord (2) make me look bad in front of another brother and (3) propagate crummy doctrine. This was a discussion I was having with J____ who brought something up that was fairly ridiculous, which I can't remember the specifics of. It probably had something to do with the message that was preached that day.

Anyway, my side of the discussion was to the effect that the saints in the O.T. could lose their salvation (Ezek 18, etc.), that they were not permanently indwelt by the Holy Spirit (Saul, etc.), and that they were not saved like N.T. saints were. J_____ was giving the "in the O.T. they were saved by looking forward to the cross" deep doctrinal discussion that all the hyper-fundamentalists adhere to. "Brother" OD_____ interjected an un-solicited comment about the Lamb being slain from the foundation of the world to prove the point that J_____ was right, and everyone was saved exactly the same way in the O.T. as in the New.

Now, obviously, this kind of thing goes on all the time, but this was the first time I had ever met OD_____, and I think probably the first time he had ever met J_____. This would not be the way that any kind of mature Christian would introduce himself to brethren in a Church that he was seeking to align himself with. Also, he had been standing in the back of the church, and our discussion was taking place toward the front, and he walked halfway across the church to get involved.

It struck me at the time that he had deliberately stood back and SCOUTED an area where he could do some kind of mischief. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 and it is relatively easy to indict OD_____ now, but this first encounter gave me "bad vibes" to say the least. If memory serves me correctly, I think he even went on to tie in some kind of Calvinist theology to the "lamb slain from the foundation" idea, taking the conversation entirely out of the context in which it was started.

It may have been the "eternal decrees of God" garbage; I don't remember. Anyway, you get the idea. One other thing; if you look at this account I give here, it is obvious that a SMALL church lends itself most easily to this type of attack. There aren't nearly as many conversations to have to "scout" in a small church as in one that has 500 people. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure out what a small incident like I just described could conceivably accomplish; just think about it for a minute. It could make a big mess in short order.