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Steve Van Nattan



By:  Editor:  Blessed Quietness--  Steve Van Nattan

Ellen G White, along with Joseph Smith of the Mormons, condemned drinking of coffee or tea.  This is a very central point of works salvation to Seventh Day Adventists.  We know that coffee can be a problem to some folks, and they should not confound the temple of the Holy Ghost, their body that is, with the stuff if it is contrary to their own health.  But is coffee always evil?

In a recent issue of Science  News, March 2, 1996, p. 143, I read that research had been done at the Harvard School of Public Health to see how drinking of beverages would affect the incidence of kidney stones.  It was learned that the more you drink water, the less your chances for kidney stones.  Not very startling, right?  Water is the Old Testament fluid to cleanse things, houses, etc.  Blood cleanses people.

Well, the Harvard boys took it a bit farther.  They tested various beverages.  They found that your chances of kidney stones dropped 10% if your drinking beverage was coffee, and 14% if you drank tea.  They found, on the other  hand, that your chances of having kidney stones increased by 36 % if your beverage was grapefruit or apple juice.  So, coffee, sometimes referred to as "Baptist holy water," is good for your kidneys.  By the way, it is the caffeine in the coffee and tea which stimulates the kidneys to cleanse themselves.  Ellen G. White was NOT in fellowship with real science. 

Well, just 5 days after I got that issue of Science News, I tuned a piano in a Seventh Day Adventist Church.  The pastor was a gentleman, and we had some good conversation.  He even let me bring my coffee into the fellowship hall to drink with my lunch.  I hope the man is saved, but I am not yet sure.  But, he told me that, as good Adventists, they did not drink coffee.

Later in the day, I tuned his piano at home.  During the tuning, he kindly gave me a big glass of juice which I appreciated.  Guess what kind of juice was preferred?  Right, apple juice.  Now, I do not tell you this to make a fool of the pastor of that church.  It DOES show, however; that Phariseeism is just as perilous today as it was 2000 years ago in Galilee.  It is not a question of, "Would you suffer kidney stones for the Glory of God?"  That IS a fair question. The greater question is, "Are you trying to work your way to heaven by keeping a health law that will eventually damn you to hell and, in the mean  time, give you bad health?"

Frankly, I would not be at all surprised to see Arab coffee at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.  Coffee seems to do such wonderful things when served in a Middle Eastern protocol.  Of course, tea will be served so that the English can, "Do it up proper, old man."




Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal

There are many Seventh Day Adventists who can give the right answer when asked, "How were you saved?"  They will speak at once of faith alone in the work of Jesus Christ.  The problem is, their actual teachings in their own literature, along with their actual convictions, show otherwise.  I have met a number of SDAs who gave me the impression that they were truly born again, but here are some problems I have:

1.   SDAs have a fixation with Ellen G. White.  They do not quote her to those of us outside of their cult, but in their own literature, they cite her 5 to 1 over the Word of God.  This is guruistic, and it smells of Mr. Moon, William Marion Branham, and Bob Theime, among many others.  If indeed Mrs. White is that exalted to them, they are unsaved and a true cult.  White is revelation added to that of the Word of God, disclaimers notwithstanding.  In the 70s one of their leading theologians asked that Mrs. White authority be reduced.  Result-- They dumped the man.

2.  SDAs in high places are wimps just like Liberals and Roman Catholics.  They write like they are terrified of any controversy, and even their tracts which they hand out totally lack the Gospel,  I have a tract which is against smoking.  It has some pretty interesting thoughts, but what is the conclusion?  

1.  A warm bath.  
2.  Deep breathing.  
3.  Drink water-- NOT COFFEE!     
4.  Walk outdoors.  
5.  Avoid mustard, chili pepper vinegar, and catsup.  
7.  Don't eat meat.  
8.  Eat lots of fruit and nuts (oh yes!)  
9.  Take vitamins.  
10.  Read Psalm 25:20 and Philippians 4:13.  

The Philippians text is to Christians.  Most smokers are not saved, at least they smell like they are already enjoying the benefits of damnation.  So, is the Gospel given?  NO!  In its place is WORKS.  Works for the lost sinner.  The practical SDA answer to the condition of man is WORKS.  

Get it straight friends.