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First, you MUST realize that Germ Warfare launched against the USA will mark the first time since the War of 1812 that Americans have been invaded and attacked on their own soil.  This is WAR.  Our response will have to be different than with the occasional acts of terrorism we have experienced in recent times.  We will have to become defensive as a people.  Most Americans are NOT ready for this.  They will panic.  Hopefully, this page will help you get ready to survive rather than to panic.



May 21, 2002-- This article was written about a two years BEFORE the World Trade Center was attacked. I feel I must put these articles back up on the journal. I believe I have a better than average ability to understand the Muslim and Arab mind, so I have a responsibility to tell you how I see it.

This section of the discussion of the coming War and Survival promises to be very controversial.  I am going to talk frankly of what it will take to survive in many groups and places.  We have never had to deal with War in our streets, and Americans are seldom caught in War at all other than the little our troops have seen.  You WILL have terrorists in your city if the USA attacks the Middle East anywhere.   So please be patient as I speak of things we usually don't discuss for politically correct reasons.

Let me introduce you to you.

I am NOT a fortune teller.  But, I am now going to tell you what you are like.  

You like to get some good feelings about life. You only go around once, right?  Gotta take care of old number one.  You do this by getting in your car and going places. On Sunday, you pass up dozens of little churches to get to the church that makes you feel just so blessed, right?  You could work closer to home, but you get paid better by driving 50 miles one way to your job.  You could buy gas just around the corner, but you save 2 cents a gallon by buying gas clear across town, and you never figure how much you actually save because that could be embarrassing, right?  

Now, every week at least once you go out to eat, and some of you eat out for one meal virtually every day of the week.  You would think nothing of driving 90 miles one way to eat out or to play golf in just the right setting.  You also like to get to a concert or a gathering or lecture once a month or so.  You take every opportunity to visit trade shows and conventions relating to your work, especially if your company will pay for it or if you can deduct it on your Schedule C.

Shopping is a way of life for you as a family.  You each have your favorite places to shop, and each family member takes his own trips to shop, often with other friends.  Along the way, golf or bowling is added in, and you who are not Bible believers will add frequent stops at various watering holes around your area.  In spite of all this activity, you don't have any real concern for your neighbors, indeed, most of you don't even know your neighbors, and you wouldn't take any risks to help them out of trouble.

You will do little or nothing to help save lives or solve problems of other people-- you take care of yourself, and you let someone else take care of other people's problems.  You volunteer for nearly nothing if you can avoid it.  What you do to help out has to relate to your business or your own comforts.

Guess what?  Al Qaeda knows how you live.  These high class terrorists are not stupid, and they have advisors who know how Americans live.  There is a saying among Arabs, "You get to an American through his belly."  That is pretty true too, because Americans are the second fattest people in the world after the Germans.  

These terrorist leaders know that if they can terrify you at the mall, at the ball game, at the Bible conference, at the country club, and on your way to work, they can shut down America.  This is because we are a soft nation.  We like our comforts, and we panic if we lose them.  How many of you gripe and bellyache every time something isn't just perfect at a restaurant?  Self-love is even extolled in the church house as toxic Christianity is promoted by Robert Schuler and the Charismatic boys who encourage you to seek your own interests and love yourself.

We have no memory of War like  the British or Europeans.  Few of our leaders have any memories of War-- they have never heard gunfire in the streets as they went to sleep at night.  If the average American knew that 200,000 people were dusted with Anthrax in New York City last week, that average American would go stark raving mad with fear.  He would do anything to get back his comforts and pampering luxuries, even to the giving away of his liberty.  Am I talking about YOU?   I hope not.

What are my qualifications to tell all?  

Probably not very impressive, but better than yours I dare say :-)

I went to Elementary and High School behind barbed wire with punji sticks and sand bagged bunkers as my play area.  That was in Kenya in the 50s, and the terrorists were just up in the hills sworn to smear my blood all over creation.  This was the Mau Mau terrorist rebellion in Kenya.  Praise God, I am still here.

Our family was in Ethiopia during the Marxist coup in the 70s.  We woke every morning to the rat-a-tat-tat of machine guns outside the city of Addis Ababa as the Marxists killed row upon row of businessmen and highly placed Ethiopians.  When would our time come?  It didn't, and for that I thank God.

We lived in Eldoret, Kenya later in the 70s, and we had to keep cans of gasoline on hand because Idi Amin promised that he was going to take Eldoret back as part of Uganda.  We had to keep close track of the news on the grape vine, and we contemplated joining Kenyan patriots who were talking of how to blow up bridges Idi Amin would have to cross to take our town.

I have no scars, except for one on my leg from stepping on some barbed wire in Kenya when I was in 6th grade.  But, I DO have some memories, and I can recall the thoughts and fears we experienced.

Now, here is the most important thing I will say:

"Perfect love casteth out all fear."

First, you need to discern who you love first.  For me, it is the Lord Jesus Christ.  That is because He promised never to leave me or forsake me.  Even if I die at the hands of Muslim terrorists, I go right to Jesus.

Then, I love my wife and kids.  That tells me that my top priority on earth is to take care of them.  If forced to decide between Saddam Hussein or my family, the choice is easy.  If the choice is to send my sons to Iraq or to help them "dodge the draft" to stay alive, ah, now there it gets tougher.  Friend, my sons will NOT fight any jerk War for a queer President or the United Nations.  Sabe?

Also, I have neighbors and friends on the Web like you.  I love these folks in the Name of Jesus Christ.  This is not some soft pudding and jello love.  I feel I have to take risks for your sake.  That is why you will read some things here that are pretty rough, and I may get a visit from the Feds for my suggestion.  Never mind-- You come BEFORE Imam George Bush and his pabulum sucking advisors.

Do I love my country?  Not very much I fear.  My country stands for abortion, lust, stupid sophomore leaders, flag waving by pimps and whores, crosses in bottles of urine as art, lust for material things above all else, and religion which consists mostly of barking like a dog and spiritual masturbation.  Not much to love folks.  So, my country-- ugh.  I just have to keep it to the love of people God has put before me. YOU are as much as there is of my country as I can find love for.


Things I feel I have to discuss in regard to survival during war by terrorism.

First and foremost, there will be little if any opportunity for YOU to find an enemy and kill him.  

Terrorists make sure they either kill themselves in the attack or they are gone by the time the results of the attack are learned.  Just forget about getting your gun and going off to the war.  Gun sales are up 500% as of the World Trade Center event, and that is really funny. Do these people think they will shoot Osama bin Laden?

Your  job is to watch for trouble and guard those whom God has given you to take care of.  This is true if you are in the USA, UK, Australia, Jerusalem, or Saudi Arabia.  It would be so helpful if terrorists had to wear a uniform and stand still just once a day, but they don't.  It is a rare person who gets to pick up a wet shingle and knock a terrorist over the head.

Second, the terrorists who will come to this country will look like Middle Eastern people.  

We have five million Arab Americans in the USA, and the UK has perhaps two million.  You MUST NOT start looking at every dark skinned or Middle Eastern American as a suspect.  Why do you think they came here anyway.  They FLED from the Middle East, and they are glad to be here.  The fact that many of them are also Muslim is generally beside the point.  American Middle Eastern Muslims are very secularized as a rule, and they don't want to be part of violence.  They just want to go to work and make a living and feed their family, then end the day with a cup of Yemeni coffee and a draw on the old hookah, and it's nice to be in America and not in Baghdad.  Don't let the coming terror turn you against innocent folks.

I must say though, that racial profiling is not a sin as the New Agers claim. If you ever do meet a terrorist, there is a very good chance he or she will be Middle Eastern, or from some similar background. There are not many Muslim terrorists from The Netherlands. So, if you do see a Middle Eastern person acting strange, approach him casually so he does not sense your motive, and say quickly, "Salaam Alecham." If he starts to answer reflexively, he is probably an Arab. If he gets all nervous, take his identity and call the police at once. If he is handling glass vials or powders of some sort, you go figure. I would say it would not be out of line to take charge.

Remember though, he probably took antibiotics already to get immunity to any bio-toxins he is playing with, and if he breaks open his goodies, you are in deep trouble. There is an old device used among folks for self-defense which can be used at a distance. This would be advised. But, if you are wrong, and if the guy is innocent, you are in a world of hurt friend.


Here are some random things I have on my list to tell you.  

Do what you want with them.  God bless.

1. Get a supply of antibiotics please.  See other sections of this War series for details.  You need a doctor to quietly write you a prescription for a maintenance, never ending, course of Tetracycline or Penicillin for Acne or for canker sores.  Tetracycline DOES retard acne.  Is this deception?  Yes, like the Hebrew mid-wives who lied to save the Hebrew baby boys, and whom God blessed for lying.  Such lies to save lives are of God.  You can also get these antibiotics in Mexico, but your friends should not do it for you unless they are willing to risk breaking drug laws.  In this kind of situation, the higher law of your family's safety may supersede Federal law.  You figure that out.  The spirit of the thing is certainly not evil.

I have just learned that CIPRO is a very good antibiotic for Anthrax and other bio-agents. Problem: Very expensive. So, try to get it in Mexico, or the generic of it.

2.  Move out of the large cities.  Top target will be New York City, then Los Angeles and Washington DC.  If you MUST stay in a large city, can you move to the up wind side of the city?  The gas or biological agents will often we released so as to waft them to the city from the upwind side. They can carry and be effective for as much as 15 miles.  If you have to live in a city, move to the Arab neighborhood.  Muslim terrorists WILL be inhibited by Islam and avoid killing Muslims.  Politically incorrect--  But true-- Arab Muslims hate Black Muslims, so a Black Muslim community is no place of safety due to Islamic preference.  There is no safe place for Black Muslims.

3. If there is a terrorist biological attack in your city, remove your kids from school and take them home at once.  Public Schools have NO plan for terrorist gas and bio attacks. They will look around the area and assume there is no risk because they can't see any.  School officials are part of the "business as usual" mentality of big government.  They have far more terror of a lower head count Friday than of a gas attack.  Don't take your kids back to school until the attacks are definitely over.  Also, start your kids on a prophylactic use of Tetracycline.

4.  Avoid malls, ball parks, mass rallies like Promise Keepers and Million Man Marches, and start going to a small church or house church.  Big Christian, political, or amusement gatherings will be very attractive to terrorists with a can of Anthrax in their pocket.  Darkened theatres and concert halls will be deadly.  They want maximum impact and dead bodies.  Also, attending college of any kind will be a risk since universities have tight population concentrations.  Christian colleges and seminaries will be even more dangerous, given the Christian context and Muslim hate.  Consider another way to get ready for the work force.

5.  When you are shopping, if you see someone pull an aerosol can from his pocket or from concealment and start spraying, DO NOT attack.  Run up wind, NOT down wind.  Or, run sideways to the wind to avoid the cloud.  The cloud will NOT be visible, so you have to assume it is real and dangerous.  If you attack the fellow heroically, he will spray you in the face.  You are then in deep trouble.  Go right home and start a course of Tetracycline at once, THEN go see a doctor.

6.  Again, find a smaller church.  Muslim terrorists will be attending the Toronto Airport Church, MacArthur's Grace Community Church, the Crystal Cathedral, and the Brownsville AOG in Pensacola.  Places which freely welcome visitors with no inspection, and which are Christian in motivation, WILL BE HIT.  Muslims in various areas of the world pray daily for the destruction of Christianity and of America.  Many large churches, like our government, will wait until there is a major attack in the country to respond.  Large churches MUST set up protocols to watch their crowds, and they should plan how they would move their assembly to individual house meetings.

7. Transportation will present great hazards.  Subways have to be the most frightening.  I will not tell you how, but subways could be heavily and evenly dusted with toxins.  Once in the open air, dilution of clouds of toxins would be broken up much more quickly.  Buses would be relatively safe, while elevated railroads would be some advantage.  Airports and airplanes will be very attractive targets because they often have the highest concentration of upper to elite class people in them.  This will draw a terrorist with an urge to punish the rich Anglos.  If you have to meet a friend at the airport, or if you are waiting for your flight to leave, go out on the observation deck, and stand in an upwind area.  Driving your own car will be the safest transportation.  Keep the windows up if in any doubt about attack potential.

8.  Are you in the military?  Don't trust the command you are in to take care of you completely.  They will be slow to respond also since they will fear causing panic and AWOLs.  Don't go on pass or to town in uniform if you have a choice.  You will be a prime target in your home country.  Also, don't drive military vehicles off post or base if you don't have to.  On base of post, salute every chance you get.  A terrorist who may have infiltrated will botch up these protocols.  Talk to strangers. Try to get responses from any stranger you find in your area.

Avoid going to the PX or commissary if possible. Don't hang around military clubs.  If you have to wait for some event or person to arrive, get upwind of any road or transportation activity.  I would also strongly suggest you get your own personal supply of Tetracycline for bio attacks.  Don't tell anyone about it since the official word will be to go in sick call, and that could be too late.

9.  An attack in progress could be detected by any of the following:

Someone walking along with an aerosol spraying as he walked.  Response-  RUN-- Get upwind!

A car driving round and round a gathering or area where people are present.  Response-  Get upwind and run.

A small plans flying low over a large gathering.  Response-  Head for the exit that is upwind.

Sudden fits of sneezing by people around you.  Response-  Head upwind and go home.

A person spraying with a garden sprayer as if spraying trees for disease.  If they act in any way suspicious, move quickly upwind of them.

Light bulbs or other objects which could burst laying on roads or in public places where they could be run over or knocked off to burst on the floor.  Get out of the area, and call the police.

Any mail you receive from a source unknown to you should be opened outdoors and holding it downwind from you.  If it is still suspicious after opening it, throw it away or burn it, and call the police.  Report it to the postmaster also.

In general, watch for anyone who could be distributing a powdered medium into the air.  Take evasive action.

NEVER challenge any such person.  They could spray you in the face, and you would be in trouble.

10.  What about Black Muslims?  Mr. Farrakhan has called for the killing of Whites.  He has made it clear that terrorism is useful and that he supports terror in the rest of the world. We better take him up on it folks.  Black Muslims WILL give aid to this terrorist invasion.  How many will do so is not possible to estimate.  Do not have anything to do with Black Muslims.  They may get vaccinated and then go about spreading the toxins by simply dusting their clothes before going into crowds.  Black Christian churches MUST take precautions in the large cities. Every Black deacon in the inner city should carry a gun on Sunday morning, and he should NOT get a permit. Some Muslim in the police offices may make a list of those with guns and destroy the element of security. Carrying a concealed gun without a permit is illegal-- Go figure-- Caveat Emptor.

11.  Gas masks.  I know of only one alleged source for them.  I am certain that old and useless masks will be peddled by sharks who prey on the fearful.  I would be very careful where and how I got gas masks.  Do buy enough tape to seal off one room in your house.  Also, buy plastic sheets you can use to cover yourself for a short period of time in case of a gas attack.  If you know of an attack, and if you go into your protected room, do not come out for a good number of hours.  Have a potty arrangement and snacks and water in that room so you can stay there for a good long time.  Those who can manage it could have some source of oxygen in that room in order to displace the carbon dioxide caused by your own breathing.

After several attacks, I would hope the Feds would start radio warning broadcasts, and they would tell you when your area is safe again.

Military posts have gas masks.  If they have any surplus, citizens should form a committee and DEMAND that the commander hand them over for civilian use.

12.  Long after an attack, carefully go outside the house and find a garden hose and spray the lawn and entrances near the doors you will be using.  Some toxins can be washed into the ground where they will not be inhaled.  Also, be aware that your pets which were outside during an attack will become sick in the case of either Anthrax of Plague.  This will include all mammals, and they could then pass the disease to you.  Act accordingly, which may require killing them.  Or, would you die for your dog?

13.  Official Government Response--  This will be much too little and too late.  History makes it very clear that public officials are some of the most timid and weak people in an emergency.  They are actually depended on by the terrorist to assist in the cause by their slowness in response.  If you suspect an attack could come, you will want to contact all your neighbors and have a meeting to appoint various ones to watch and warn others of any suspicious activity in your area.  

Calling the police will be useful only for information since many police have already discussed this, and they will NOT go voluntarily into an area under attack.  This is not because they are also timid.  It is because they want to keep living, and the terrorist will virtually always be gone by the time they get there.

The Federal Government will very likely make all aerosols illegal, or they will crack down on anyone trying to get Tetracycline.  This is because public officials find it much easier to attack the victims rather than the terrorist.  Also, these wimps will not want panic, so anyone who is making provision to survive will be seen as a panic monger.  Therefore, be very discreet in your preparations and self-defense aspects.  Whatever you do, don't call public officials and ask what to do about this or that.  They will probably threaten you or even attack you as a suspect.

14.  If your area has several attacks, what should you do?  Here it gets a little hairy.  I would suggest a citizens' posse should be arranged.  These people should seek to be vaccinated, though my instinct is to avoid vaccination since the Feds are now doing a lousy job of keeping vaccination production clean.  

The posse should be set up on a war footing with a commander.  This man should tell the police what is happening and that it is for self-defense and in regard only to bio and gas terrorism.  These men must carry weapons which can kill from a distance.  The terrorist must know that he will die for another attempted attack.  This posse measure is a desperate act only to be used where the police or sheriff are too busy to cover all the troubles.

A citizens' curfew should be agreed on and enforced.  This will make it far more obvious that terror is the motive of a wandering person.  Alleged drunks and dopers should be handcuffed to a railing and the police called.

15.  A citizens' committee could be appointed to search the area or neighborhood and see what potential there is for terrorists to hang out there.  Vacant buildings should be boarded up.  This committee should visit the police or sheriff and ask what measures can be taken to avoid drawing an attack.  If the police or sheriff act timid and stonewall these interests, action should be taken to push or force the law enforcement to do their job.  They ARE supposed to be looking after you.  In fact, your best help will come from local law enforcement.  The Feds are virtual wimps when real death and risk is possible.

16.  Nerve gas.  I don't know if atropine is still of use in nerve gas attacks.  If there is anything that can be used to prevent a reaction, it should be found and get it any way you have to.  Again, military posts will have this, and any extra must be handed over to civilian use.  If the commander refuses, don't let him rest until he does. Blockade the entrances of the post, or use civil disobedience as needed to convince him to help.  Syringes may have to be acquired at hospitals or farm co-ops for this use.

17.  Hospitals-  If hospital administrators are slow to respond to an attack and emergency, citizens should simply run him off physically, and put a doctor in charge.  I mean that!  Hospital administrators are conditioned to keep the cash flowing, and public wartime emergencies mess up the books real bad.  Hospitals will have the oxygen which is needed for respiratory problems associated with Botulism. If by chance Cholera turns up in terrorist attacks, the hospitals will have to find or even manufacture IVs in huge quantities.

18.  Dear Feds-  To you in the Federal Agencies who really do care, here are some things you should be doing NOW.  These are steps which must be taken even if we don't go to war.  Why?  Because Muslim terrorists of small loonie nations now have gas and bio materials on hand.  The fear of this war has caused Saddam to send much of his bio and gas weaponry to various Middle Eastern nations.  Life will never be the same for the West.  Get ready NOW.  If you wait, millions could die before you get your bureaucratic posteriors in gear.

a.  Antibiotics are needed by the car loads, and they should be distributed especially to large cities.

b.  Some way of detecting aerosols must be taken.  I see no indication that this is happening at the border here in southern Arizona, so I assume you are to date sitting on your hands.

c.  Ball parks, assembly areas, political rallies, and such events as the Million Man March and Promise Keepers must have heavy presence of agents who are trained to see and deter potential attacks.

d.  I hesitate to mention this, but you would not listen to me if I contacted you privately.  So here it is.  Our stockyards in this country have anything from one million to three million head of stock per yard at any given time.  Three or four men with aerosols of Anthrax could walk along the fence upwind of each of our stockyards and wipe out the meat supply of America nearly 100%.  Also, if any of the cattle were slaughtered right after such an attack, it could also result in Anthrax being contracted by many of those who used the beef.

This should be considered also for chicken and turkey ranches in regard to plague.

e. A study needs to be made into the possible contamination of water supplies with any of these bio or gas toxins.  Our water supplies in many areas are not protected at all.  Having lived in other countries where men try to kill other people, I am amazed at the open invitation many of our water storage facilities offer to terrorists.  Communities must be forced to take precautions, and police departments must make regular rollbys around water facilities.

f. Food brought into the US over the boarder of Mexico is tested and inspected for normal problems of health and quality, and the inspectors are doing a fine job for a peace time situation.  But, there is great opportunity for mass health attacks by injecting food products with toxins which the inspectors are not looking for. You better think about this.  Mexican officials do not have a real good record of integrity, and large bribes could well result in Middle Eastern operatives gaining open access to these food supplies.

Food trans-shippers in the US should be encouraged to send more of their own inspectors into Mexico to make random inspections of food processing in the fields.  President Clinton's idea of sending US official inspectors to check on production methods was a good idea which seems to have died on the vine due to his distractions with the ladies.  The banana trade derives from nations which are far away and vulnerable to infiltration.

Food supplies from the Middle East must be better inspected.  Rice and grain products from Asia are also a potential for trouble.  The coffee industry could well be used to redistribute Anthrax in coffee.  The processors mix coffee varieties from all over the world, including the Middle East, so the final product could by laced with Anthrax, and it would be too late to find the place of origin.  A method of checking BEFORE blending must be set in place.

Food products from West Africa should also be reviewed as to potential for toxification before shipping from the source.

October 2001:
Recent Anthrax releases indicate that Osama bin Laden's agents are making many small releases to cause panic all over the USA. If this pattern continues, you must NOT eat out, for restaurants seem to be favorite places. If you receive mail from sources you don't know, especially first class mail, do not open it. Burn it in a fair sized consuming fire. DO NOT ignite a corner of an envelope and hold it and let it burn. The powder will be release into the air as it burns. Find a metal bucket, add fuel which burns well, and after the flames are raging, drop the letter into the fire and stand up wind.

If you see Middle Eastern people acting strange, one of two things is required: Stop them violently, or get away from the area at once. Calling the police will be in order, but don't expect anything to be done. All local police in the USA, except NYC, are still out to lunch regarding terrorism. They don't believe it will happen on their beat. I have called the FBI on a few things, and they are bored to death with us flatlanders. You are on your own folks. George Bush has yet to empower the citizen and never will. The New World Order would kill him if he did that. Take charge and ask few questions.



I told you there was something for everyone  :-)  I trust this helps you to get ready both in thinking and in action.  Our family has found that as we take precautions for threats of various kinds, the fear factor diminishes greatly.  To be forewarned is helpful, and to take precautionary actions is even better.

Thus, the next move is YOURS.

If you have something you think we should address, send E-Mail with your thoughts.  If you see an area where we have given out what you feel is bad information, please send E-Mail.  If you think we should not warn people or talk about these things, don't bother us.  We will ignore you.


WARNING: Any threats directed at us from Feds will be at once posted on these pages to show what cheap wimps you are.  It is customary for you Feds to squelch citizens who help citizens, for this allows people to exchange help and information without taking it from your "official sources."

BUT, any additional cautions and constructive suggestions, by Feds, are also welcome and invited.  You people have a wealth of useful information, IF you would just get off your posteriors and take action.  We pay you to serve us, so what do you do?  Shuffle and cover and threaten us.  Nuclear war and civil defense warnings were easy religion for you.  Nuclear war turned out to be a sorry joke that was not even scientifically practical.  This bio-terrorism and gas threat is for real folks.  Get to work.  Millions of lives could be at stake, and you are out to lunch.  Every home in America's large cities should have prophylactic Tetracycline on hand and potassium iodide BEFORE this War begins, but you couldn't even find it if you wanted it right now. Shame!!

If any reader knows any sources for Federal help, please send them. I find the Feds very hard to find and talk to. They really do hate us civilians as a rule. They think that their world exists for its our propagation, and we are a nuisance to them. So, if you know of a really friendly Federal source, please send it.

John 14:1 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.







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