Editor-- Steve--  
The following shows the witchcraft content of Star Trek as examined by witches themselves!!


From: Natalie O----------------

Subject: If Star Trek was Wiccan....

I've been having an e-mail discussion with Rob Berry about Wicca and some of its more esoteric aspects. He wrote me the following message concerning a discussion of magic circles. It is reported with permission.  If anyone takes offense, *I* thought it was pretty funny, knowing as I do that the man means no slight towards Wicca. So there. :-)

I'm >, and Rob is unquoted test. Enjoy!



>For some Wiccans, the circle is like

>an energy wall that contains one's magic until one is ready

>to release it. These also generally hold that the circle is

>something that one must cut a door in if one enters or leaves,

>else the circle is disrupted.

All this talk about protective circles and the disruption thereof reminds me of forcefield-related technobabble on Star Trek. Can you imagine if Star Trek had been a fantasy show instead of a science fiction show?

Data: "Captain, there are Romulans getting in off the starboard bow!"

Riker: "Red alert! Cast the circle!"

Data: [begins ritual]

Worf: "The Romulans are hailing us."

Picard: "Open a channel."

Worf: "Oh spirits of the Romulans! If you are here, give us a sign!"

[has a brief seizure, then starts talking with a Romulan accent]

"Surrender, Picard. We have our hexes trained on your warp cauldrons.

You cannot escape!"

Picard: "Come on, guys, can't we talk about this over some Earl Grey?"

[Romulan ship fires hexes]

Data: "The circle is down to 17%. Another hit and the circle will be banished."

Geordi: "Captain, I could modify an inverted tetryon philtre in

conjunction with the ODN elixirs and the Crowley emitters to reinforce the circle."

Picard: "So mote it be! Er, I mean, Make it so! Whatever!"

Troi: "I'm sensing... lots of bull ____."

Everyone Else: "Shut up, Troi!"

Geordi: "The circle has been reinforced!"

Picard: "Fire photon athames!"

[Romulan ships explode]

Data: "The Romulan ships have been dispelled, sir."


>Others like myself hold that

>nothing can banish the circle except the caster (or casters

>in the case of a coven).

Riker: "I wish somebody had told the Romulans that." :-)

Editor-- Steve--  I hope soft headed saints, who think Star Trek is just a harmless fantasy, will re-consider.  It is, in fact, a space coven for fools who can't find the "off" switch on their TV.