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Precautions and Survival

All suggestions on the page are not to be taken as professional
medical observations by Steve Van Nattan.



The flu has been around for a long time, but it is different every time. So are Ebola and the Marbug viruses.

That is, the flu virus is possibly that fastest mutating virus known. Each year, the flu is s new bug, and that is why we don't get immunity. Also, flu shots are worthless because the makers of the shots don't have a clue what the genetic make up of the next virus will be.

2014 update- The same is even more true of Ebola and Marburg viruses which mutate very frequently.

Based on what I am reading, and based on known precautions I have used and seen in Africa during epidemics, here is the best I can do to suggest a rational defense against infection from Ebola.

About 70% of those with Ebola or Marburg die of it. Fear is not our chief motive, but fear is a tool to teach us to avoid trouble.

A smart little kid reaches out to touch the hot stove, feels the heat, and pulls back in fear. A stupid little kid has no fear, touches the stove, learns the hot way about hot things, and is disfigured for life. With some diseases getting infected is terminal unlike measles and the common cold.

Fear is not to consume us, but it is a tool God uses to send us in the right direction.


1. Immune boosting herbs and diet

Start at once-- don't wait to use these commodities to boost your immune system. Building up natural immunity is not something that can be done after you have the symptoms.

Immune-Boosting Herbs

Help your body resist illness with these immune-boosting herbs.
This information is not intended as medical advice.




Side Effect


(Astragalus membranaceus)
Colds, Ebola, viral infectionsBoosts immunity, antiviralNone knownCapsules, tinctures, broths/soups

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Virus infection, hair loss, Heart issues

Antivirus, helps lose weight, stops hair loss

None known

Liquid in bottle taken straight or with water.

(Codonopsitis lanceolate)

Cough, Ebola, congestion

Demulcent (sooths inflamed mucous membranes), expectorant

None known

Capsules, teas

This is the herb
of first choice

(Echinacea purperea, E. angustifolia)

Colds, Ebola, flu, cough, sore throat

Antiviral, antibacterial, boosts immunity, tonic

None known

Capsules, tinctures

Elder flower
(Sambucus nigra)

Colds and flu, Ebola, sore throat, sinus congestion

Boosts immunity, diaphoretic (promotes perspiration), tonic

None known (root is a strong purgative; should only be prescribed by expert herbalists)

Teas, tinctures

(Eucalyptus globulus)

Bronchitis, Ebola, cough, congestion

Antibacterial, antiviral, decongestant

Allergic reactions

Steam inhalation; topically applied as oil

(Allium sativum)

Colds, Ebola, and flu

Boosts immunity, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, tonic

None known

Capsules, powder, eating as food is best, raw or cooked

(Zingiber officinale)

Colds and flu, Ebola, sore throat, sinus conges- tion, nausea

Boosts immunity, respiratory system tonic, diaphoretic, stomach soother

None known

Powder or root made into teas, baths

(Hydrastis canadensis)

Colds and flu, Ebola, bacterial infections

Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory

Strong GI astringent; use with caution in young children; endangered species

Tinctures, teas

(Isatis tinctora)

Colds, Ebola, and flu

Antiviral, reduces swelling

None known

Capsules; works well with astragalus

(Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Sore throat

Reduces swelling expectorant, cough suppressant

Can cause sodium and water retention, loss of potassium

Tinctures, teas

Maitake mushroom
(Grifola frondosa)

Colds, Ebola, and flu

Boosts immunity

None known

Powder; eat as food

(Allium cepa)

Colds, Ebola, flu

Boosts immunity, decongestant

None known

Powder; eating as food is best,
raw or cooked

Osha root
(Ligusticum porteri)

Colds, Ebola, and flu

Boosts immunity

None known; endangered species


(Mentha piperita)

Congestion, nausea associated with flu

Pain reliever, antispasmodic, stomach soother, antiviral, antibacterial, diaphoretic

None known


(Salvia officinalis)

Colds, Ebola, flu, fever

Stomach soother, reduces fever, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

None known


Shiitake mushroom
(Lentinula edodes)

Colds and flu

Boosts immunity, antiviral, antibacterial

None known

Powder, capsules, root extract, eat as food

(Usnea barbarata)

Colds and flu

Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral

None known

Tinctures, often used with echinacea

White willow bark
(Salix alba)

Colds, Ebola, and flu

Pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, reduces fever

None known

Teas, works well with cinchona bark

(Achillea millefolium)

Colds, Ebola, and flu

Diaphoretic, expectorant, reduces fever

May cause contractions in pregnant women


Add pineapple and garlic to the diet also. Eat healthy food, and get exercise in the open where people are not milling around. Get sunshine for at least twenty minutes between 10 AM and 4 PM. Get plenty of rest. If you do catch any sort of flu or a deadly virus, you should be well rested so that you have some reserve. Do not be dieting during an epidemic. That can wait until later after the epidemic blows over.

We have recently learned that coconut, all forms, has some agents in it which boost the immune system. Coconut oil is available at WalMart for a reasonable price. It also has many health related qualities which have been lost due to bad publicity by the FDA and other agencies. This all started many years ago when the food oil producers of the USA set in motion false research reports to destroy the coconut oil industry. Do some research on the Web.

If you smoke or pollute your body in unnecessary ways, you are inhibiting your immune system from functioning properly. Why smoke and risk death? Also, stop eating food loaded with unnecessary chemicals.

With Ebola and Marburg, among other deadly viral diseases, the following are being suggested by research outside the USA and by various doctors:



Offiials at the CDC and your own doctor will mock at this, but it is used heavily in Kenya with AIDS. Nano-Silver is extremely antibiotic and officially used in bandaged dressings, and it works wonders. You can find Nano-Silver online. Make sure they tell you it is particalized to some standard. One to three teaspoons is suggested for a high immune system. I would suggest considerably higher if Ebola is anywhere around. Nano-Silver can be absorbed by holding it under the tongue and swishing it around the mouth. This would help absorbtion for someone sick with Ebola and vomiting. Also, Nano-Silver could be improvised to become transdermal, absorbed through the skin, if mixed with DMSO, but this is entirely your responsibility because research is sparse, though SOME REASEARCH IS SERIOUS on this use.


The FDA is in total collusion with Monsanto, Pfizer, and other drug companies. The FDA thus attacks any possible cure of immune system booster as a scam to keep the coast clear for Pfizer et al when they invent an alleged cure. So, any existing cure, expecially an alternative agent found in nature which cannot be patented, will be attacked. I wanted you to see though what the FDA is doing about nano-silver.


If, as has been shown by the statements of a number of world leaders, the poplulation of Africa needs to be intentionally reduced by plagues, Ebola is doing the trick. Ebola is patented by the CDC, and that means they invented it, at least the present strain. So, if Africa is to be reduced greatly in polulation, the US Government agencies will mock at and attack any cure that comes forward. They may well have a cure of vaccine, but they want to decide when it is released so maximum numbers can die in Africa first. For this reason, I assume the FDA lies all the time. They have been caught, along with the CDC, many times lying about what works and what does not work. The FDA has approved of a long list of killers from Big Pharma.

Considering the death rate of Ebola, I think it is reasonable to try something like nano-silver which is approved for internal consumption already by the FDA. The World Health Organization has said that unproven cures will be reasonable to try as long as Ebola has no cure and no vaccine.



West Africans have died quickly after infection by Ebola virus, and many sources attribute the death rate largely to the very weak immune systems of African. This is because of frequent tropical diseases they suffer, and it is because poverty causes collapsed immune systems. The Ebola patient dies, not mainly by the attack of the virus, but because Ebola virus causes extreme and rapid scurvy. That is where Vitamin C come in, and Liposomal Vitamin Ca is encapsulated so that it passes through the stomach and reaches the intestine where it is absorbed well. The stomach destroys almost all Vitamin C taken orally under normal conditions.


A VERY INFORMATIVE PAGE ON VITAMIN C, including IV instructions if you can convince a doctor to give you high does IV Vitamin C. The does must be very high to send the Vitamin C into a war like mode.


As to Iodine, 80% of all Americans are low on Iodine which is essential to a healthy immune system. Get on Amazon and buy Lugol's Solution. Start out with about 5 drops for a day or two, then go down to one or two drops.

If Ebola is nearby, stop eating the following:

Trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, commercial beer and wine, Aspartame, food additives, prepared foods, and buy organic. Try to find raw milk or at last milk that says no hormones and other additives go into the cows feed. Eat eggs from free ranged chickens. But organic meats.



2. Isolation of the family from infection potential

Stop wandering around. Around the world, around the state, and around the city where the mobs are.

Stop going to athletic events. No Disneyland and no traveling vacation. NO AIR TRAVEL. An airplane does NOT have filtration of air sufficient to remove viral organisms. I warned you of this long ago with regard to AIDS passed casually. Viruses are too small to be filtered, and you breath the air the others around you have breathed.

Stay away from hotels and motels. They may leave the lights on for you, but they reuse the blankets and bed spreads many times before washing. You are walking on, and sleeping in, the germ colony of all the visitors before you.

Since Ebola is endemic in animals as a vector reservoir, the following applies:

-- Stop feeding wild birds and animals until the epidemic passes over. That includes humming bird feeders. This is VERY urgent in urban areas more than in rural settings.

-- Do not raise domestic chickens and other poultry if they can have contact with people other than you.

-- Do not hunt wild animals in areas where they mingle with humans.

-- Cook all poultry and meat, especially pork, well done. Handle it with rubber gloves in the kitchen preparation. Wild pigs are a major vector of Ebola in Africa.

-- If you have an animal die in your yard, you should notify the health department. On the other hand, you could have your property condemned also, so you may want to pour gasoline on the bird and burn it. Be very cautious using gasoline in the open. Wear a face mask. If the epidemic becomes serious, the authorities may not even be able to come around for days. Do it yourself may be better. Another option with a dead animal would be to cover it with lime and then dirt. Keep pets and carrion eating animals and animals away from it.

Take vacations or outings to places outdoors and where you are alone as much as possible. Go fishing.

Shop in 24 hours stores for groceries, like Super WalMart, and shop at about 3 AM. Mind your own business, and use the self checking out machine if possible. I like to have casual visits with people at WalMart and the grocery store, but during epidemics, this social practice just makes for risk-- to them and to you.

Buy face masks that cover the nose and mouth at local drug stores. Also, wear goggles to protect your eyes and keep you from unconsciously rubbing your eye. Get the kind used by nurses if possible. Wear the mask whenever you are in public. It may look weird, but so does a funeral procession.

The face mask at the right is a 3-M P100 model which fits tightly. They come in three sizes, and it is important that they fit tightly, so call and ask question of the seller if you are not sure. The filters can be changed, and you need to buy extras.

The goggles at the right are for medical and lab use and made my 3M.

Both of these items can be found on Amazon.

Also, buy latex rubber gloves which have long cuffs which can be pulled over a sweater of shirt sleeves. Buy lots of them. They can be reused, but ONLY if you totally decontaminate them.

Wash everything you bring home, or spray or wipe it down with a cloth heavily dampened with water based Lysol (in the UK and Commonwealth, Detol). A mixture of bleach and water is commonly used in West Africa. Do not settle for the ten to one formula commonly used in hospitals. Make is closer to seven parts water to one part bleach

Spray your shoes with aerosol Lysol when entering the home. Have a family member spray you down at the entry of the home, or outside, when returning from the market place where you may have been seated in public seating. Spray the carpets of your car when you get home.

Stop eating out. This is a very high risk practice. Many eating establishments will be slow to let employees go home who show signs of sickness because they will have to find a replacement. Because of President Obama's disastrous immigration policies, do not eat in Mexican restaurants. They will be the eating out place of choice of immigrants from Mexico and on south.

As with Bird Flu, which the CDC tried to claim was only animal to human, transmission with Ebola may be far easier than alleged now because the US Center of Disease Control and the Surgeon General lie and lie about Epidemics. We have to anticipate that they will not tell the truth about Ebola until forced to. This is because once Ebola does break loose in any significant way in the USA, the food industry in the USA will collapse as people abandon eating out. The economy is more important to the Federal Government than your survival. Deal with it, or die.

If you enter an establishment where an employee is showing symptoms of flu of any kind, leave at once and make other arrangements. Ebola looks just like the flu in its early stages.

Many grocery stores now have hand wipes at the door for you to clean the handle on the shopping cart (trolley). Carry your own and clean the handle for sure.

Money is called "filthy lucre" in the Bible for a good reason. Money travels from hand to hand, and it is often stored in a damp pocket. When you receive cash in the market place spray it all when you get home. Cash money is one of the worst forms of contagion there is. When paying, try to use checks or credit cards.

When the Post Office delivery person leaves you mail, wear latex gloves to handle it until you can spray it lightly with Lysol. Try not to spray letters which may contain a check you need. It can ruin it. You may want to leave the letter laying in the sun or in a 140 degree oven for an hour before opening it. Beware of burning it up! When UPS delivers anything, spray the box with Lysol before opening it, and do not carry it leaning against you into the house.

Order as much as possible from the Internet. These products have not been nearly as exposed to people as products in open stores.

You may want to make a disrobing area in the garage or, in the case of severe epidemic in your area, right outdoors. Take off all outer garments and drop them into a plastic bag with a shot of Lysol. Do this OUTSIDE the living area so that you can enter the home without contaminating it. If you ordinarily shower at the beginning of the day, move your shower time to right after coming home from work or the market place. Ideally, build a shower outside the home for those working with the public. And, during epidemics modesty is not nearly as important as avoiding contamination.

Stop attending church services and ball games when the epidemic is near your area. Stop all attendance at public events. Your dedicated good godly friends can get sick just as easily as the wicked sinners down town. If your pastor does not ask people to stay away when they are sick, you need another church to attend. The jerk is willing to let you die so he can pass the offering plate at all costs.

Before the epidemic is near your area, the following applies-- Do not send you children to a church which takes no precautions. At church, greet verbally, and avoid physical touching and hand shaking. Church dinners and "pot lucks" should not be held during an epidemic. This applies even if no one is sick. What social gatherings the church has should be closed to the church family only with no invitations to new comers to attend. Do your evangelism one on one in the open away from the mobs. Rallies and events which "pack the house" are irresponsible of the leaders during an epidemic. Talk about these things with the pastor, and if he looks bored, or if he says he is not worried yet, GO AWAY-- This jerk will kill you. Be prepared to be told you lack faith also.

Understand something my friend-- the Western world, especially the USA, is stuck on stupid when it comes to avoiding infection from disease. You have to make your own protocols, and you have to be willing to be mocked and ridiculed for your precautions. Be sure to wear your face mask and goggles when you attend the funeral of the preacher who mocked you for not having enough faith.

Do keep in contact with Christian friends by phone, especially if they are sick. They need comfort, and you need to keep touch with the people you love. Don't get to be a total recluse so badly that the phone is not used. Have a Bible study over the phone with a friend.

If possible, the bread winner should have an automobile used only for going to work and shopping. The same person should do all the shopping. Wives should stay home and decontaminate and be the home defender. Husbands should go shopping. The wife should goggle and face mask and glove up and spray her husband down when he returns. The family must not use the car used to go to work and shopping. This way, the one taking the most risk can disinfect the car in a manner which he feels will best protect the family and reduce risk.

Choose ONE market to shop, and one area to shop, and do not wander to many buying locations seeking bargains. This practice of multiple shopping destinations is the first line of defense used all over the world to contain epidemics. I trust you can figure out why. Shop in big box stores like WalMart and Target and Lowes. These stores have a huge air to shopper ration which dilutes the concentration of contagion.

Public restrooms are dangerous. Try to plan trips to work and shop so that you can get home before you need to use the restroom. Otherwise, clean off everything you need to touch in a public restroom with portable Lysol spray in small bottles. Also, do not wash your hands in such facilities. Carry a small bottle of alcohol gel, and squirt your hands and rub it in after leaving a restroom. When exiting a public restroom, and if you can reach it, grab the levers of the door closer up above, push or pull, and the door will open enough for you to finish opening it with your foot. You can also just wait until someone else enters and catch the door before is totally closes with your toe. If you wash your hands, use a paper towel if you have a choice. If there is no trash can beside the door, or if you have to handle the trash can to leave the towel, just drop the towel behind the door.

Are you getting it yet? Acting civilized when it compromises your safely zone is OUT. You can be civilized again after the epidemic is over.

At night, men can stop on the roadside and relieve themselves in some areas. This is very acceptable with little kids, and you should do it.

Never send a small child into a public restroom alone. NEVER NEVER NEVER. He will handle all sorts of things. I don't know how many times I have seen some small boy standing at a urinal hanging from the edge of it with has hardware because he is a big boy now and goes just like Daddy.

As you enter a store, a gathering, church service, or the work place pause and discreetly look around to see if someone is wheezing or dry coughing. Find something to make you look distracted as you reconnoiter. If you see a check out person in a store who seems sick, or if someone in a social gathering is clearly in trouble, either move to the opposite part of the room, or turn and walk out. For all flu-like symptoms, leave at once. Always wear a mask when the epidemic is in your area. If the leaders of a gathering mock you or complain about the mask, leave. They are jerks.

I knew a nurse in Michigan who said she was a video on sneezing. The producer did some light tricks so that he could highlight the sneeze droplets. She said that the sneeze traveled back and forth across a moderate room eight times. Think of it this way, Ebola is a tourist and a terrorist, and you are the target. It is very much like war.


3. Stocking up, BEFORE the rush, on supplies

Surgical and allergy preventing masks are very important. See them above. You have seen them in the news in the Orient. The Japanese all wear masks for just about any reason. Also, when shopping and handling money during a shopping trip, you should have latex or rubber gloves.

An air purifier is in order, but make sure it cleans down to one micron. Use it in the home night and day. Also, buy hypoallergenic filters for your central air home heater.

Try to make one shopping trip for two weeks or more. Shop in the largest stores, with high ceilings, so that there is a high ratio of air space to people present. WalMart is very good. Other super markets have lower ceilings as a rule. Also, shop after midnight in all night grocery stores. Again, shop in the same stores-- Don't visit many stores.

If a town up the road has no reported Ebola, or any other epidemic, you may want to shop there instead of nearby. Price is not the top priority during an epidemic. Also, head for the suburbs to do business. City centers concentrate population, and so they also breed disease faster.

Avoid subways and city buses if possible. If you live in a city, a visit to a local small store would be much safer than a bus ride to WalMart. Subways and buses are deadly incubators of disease, and the sleaze of the city hang out there on cold nights.

Buy ahead on auto needs such as oil and parts you intend to replace.

If you get cash in change, spray it after you get home with Lysol.

Shop the Internet if possible. Almost all groceries and home needs can be ordered on the Web these days.

Don't insist on all the commodities you usually use. Keep it simple so that you don't need to shop as long and as often to live a normal life.

Never order carry-in delivered food like pizzas. Never eat food prepared by someone you cannot see. Never buy cooked food to eat on the run or at home. Carry all your own snacks and bottled water in your car, or go without while moving in public. An empty stomach is a lot less painful that vomiting your guts out and bleeding to death.


4. Movement, Employment, School, and the Market Place

If you can arrange to do your vocational duties when people are not in their offices or where you do your tasks, do so now and set the pattern for the future. As Ebola nears your community, or the community where you work, ask to take vacation you may have coming. Call in sick. Is it OK to lie? Yes, if it is life and death, and if employers are carelessly forcing people to work who are infected. No employer has the right to force his people to get sick and possibly die just so he can keep the cash flow up.

If you work in IT, ask your employer if you can tele-commute and work at home. Once the epidemic is really under way smart IT executives will force employees to work at home.

This epidemic should pass through in a limited number of months, so you will not have to innovate forever.

If you are in a public work situation, and Ebola presents itself in your environment, take a leave of absence, and sell things on eBay. If you have opportunity to stock up on collectibles to sell on eBay, do so for sure. A trip to the Post Office to mail parcels to bidders once a week is a lot less dangerous than dealing with the public forty hours a week. Get a PayPal account so that you do not have to receive checks in the mail.

If you do tech work in homes of businesses, or plumbing or other in-home service, let the people know before you go that you will walk right back out the door if someone there is sick. Ask them to wear masks while you are there, and you wear one also. If you are in law enforcement and you think you will look silly with a mask on, you may want to stop by the mortuary and choose a coffin ahead of time to save your family that trauma. If you work for the Border Patrol, rest in peace my friend. You are doomed.

If you learn that Ebola is in your kids' school, you must take your children home at once. In fact, it would be very much advised to take your kids out of public OR church school before the flu arrives in your community. Let the authorities know what you are doing, and ask for books and homework. Do a few months of home schooling. Report the school to the health department if the school is slow responding to flu cases. School officials are wimps about epidemics. They wait for several children to be seriously sick, and then they send the kids home. Levels of discussion and palaver have to take place in the school setting before someone finally makes a decision. You may have to simply remove the child yourself. If the Federal Government makes laws that your kids have to come under state authority via school based laws, send you kids over seas to friends of family. Be sure your whole family has passports.


Now, a word from Uncle Steve to you good old boys who are "the quiet type." And, I include you brimming intellectual types who would rather contemplate in the corner than to confront the evil world. Get you lousy butt off the chair and take charge buster. Some of you let Momma run the home, and you pretty much contribute nothing but a pay check. That will not do because there is a bug loose that wants to kill your wife. If you are really too blasted lazy to take charge, at least consider raising your kids without a wife. THAT should get you moving.


5. When infection is suspected

Do not hesitate to make an appointment to see the doctor. When you go to the doctor's office, if you are clearly having flu symptoms, have a friend or family member register for you and wait outside. If you enter the waiting area, you could infect people. Also, PLEASE wear a mask to protect others. A sneeze or heavy cough travels across a room and back as many as eight times.

A family member who is sick should stay in a room of their own if possible. They should have their own towel and wash and potty area if possible. If human to human transmission is in your area, rent a Porta Potty and place it so the sick family members can have their own arrangements. Anyone in the home who has a weak immune system, or older people with respiratory problems, may need to be moved to live with someone else for a while. When attending a sick person, gown up, cover the head, use goggles, and a face mask and gloves. This has been found with other viral infections to be almost 100% effective in health care facilities.

Feed sick people on paper plates and throw away cups and plastic utensils. Discard them away from the rest of the family in sealed plastic bags. Cavalier hicks who think it is cute to share tooth brushes and other toiletries will ALL pass Ebola around to each other.

If you are sick, treat this like an emergency. It may be a cold of the flu, but these are the same symptoms as Ebola in the beginning stage. Later, when you are bleeding from your eyes and ears it will be VERY hard for the hospital to save you. If you have any of the immune system boosters above, start them in heavy doses at once. If there is vomiting and/or diarrhea, drink water constantly in small sips. A dilute solution of Gator Aid might be in order since electrolytes may be lost. Other than this, get to your doctor at once, or go to the Emergency Room at the hospital. You need a blood test at once. By the time Ebola is around at all hospitals will not be upset with your for going in and checking.

In West Africa many Africans ran away and hid. They feared being in the hospital. With Ebola, if you do this, you will have about a 10% chance of surviving on your own.

If you are alone and you develop symptoms, call a friend at once so someone knows to check by phone. Keep a cell phone near your bed or carry it with you. Your friend should call 911 if you are in deep trouble, and you should be willing to get to an Emergency room. Ebola always requires hospitalization to cure.

AIDS victims will need to go to the hospital as soon as the symptoms of Ebola are evident, for they lack a complete immune system.


6. Eternity-- Are you ready?

Are you ready to die? Most people are not, and it is quite normal to NOT want to die. The problem with epidemics is that death comes closer and closer. The time to prepare to die is the same as the time to prepare to avoid the epidemic-- NOW! Both preparations are critical. If God has chosen for you to survive the epidemic, it may very well be because he has made you wise enough to avoid the epidemic. Fools will not prepare. God has also provided for your death if he needs you in his heaven sooner than you expected.

Death comes sooner or later, and God, through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, has provided for you to die without fear. By receiving the free gift of his salvation, you become immune to eternal damnation, and you receive the promise of eternal life with Jesus Christ. Now, if you would like to get a life killing disease, do nothing to protect yourself. If you would like to go to hell and be eternally separated from God, do nothing about the Lord Jesus Christ. You will get your wish.


SEND MAIL if you need to talk about your eternal destiny.


7. Legal and financial considerations

Will your family be able to continue if you or someone else in the family die? Will your estate be thrown into probate? You should make arrangements for all names to be on all accounts and on titles to real estate.

You should make arrangements to name, in a will or trust, who will be receiving your children if both parents die. If not, your children will become wards of the court, and any atheist or pedophile could be assigned to your children.

You should seek to be either 100% in debt or 100% out of debt. If you are half and half, the courts will take one half to pay off the other when you go bankrupt. I was being quite facetious, for it is much wiser to be 100% out of debt.


8. Law and Order

Harry Truman said, "When you see ten troubles coming down the road, just wait a while, and nine of them will go into the ditch."

The potential for lawlessness during pandemics is very high. People become desperate, and they do things they ordinarily would not do in order to survive. You should look down the road as a family, and discern what lawlessness may come your way. You should take basic precautions for security of your home, and you should have in place weapons for self-defense. Then, pray that God will send the troubles you see coming into the ditch. Do not become panicked by the urgent and the unknown. Just keep your powder dry.

If the health department demands that you participate in a quarantine arrangement, do as they tell you. It is not fair for you to sneak around breaking the health principles. What makes you think you have a right to infect people because you think you have some civil right to wander around sick? If the US Government gets a law passed which requires each citizen to be vaccinated, think hard. If you refuse, you may not be given the best health care if you get sick. If you have kids and do not get them vaccinated, they may be taken away from you. Which fate is worse? I would suggest though that you wait until others have gotten vaccinated for a few weeks to see how many have a reaction or get the disease.

If the US President declares Martial Law, or if he does so by de facto tricks like forcing local police to stop all cars and demand vaccination proof, you may live more peacefully if you comply. You will get a small dose of mercury because they use it to preserve vaccination. Stupid? You bet. But, you can detox that later. Just Google "detox mercury."

If a sick person in your neighborhood or work place is breaking quarantine, report them to the law enforcement people responsible for this sort of infraction. If you have no success in this, go home. If such people come around your home, or sick children try to entice your kids to play with them, you must do whatever necessary to prevent these lawless factions from endangering your family. In Texas that would come under the "Castle Domain" laws.


9. After the crisis is over

Get back to normal as soon as you feel the epidemic is over. Continue to be aware that a second wave of disease could arrive in your area, but do not continue to live with all these precautions. The common cold can be avoided by using these precautions, but these protocols could make a real recluse of you if you maintain them indefinitely.



Please see our article on vaccinations and shots before getting the flu shot