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UPDATED November 2015

By Steve Van Nattan

This item was originally posted 2001.
It is still a lot more than Homeland Sucurity has given you!



LEGAL NOTICE: All information on these pages is your choice as to response. Steve Van Nattan is not any kind of an authority on anything for anyone.

This primer is for nuts and bolts survival preparations BEFORE  the attack.  In the USA we are not PRE-Reactive-- We are just Reactive.  

Let me illustrate.  In virtually every city in America the method for deciding where to put a new traffic light is to count dead bodies.  USA traffic people are void of the ability of predicting which intersections will produce a given dead body count, so they wait until after the funerals to make conclusions and act.

In regard to this impending War, and in regard to the escalating probability of terrorist attacks with bio and chemical weapons, YOU CAN COUNT ON IT-- Your leaders will not act until there is a major attack.  At that point it will be much too late for perhaps 200,000 victims.  The President and news room talking heads will fake great shock and vicious bitter concern.

They will then REACT to the aftermath with retaliation, and they will go into frantic activity to try to provide protection before the next wave of attacks.  The chance of them preparing for terror will still be woefully slow since there will be little or no knowledge of where to find the materials for the citizen to protect himself. One illustration will suffice. In order to be certain that every American could survive two possible infections of Anthrax, it would be necessary to supply every person with minimum 80 pills of Tetracycline. 250 million people times 80 pills = 20 billion pills. These are NOT possibly available if the whole world's supply could be acquired. Are you catching on yet?

Furthermore, it is historic that national leaders, in a terrorits attack, look after themselves first. It is assumed that the nation cannot survived withouut its leaders, and they must have all the comforts of life provided. Only after this is done will the leaders suddenly see the light..... The nation cannot exist without the masses who go to work every day and pay taxes. At that point, the fearless leader will appear on national TV and give a very reassuring speech about what "is not being done" to care for you and your family. In many cases this will be too late. So, you need to prepared to survive without the help of Caesar.

The following will be light and silly sounding to the majority who read this page. This has NEVER been needed in the USA. There seems to be no need for it right now. So, you, like our leaders, can laugh it off. After all, why patch the roof while the sun is shining, right?

For those of you who are still not brain dead.....

We deal with the following:

I.  Where are the most likely targets?

II.  What dispersal methods will be used for terrorist attack?

III.  What steps should I take to get ready for a chemical or bio attack?

IV.  Mar. 24, 1998 update from the BBC, London

V. Cautions in dealing with suspicious letters in the mail


I.  Where are the most likely targets?

In order to figure out where Middle Eastern terrorists will attack, I have made a list of criterion which I feel the average terrorist, or his handler, would use.  This is in part based on logic and in part on my experience with the people of other lands and cultures.  I figure I have at least as much sense as some of these Sophomore yo-yos who are blundering into disaster after disaster in US foreign affairs.  Furthermore; how have THEY helped you get ready for terrorist attacks?

In the order of highest priority to a terrorist who is a Muslim and from the Middle East--


1. A terrorist will look first for a large heavily populated cities.

This could be a city, or it could be a major league baseball game. The determination would only be as to the size of the delivery system. For an aerosol can of Anthrax, a baseball game would present a tightly packed mass.  For 200 pounds of Anthrax in a plastic bag, the top of a building in New York City would be attractive. One million people would die. When to hit this mass would be determined easily--  7:30 Tuesday morning with the masses on their way to work.  Suggestion: Move out of large cities.  If you live in New York City, NOW is a great time to move to Jersey and commute. Or, move back to the farm in Kansas.


2. Pedestrian targets would be hit.

In Israel, terrorists set off bombs in busy streets or on loaded buses. Mega churches and Million Man Marches would be VERY attractive. Freeways would not likely be the site of attacks since they don't offer pedestrian masses. Beware of large crowds.  The coming Olympics has to be considered. Shopping malls, the home away from home to millions of socially deranged Americans, would be very popular for the small quantity delivery devices such as aerosol cans. Indoor malls would also be attractive in the dead of winter in the north and at mid-summer in Phoenix and Las Vegas.


3. From up wind.  

Logical, right? Well, in the US Army manual on placing latrines at a bivouac site there is not one word about placing it up wind to avoid stench.  The manual could not have been written by a veteran of a real war. If you live down wind in a large city, you will be on the bull's eye for sure. Terrorists will USE the wind as a tool of war. Anthrax released from a tall building on a breezy day will drift 15 miles. I suggest you move to a home that is on the far edge of the city UP WIND. At least think in terms of moving to such an area if terrorist attacks break out. Have a place in mind where you would go.


4. Strategic Military installations and Political targets.

Military bases which have a great number of high ranking commanders will be first hit. Then locations where large masses of troops are being staged or trained will get it.  lso, Military bases in large well packed cities will be hit so that blow-by will drift on over the city. Bases where high tech operations depend on healthy programers and sound minds will be possible targets. The Pentagon has to be target number one. It would offer the opportunity to kill many high ranking personnel and get Washington DC as well. The White House is down wind from the Pentagon as the prevailing wind would have it. Bases along the Mexican and Canadian border will be avoided in order to prevent further international antagonism. Embassies would be hit only if they were in countries which Islamic and Middle Eastern nations hate already. Alaska not be targeted- not enough people, and not enough press coverage.


5. Water supplies.

America's most exposed underbelly regarding terrorist attacks is its water supplies. All over the USA are thousands of unguarded water tanks and piping exposed. It is a simple matter to buy a device which has a drill and a clamp which can be attached to small or very large pipes. These are available at your hardware or plumbing specialty store for emergency use.  After using one of these, a pressurized tank could easily deliver all manner of toxins into the water supply of cities. Reservoirs in many areas are not guarded, and in some cases not even fenced. Precautions will be discussed later.


6. Cities with poor escape routes will be targeted.  

New York City is again a favorite since it is exited only by passing through a number of bridges and tunnels which would drastically inhibit mass exit from attack sites. Chicago is of considerable interest with Lake Michigan blocking exit to the east. Los Angeles is fairly good for exit since it is a sprawling city with many exits. Dallas is fairly easy to exit. Miami is fearful. Hawaii is a sitting duck. Boston would be tragic since it has thousands of winding poorly marked streets. Getting into an area, of which you are not familiar, would be fatal. Again, border cities would be highly desirable for refuge since the terrorists would be under orders not to create unwanted international troubles. Indeed, a terrorist attack would signal a great time to vacation in Mexico.


7. International travel exits and entries suggest an attack zone.

It is not easy, for a new comer or foreign terrorist, to get into Los Angeles and then get to a target without help. The distances are so great and the routes can be confusing. New York City is very easy. Land at Kennedy, jump into a cab, and ask to go to the Lincoln Center, the United Nations Building, or Wall Street. If large quantities of toxins are to be shipped in under cover of merchandise, the East Coast would be the most attractive, with a corridor from Boston to Baltimore being the ocean shipping port of entry choices. Long Beach, California would also be an ocean shipping port of entry.


8. Possible attacks in smaller communities.  

It could be that terror strategists will see the value of hitting Omaha, Nebraska and Billings, Montana. If they were to hit shopping malls in many such cities on two or three consecutive days, they would create nation wide panic as Americans could not assume that large cities were the only targets. The objective would not be to kill maximum numbers but to create maximum panic, as in, "They're everywhere." If this were the strategy, all Americans in all urban localities would have to consider taking precautions. This is not what I feel is the first scenario, but it certainly must be considered. Also, hitting smaller cities would make it very hard for Federal and local authorities to catch terrorists before they acted and fled. Law enforcement is already spread way too thin in the USA, and local police and sheriffs in small cities are NOT well trained and prepared to find and stop terrorist attacks.


II.  What dispersal methods will be
used for terrorist attack?

1.  Release into the air from high buildings.  
This would have to be the most desirable and morbid possibility.  A high building upwind from New York City would allow Anthrax, which is a spore like mushroom spores, to drift for 15 miles through the streets of the city.  On a dry day, it would settle on the streets and be stirred up over and over by automobiles and buses.  Subway vents would blow it up into the air over and over.  Maximum bang for the buck would be attained.

2.  Small Aircraft.  
Don't look for jet planes to spray the cities with "yellow rain."  This will only happen on battle fields or upwind of Israel etc. in the Middle East.  But, small aircraft can be rented, hired, or borrowed, and  the agents and toxins can be released quite easily.  The plane could fly at minimum altitudes which are just barely legal but low enough to allow the agents to drift to earth on a calm day.  Ball parks and amusement parks like Disneyland would be especially popular, as targets for such releases, since the small aircraft would not be suspected of evil by those on the ground.

3.  An easy to disperse toxins would be from automobiles and trucks.  
This would be useful in rush hour traffic on pleasant days in Los Angeles when many people have their windows down.  One round trip from North Hollywood to Santa Ana and back, mid to late afternoon, could infect hundreds of thousands of victims.  

Release from autos would also be ideal for circling the Mall in Washington DC when many tourists are in the area.  It could even be attractive on nice days to drive round and round a busy city making a release of large quantities of toxins.  It must be remembered that these terrorists may have been vaccinated against infection, and they would not be inhibited from being in the way of release.  This would give false security to the victims as they watched for terrorists trying to make a releases and yet avoid the toxins.  Muslim terrorists also do not fear death at their own hands.

4.  Aerosol cans.  
This has been speculated to be a very popular release method by experts in the UK.  This is because aerosol cans are so common in our society.  They are everywhere by the millions.  They are very easy to produce and fill.  They also provide good dispersal since they have self-contained pressure which is essential to a good cloud pattern.  Aerosols also are small, and a can could be released here and another over yonder without carrying a large container to give away the attack to watchers.  They could be concealed as cleaning materials by janitors who were planted in large mass gathering areas like ball parks and mass transit stations such as airports and subways.  They could also be improvised into delayed release bombs with some crude improvising techniques requiring only hardware store materials.  I also note that about six terrorists, and a bundle of aerosol cans of Anthrax, could walk the fence of a major stockyard, upwind, with two to three million head of stock in it, and they could devastate our beef supply for a long time.

5.  Wells and aquifiers.  
We are now talking about dioxin and other chemical agents.  Dioxin is a rather common by-product in a number of industrial processes.  It is protected in the USA, but Saddam Hussein might easily buy it from other nations.  It may be the most powerful toxin on earth.  A well could be dug, or the well of a city water supply broken into, and the dioxin could be poured down the well through access from the top-- not difficult at all.  A well could even be contracted at a residence upstream in the aquifier of a city but outside the city limits where wells are still being drilled.  The toxin could then be PUMPED into the aquifier in large quantities and it would drift downstream until it reached the city wells.  Some aquifiers could also be poisoned by releasing the toxins at ground level where they might leach onward underground.  This could possibly be done by treating snow packs in mountains near cites so that the aquifier was poisoned.

6.  Water tanks and mains.  
As mentioned above, there are thousands of water supply facilities which are wide open to terrorist attack.  Even if the water were discovered before many people were infected, which is NOT to be assumed, the water still would be hazardous for a long time in the case of Dioxin and other extreme toxins.  It would be costly and psychologically devastating to the population to try to relax and get back to normal.  I hesitate to mention all the ways I have noticed are open to water supply attack.  I have NEVER heard of any national of local effort being made to identify these open targets and make provision for self-defense by local law enforcement and Federal operatives.  This will only happen after there are enough dead bodies to justify concern, right?

7.  The least likely method of attack would be by Scuds or missiles.  
This is because our military is supposed to be prepared for this.  I do note though that small planes have buzzed the White House, and a German from West Germany landed in Red Square in a small aircraft one time to prove a point.  A Cuban pilot fled Cuba in a fighter jet and was detected only as he rolled to a stop at a US Military airfield in Florida.  

It is folly to assume that US Military leaders are totally prepared.  They are not.  In their favor, we must note that the Military is traditionally not supposed to meddle in American life according to our Constitution.  That means the Military can warn Federal authorities, and the Feds then must take appropriate action.  In the Oklahoma City bombing, precautions were taken by the Feds taking the day off just before the bombing.  Strange action, and not very comforting.  So, there COULD be a way found to deliver missiles or small toxic bombs over our cities, at least over sea coast cities.  Again, I hesitate to talk of ways I have noticed.  I would hate to be the one to tip off the terrorists.  However; this has to be the least likely thing to look for, so don't get all worked up over it.

III.  What steps should I take to
get ready for a chemical or bio attack?


This will be the most practical section on this page, for it will be where you will learn of steps which you can take to reduce your chances of death and suffering.  I don't expect many people to do anything about this right now, but I would strongly suggest you copy this page to a publishing program or Notepad, and print it out.  If the power fails, it will be no use to you then.  Again, most of you DO NOT really believe you are in any danger, and you won't until a thousand people have died in some other city.  But, what if they attack YOUR city first?  

I can assure you that all experts, both for and against War with Iraq, agree that Saddam Hussein has made it quite possible for Islamic terrorists from many Muslim nations to attack the USA with toxins and chemicals.  England is right now frantically producing anti-bio-attack vaccines for their population, and Israel has purchased gas masks for their population AND TOURISTS!  The notion that the USA will be immune to such attacks is monstrous insanity.  We have to be the number one target to several thousand lunatics in Islamic lands.  Recently thousands of Muslims met at the Grand Mosque of Mecca to pray for the destruction of the United States.  They ARE serious folks, and they have great resources of petro-dollars to fund their visions of terror.  

I also must note that Farrakhan has made it quite clear that death is the destiny of Whites and Christians who do not submit to Islam.  I have no idea how many Black Muslims would act upon his ravings, but I note the Jesse Jackson and many other Black American activists will NOT stand against Farrakhan.  We must not let this turn us against Black Americans who are peace loving folks, but we also are not fools.  The Black Muslim community DOES offer potential to the Muslim terror mongers of Mecca.  

Many folks also fear that there may be agents provocateur within either the Militia or within the Federal agencies such as FEMA and the BATF who would be called on to release terror attacks to give the Federal Government cause to declare a state of National Emergency and take charge of American life and suspend Democracy and local government.  We would hope this would not happen, but Waco and Randy Weaver bring back memories of Federal manipulation of American life.  What a great opportunity a terrorist attack would give these One Worlders to take charge of America.  

Again, as I have tried to make clear before, the US Military is NOT conditioned to help the Feds destroy America.  Our Military officers of rank all know that they are sworn to DEFEND the USA and the Constitution.  Many of them are NOT friendly to the present Administration in personal feelings.  Bill Clinton could NOT give the order to our Generals and Admirals to attack American citizens and get any kind of a response.  The Military will generally be the friend of the US citizen.  This is why the Feds need a crisis which will produce submission without Military intrusion.  A terrorist attack with toxic agents would be just the ticket.  Our CIA is well known for using outside foreign antagonistic operatives to gain objectives of purely propaganda value within the US population.  This may be why there is no preparation for terrorist attacks-- These attacks could be anticipated and part of a plan to alter American life forever.

Whatever the motivations, the permutations are many, so taking precautions has to be prudent.  Therefore, here are the various things you can do to get ready for terrorist attack, in particular, an attack using chemical and biological agents as weapons:


Preparations to take BEFORE you are caught in an attack:

-- You must remember that distance is life saving.  If you can get something between you and the toxins, you have a chance of not being infected or hit.  Here is a list of things to get BEFORE the attack:

-- A large plastic raincoat (This is for Yellow Rain attacks.)

-- A large umbrella (Yellow Rain is delivered in a sticky spray and is usually not inhaled but lands on the skin.  If it never contacts your skin, you are reasonably safe.)

-- Access to a shower.  Business owners would do well to arrange a simple shower in a basement or restroom.  Privacy will not be a high priority after someone is sprayed by Yellow Rain or is exposed to Anthrax.  Any shower possibility will be very useful.

-- Gas masks.  These are mainly for Anthrax, Plague, and Botulism attacks.

-- Cotton cloth bag to cover your head.  This is for Yellow Rain attack.  If the weave is tight, it could also help with Anthrax and other bio attacks.  Remember, this is not preparation for nerve gas.  We are mainly concerned with biological warfare.

-- Plastic tape and plastic film.  This is to seal one room for a period of time, and this would be useful in case of any kind of attack. The plastic and tape MUST be stored in the room you intend to use as a "bomb shelter."  This is true of all other items for sitting out an attack.

-- Denatured alcohol and rubbing alcohol.  Anyone with Yellow Rain on them should be cleaned off at once by any means possible.  With the alcohol, have a generous supply of wipes or Kleenex on hand.  The denatured alcohol will burn more, but it is a far stronger solvent than rubbing alcohol and will remove the sticky Yellow Rain carrier quickly IF the one being treated can stand it.

-- Rubber gloves-- BIG supply.  Those cleaning off another person MUST wear these or they will also get the toxin on them.  These gloves should be worn to cover the hands at all times during an attack if possible.  tuck the sleeves of long shirts of jackets inside the gloves.  You must have loose clothing in your shelter room which covers the whole body.

--  Access to a garden hose to wash down outdoor areas after an attack.  Wash the walks, the car, the driveway, and sprinkle the lawn.  Wash everything on your property every day for a week or so if your area was given a direct hit of toxin.  Why?  Answer--  The Anthrax spores are light and fluffy, and every automobile which drives by your house will blow up a cloud of spores which will settle on your property.

--  Invent a head covering.  Sew it in the form of a long bag with an opening which can hang down around the shoulders, or make it with drawstrings which can be pulled at the lower neck level.  Below the draw string, leave a skirt to hang down around the shoulders anyway.  Into the bag cut a hole and fill the hole with a piece of clean good quality plastic for a window to look through.  Sew this window in place.  This is only for biological attacks.  Make the sack of medium weight felt.  Use a color which is relaxing so that you don't terrify everyone who sees you.

-- Park your car in the garage.  If you don't have one, park it under any shelter you can find.  This will make it less likely to be covered in case of Yellow Rain attack.  Wash it off with a hose before trying to use it after an attack.  Wipe the door handles with denatured alcohol before opening it.  

-- Five gallons of drinking water per person.  This could be stored in one or two liter soda pop bottles after you drink the soda.  Add a quarter teaspoon of plain laundry bleach to each bottle, tighten the lids, and store them in the room where you will sit out the attack.

-- Dry food, beef jerky, and snacks.  This should be rotated from time to time so it is not stale.

-- Materials to barricade the door.  During attacks and emergencies in large cities looting and raiding is a real possibility with people who are too stupid to stay indoors.  You will have NO police protection, so you will have to be able to defend yourself.

-- Guns with ammunition.  Read the paragraph above.  Forget the gun laws.  War is not a time for leaving yourself undefended.

-- Battery radio and TV.  You will  want to hear the news and break the boredom.  Also, you may find that the attack was not actually in your neighborhood from radio sources.  It would be a shame to sit out an attack which went the other way from you.

-- Lights, candles, and flashlights.  These should be rotated periodically.  Do not use Coleman gasoline lanterns.  If one caught fire, you  would have to expose yourself to get it out of the room.  A power plant would be a good thought.  There are some very small ones, but you would have to make a way to exhaust the thing out of the room.  Do NOT use a charcoal burning device in this emergency.  Also, if you do a good job of sealing off the shelter room, you should burn no fires since you could reduce the oxygen in the air dangerously.

-- Camp stove for cooking and pans and a griddle.  As above, there is danger in this.  Be cautious.  If electricity holds, which it should, an electric boiling pot and frying pan would be ideal.  If you have some time to grab things, get meat and eggs from the refrigerator as you go into the room.

--  Personal papers and valuables.  These should be stored in the room where you plan to sit out the attack.  If your home is looted, you would not want these things to be stolen.

-- Fire extinguisher.

-- Make very sure a working phone and a phone book is in the shelter room.  Add a CB, cellular phone, or Ham radio if you have it.  Using a Ham radio during such an emergency would be quite acceptable even if you don't have a license.  Even if you don't feel free to talk over it, Hams are VERY motivated to help people during emergencies, and you could hear information you need.

-- Disinfectant.  This is for keeping from infecting yourself as a result of elimination contamination.  You are not going to be able to wash your hands every time you feel like it.  I suggest Lysol.  I know it will kill nearly anything.

-- Potty facility.  If the room you stay in is off of the bathroom, so much the better, but make sure you can tape and seal off the bathroom also.  If this is not possible, you will need buckets which can support a sitting adult for elimination.  If you want privacy, plan on that AHEAD of time and have materials on hand.  Purchase potty chemicals from an RV center to use in the buckets to control the waste.  Have lids ready for several buckets if possible so that when one is full, it can be sealed off.

-- Pets.  If you don't have much warning time before an attack, or before it reaches you, don't go looking for pets unless you are prepared to die for animals.  After the attack, your pets may have large quantities of Toxins in their fur.  Do not hug the pets!  That hug could send you to the morgue.  If you cannot clean the pets up real well, as with long haired dogs and cats, you must kill them and bury them at once.  Hey, friend, war is not nice.  Maybe by now you have figured out why some of us don't want this war, right?

-- Print all of these pages in this War section, and have them in the shelter room.  I know this is not the nicest page to print.  Move it, page by page, to either a publishing program or Notepad, and print it there.  If you have a laptop, you could store these pages on that, but be sure you have a power source to plug it into.

-- Make a list of the protocols your family will follow when you first learn of an attack.  Each family member should know what they are to get, and it must be a very short list.  Do not allow the gathering process to last over 5 minutes.  Top of the list- Close all outside doors and windows.  Close all inside doors also.  Turn off air conditioner unless it is central with the working unit OUTDOORS.  Turn off water coolers in the Southwest.  Make sure some lights are on for nighttime security.  Leave a radio or TV on to give looters the idea someone is home.  Make sure all water is off, including toilets which like to run.  Gather only absolute necessities.  To your protocol list, add the phone numbers of anyone you might want to call while in the shelter room.

-- Have you made a will?  This is no time to leave your kids' futures to chance.  The family's chief bread winner is at the greatest risk, especially if he is employed in outdoor work.  Make out a will at once.

-- Keep some cash on hand or in the shelter room.  If you have to flee, you may find that banks will be closed and credit could be frozen by inactivity in the marketplace.  A massive and nationwide toxic attack could even collapse the US economy, and cash would be the only thing merchants would accept.

-- Finally, be sure to have a Bible and some reading material in the shelter room. You may live there for a number of days.

Preparations for flight from an attack area:

-- Once in your shelter room, try to resist the urge to leave and go to a "better place."

-- If circumstances force you to leave and flee to another location, you should use a car which has been most sheltered.  Hose it off and clean the door handles with denatured alcohol while wearing rubber gloves.  Be 100% suited and covered as you exit your home and enter the car.  Walk very slowly so as to avoid stirring up a cloud of toxin which may be on the ground.  Keep your feet on the floor of the car and sit still.  Roll the windows up, and turn off all vents and heater.  If your auto air conditioner has a recycled air setting, you could use it.  Otherwise, leave it off.

-- Do not flee on public transport.  It will be very contaminated already.

-- Do not flee on foot.  You will become totally contaminated.  If forced to walk away from, say a burning house etc.  Cover yourself with anything you can find.  Walk on hard surfaces NOT grass.  Don't touch one another or enter crowded areas.  Walk under canopies and down allies if possible.  Avoid windy areas, and head perpendicular to the wind flow so that you exit the release area as soon as possible.

-- If you sense that a release of toxins is taking place in a large crowd, such as at a ball game, get up without panic and move into the inside of the building complex.  Do NOT go on to the parking lot.  Stay inside, and try to find a room which has a minimum exit arrangement and out of the draft, such as bathrooms or waiting rooms in the inner core of the complex.  Don't jump up and yell, "gas attack."  You will never make it to shelter if the crowd panics.  Talk about this BEFORE you and your family go to the game or public event.

-- If you are at an open air rally or event.  You are a fool if you do this from now on.  I have nothing to tell you but to make out a will first.  I suppose it would be smart to crawl under anything that would cover you.

-- If you can leave your city area in a car, head for the easiest exit and move perpendicular to the wind flow.  Once outside the city area, locate yourself in a motel etc, but not many miles from home.  If the attack ends, you will want to return home to protect your possessions.  Don't all go home at once.  Send one person to case out the area where you live.  Look for people and indications that life is returning to normal.  If the city and your area are deserted, go back and stay put in your escape locality.

-- In the shelter room in your home have your personal papers and things ready to throw into the car in maximum 5 minutes.  This way, the most urgent possessions will be saved from possible looters while you are gone.

-- If the whole city gets out on the roads at once, don't join them.  You could get into a traffic jam forever, or you could get into gridlock.  Also, accidents will be very common.  Better to tough it out in your shelter room, at least for 8 hours.

-- Sit down NOW, and work out a protocol of what you will do if you are separated when the attack comes.  Some family members may be in a better position to flee the city than to go home, while others may BE at home.  You must all agree what will be most safe behavior BEFORE the event so that minimum risk is anticipated.  Children at school should be left at school if the drive to get them would be through a toxin release area.  It is fool hearty to ALL get exposed and have no family member to later nurse those who may have been exposed and are sick.  Make arrangements with friends outside the city to take in your kids if they have to flee without you.

-- Pastors and church boards should have a plan for either immediate departure in the even of attack, or they should make preparation to stay in the church house and take precautions.  A protocol MUST be written down, or indecision, which is so common with large gatherings, will result in many deaths.  Pre-planning also prevents panic.  If the church is to be an alternate shelter location, do the job right by reading the above preparation suggestions.

-- All schools must have protocols in place which are based on whether parents are available, wind direction, type of attack if known, and other safety considerations.  Loading the kids into buses and shipping them all home at once could be real dumb.  This is one emergency which will need to be approached with just a tinge of creatively for a change.  Waiting until an attack is in progress will result in massive death.  Parents need to DEMAND action and pre-planning of their school officials since these people always wait for trickle down prodding from state and Federal gurus.

-- College students.  University and Bible College officials will always wait until there are a load of dead bodies being carried off before they make preparations.  These people are so utterly politically correct that pre-planning for war would drive them nuts.  The problem is, universities WILL be major targets.  College students should either make preparations by adapting above suggestions, or they should go home, or they should move to a small school in a rural area.  Will that interrupt your glorious career?  Maybe, but not nearly as much as a trip to the morgue.

-- Don't leave your car windows down when you go shopping or to work.  At work, have some of the materials on hand to cover yourself which are in the above topic.  You don't need to tell your co-workers about this.  They may think you are a nut.  If they are fearful, print this up and hand it to them and the boss.

-- Try to do as much of your shopping as possible when crowds are very sparse.  Most attacks will be during high activity periods.  Go to the grocery store at midnight if possible.  Shop outside of your city area more. Avoid being caught in rush traffic if you have a choice.  "Swing shift" would be the safest work shift if you can arrange it.

-- I strongly urge you to either start or join a house church.  Large churches will be targets.  You may want to only attend Sunday evening services if attacks seem to be highly likely.

--  Try to park as near the door of wherever you are going as possible.  You can sit in the car and wait for others to leave if necessary.

-- This may sound weird, but I shall risk it.  Is there a chance you would need to flee the country?  Are you Arab or Middle Eastern?  Some weak minded Americans will attack you with hate as if you are somehow responsible for the attacks.  What would you do if it got too violent?  Do you have friends in Canada or in some rural area of the USA where people are more rational?  

Now, considering all of you, if the US economy collapses and general panic sets in, it might be prudent to flee the country.  If so, do you have passports?  If you can afford them, it would be prudent to get them now.  Americans in Florida might think of visiting Mr. Castro.  With an attack under way, the gentleman might suddenly look very interesting.  Those in Texas through California might want to make some contact over the line in Mexico.  This discussion assumes that total chaos could break out nationwide.  With Americans nearly 100% self-centered, and with our Federal Government out to lunch regarding pre-war preparation, and given the level of ignorance in the public today, I feel that a major crisis, like biological war in the streets, could tip the nation into white hot panic and mindless reactionary frenzy.  It might be necessary to flee the country in order to find any normality to life.

Preparations for treatment if you feel you have been infected:

-- 80 pills of 500 mg Tetracycline for every member of your family divided out over ten days.  This will allow two whole treatments per person at 4 pills a day for ten days.  DO NOT THINK TAKING LARGER DOSES WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA. If you want to use the Tetracycline as a prophylactic, you will need a large quantity in order to take one a day per person for the duration. This can be bought at a veternary supply or farm store in your area. It is in powder form. If you do not have capsules you can fill, empty some capsule for some vitamin you take, fill it, and see how much a dose looks like. Take that much for every 500 mg you need to take. Children should have smaller doses.

-- Streptomycin would also be a smart addition.  Take it with the Tetracycline for the first four days of treatment.  Ask your source for the normal dosage.

-- Antitoxin is needed to ward off Botulism.  Problem-- I don't know enough about it to tell you where to find it and how to dose it.  It is available for horses. Tell you vet you need to dose your horse for botulism. If you get it, the directions are given by hundred weight of animal. Do the math for yourself.

--  A source of oxygen for Botulism attack.  This could be from a welding bottle of oxygen.  This is for anyone who needs it who has respiratory problems.  Don't worry if you cannot find this item.

-- Salt water.  This is for washing the eyes out of those who were hit in the eyes by toxins.

--  Stimulants like coffee and ammonia should be available.  Large quantities of bandages would be needed with Yellow Rain contamination.  Green soap would also be useful.

-- Again, a shower arrangement would be very helpful, even if improvised.

-- Have some sort of body bag available in case you are trapped indoors and someone dies.

-- Do not waste treatments and first aid on pets. You may need it all and more before the thing is over.

-- Have on hand, with your water supply in your shelter room, a good quantity of protein powders to build strength in an infected person.  Get Maalox for stomach cramps.  Can you get an opium or belladona drug for severe diarrhea? If you grow poppies, pick and dry the leaves while still fresh and green to use later for this purpose.

-- If you have access to IVs, do get some.  With Botulism and Yellow Rain, IVs would be needed to replace fluids.  Learn how to use them. If you can only get the tubing and needles, you can boil your own IVs if it is urgent enough. Add a pinch of salt to restore salts and to prevent the IV from being painful.  Use distilled water, then boil it anyway.

-- Does anyone in your family know CPR?  You should learn this NOW.

-- A strong sedative should be in your kit.  Whiskey will do in a pinch. If someone goes into severe panic or into a mental state, you will need to sedate them lest they bolt and expose themself.  For panic attacks, Tennoretic can be useful, but I am not officially telling you to get it, nor am I officially taking charge of your health.  This statement is to protect me from liability.  Please don't write and ask me to tell you about any medical cures or prevention measures.  If my information seems incorrect to you, I WOULD like to know that.

-- Nerve gas attacks.  Try to get Atropine for injections NOW.  If this is not possible, can you get it an oral form?  I really don't have much to suggest regarding nerve gas attacks except to get a gas mask and get to shelter before the attack reaches you.

IV.  Mar. 24, 1998 update from the BBC, London

Anthrax: a deadly bacterium

In the Illustration, 100 kg equals about 45 pounds.

An attack using anthrax could be every bit as deadly as a one-megaton atomic bomb, according to an official US report.

It is a deadly disease that can be spread by people breathing it in, it kills 90% of those infected and it exists in tiny quantities in cattle grazing areas. Potential terrorists can produce anthrax without access to exotic chemicals.

Books explaining how to manufacture a variety of poison gasses and other toxins can be bought in the US or ordered across the Internet.

According to the report to the US Congress' former Office of Technology Assessment, an aircraft releasing 100kg of anthrax over a large city on a calm, clear night could kill between one and three million people.

Fortunately, according to Dr Jonathan Tucker, an expert in chemical and biological weapons who served on a UN weapons team in Iraq, using such weapons in a terrorist attack is not easy.

"Trying to produce 100,000 casualties is much more difficult than is often stated", he said.

In March 1995, members of the Aum Supreme Truth cult in Japan made several poison gas attacks on the Japanese subway system - the first large-scale terrorist use of chemical or biological weapons.

While 12 people were killed and thousands sent to hospital, equipment failures and human error kept casualties from being much higher.

Dr Tucker adds it can be difficult to design ways to deliver these toxins, and weather conditions and impurities in the toxins themselves can frustrate a terrorist attack






Consider number 10- What if this were done to a cruise ship? 9-The terrorist was an American
8-Nutcase Rajneesh, Hindu mistic 7- Was not Islamic fanatic 6- The US has never made any effort to deal with Hezbollah, leaving Israel to deal with them. 5-Osama bin Laden, trained by the US CIA, was behind the embassies attack. Please notice the casual mention of the Africans killed in the surrounding neighborhood 4- Russia 3-American terrorist blew up OK Federal building. There was a strange story of the killers being confederate with US Federal agents. 2- A true act of foreign Islamic terror. 1-The World Trade Center attack was a demolition done by the Hidden Hand with the complicity of President George W Bush.

The 9/11 massacre, and the cover up of it by President bush, should help us to realize that the worst terrorists to the USA are our own leaders.


V. Precautions in dealing with suspicious letters in the mail

Some of the following may not be politically correct, but this is life and death, and not all Federal law enforcement officials and health officials are created equal. You are, to a large degree, on your own. This is not to say that you should not respond to Federal plans and provisions for you survival. But, be very careful of the order in which you do things, for the Feds will not always want you to live as much as they want to keep your neighbors from panicking. This has been a problem with kings and Presidents for about 5000 years.


Here are the things to watch for that can come in your mail box:

1. An envelope of excessive size or weight could contain a letter bomb or a packet of bio powder. This has been the case with Anthrax, and smallpox will be delivered the same way.

2. Beware of too much postage. This seems to go with letter bombs. Foreigners who do not know the US postal rates may also put on way too much to make sure the letter is delivered and not returned.

3. No return address. Some terrorists will not put on a return address, thinking they might get caught,

4. The return address disagrees with the postage cancellation. This is very incriminating.

5. A letter from a foreign country. Especially if the letter is personal in style and first class. AND, you never heard of the person. This also applies to an alleged company mailing from overseas which you know you have never had contact with.

6. A rigid or lopsided envelope. DO NOT BEND IT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! You could lose your hands. Do NOt open it carefully, especially if you never heard of the return address.

7. Common words in the address are misspelled, or usage is awkward. Such as, US of A, Amerika, Az, Ka, Jorgia, and so on. The sender from such an area is the expert on spelling, so errors should not be possible if the letter is legitimate.

8. Restrictive markings, such as "personal" and "confidential" Third class mailings have such things on them, but I would still not trust them.

9. Cheap manilla envelope of pulp looking paper. This is from the Third World. Also, envelopes of odd length and shape. Many nations use a wider page than we do, so their envelopes are often of a length between a small personal letter size and business size, and foreign business letters are larger also.

10 Incorrect title of you of person in your family. Like, Mister, Ms (to a conservative), Esq (at the end of the name, which is not used in the USA anymore).

11. Poorly typed address. This means a poor foreign person may have addressed the letter on cheap equipment, and the letter was delivered to the US by a carrier.

12. Powder on the letter. This is obvious, but some folks just don't pay attention. If you have handled it, take action at once-- More below.

13. Excessive packaging material, such as lots of tape covering folds. Hold it up to a bright light, and see if there are shadows which could be a powder. Look for smaller packets inside the letter. If you determine that foil is inside the letter, burn it, standing up wind from the fire. One of these million candle power lights would be very useful here.

14. Oily stains or finger prints on the outside of the letter. There is no reason for such things.

15. There is no longer any such thing as a "practical joke" with letter writing. Such a move is the precise same thing as calling in a false bomb threat. You can expect to go to prison, or at least be charged with some lesser crime, if you use this time of terror to play tricks. The same applies to your friends. Anyone who plays a trick with a letter in the context of terror should be punished by you in some way. A lawsuit would be in order, for say, $1,000,000. A well planned pounding by you and a couple friends would also be in order. There are no longer any jokes about terror. Don't send these letters filled with confetti-- NOTHING clever in this way should be done. You could one day get killed for such a thing by angry people, and you would deserve it. A safe America is far more important than your mongrel notions of fun. This will be in effect for possibly one hundred years. Life will NEVER be the same for you until you die. We are now living with the Northern Ireland and Israeli model of "normal life." Plan on it. Get used to it or suffer, bunkie.

16. Curiosity is the bait of terrorists, and the powder is the hook-- These people are fishing. We all want to know what is in front of us. These mass mailing people, via the Post Office or E-Mail, use all manner of tricks to coax us into opening a letter. Some look very official, as if they came from the IRS, and we open them in fear of trouble. Some promise we have won something, and though skeptical, we open them to see what we won. Some have a message on the outside which talks about injustice or political crisis, and we open them to see if there really is a crisis. Some of your older folks are lonely, and you open all your third class mail because no one loves you enough to send real mail. How sad, but please know that it is a lot more lonely in a hospital room under quarantine.

We lust to be the ones to give the final verdict as to the authenticity of the message inside the letter. We may even want the material to use in exposing the hoax. Worthy cause, but way too dangerous. I am convinced that it is only a matter of time before a mass mailing of third class mail will be sent to infect thousands of people. Just resist the urge to know, and throw away all third class mail. Also note-- Some first class mail nowadays is propaganda, and some even use Priority Mail. Dump it all if you do not know the sender. You may miss a great opportunity to get a deal at IHOP, but what price do you wish to pay for your bargains?


[ The following is what I would do, and I would not suggest
you pay any attention to what I say.
If you don't know why I wrote that, you are a bit slow. ]

Once you have such a letter, and you feel something is wrong, I would do the following:

1. Take a shower at once. This will not help you with any spores you inhaled, but it will stop the process on your skin, which is the greatest chance risk of infection. A one to ten bleach-water solution is supposed to kill the spore also. It will not kill AIDS virus, so I am skeptical. Disinfectants and rubbing alcohol are NOT adequate to kill many viruses and spores. Take a shower with soap.

2. Keep anyone nearby away from the object or letter you think is contaminated. Do not clean up the area or straighten up your desk so that law enforcement people will not see how messy you are. That act of tidiness could kill you. In an office setting, you should have surgical masks and rain coats on hand. The masks for everyone, and the raincoat for the possibly infected persons. Ask them to sit still until help arrives. Open windows and ventilate to the outdoors if possible. If an outside door is near the infected person, ask them to step outside until help arrives. Outdoors, ask the infected person to move downwind and stay calm. The Russians have this thing pretty much whipped. When our Feds take them up on their offer to help, we may have better protocols, but for now, we are on our own.

3. Take an antibiotic at once if you opened it or saw any powder. CIPRO is the one of choice, but tetracycline and penicillin will help. Stock the tetracycline by buying it from a veterinary store are farm and ranch supply. Take a double dose (except CIPRO) at first to get the level up in your blood, and continue with normal doses thereafter. Do not wait and see what happens. Go to a doctor at once, and call the FBI or local law enforcement. Be sure to tell them of any medication you already took. For now though, you better not wait to see what they will do, for with most bio agents you have a very short time to start the antibiotics. In Florida, learn where the clinics are for this. As of October 15, no other state has such clinics, and by the time the authorities respond to your need, you will be beyond saving.

4. What to do with the letter. You have not opened it. You can call the authorities. They will do something appropriate. Suppose it is just something you didn't expect, but nothing else is odd about it.

I would suggest you submerge it in a 50%-50% solution of water and bleach, and leave it there for a while to soak. This will work with all biological pathogens that I know of. You could also burn it while standing up wind. Make sure a hard burning fire in a container is used, for you want to burn up the virus, not release it. Soak the letter in flammable paint of lacquer thinner first. Smother the fire with a water-Lysol mixture. If it looks like a letter bomb, burning is the opposite of what you should do, for it could blow up. Call the law for a possible letter bomb.

If you opened the letter and saw powder-- Lay it on the ground or floor. Tell anyone in the house or office to leave at once. If there is a trash can nearby, place it over the letter, and do not move it. Stay by it until all other people leave so some idiot does not pick it up to be helpful. Head for the shower, and take the antibiotics. If you are at work, tell everyone in the area to stay clear away from you. Call the police, and then call the FBI. You should have the FBI's number in your contact list on your phone.

5. Unknown source blue letters. This may be urban legend, but a friend tells me that a Federal employee told him not to take chances. Destroy the letter, for it may have a bio agent inside. This one is not based in Osama's boys' tricks-- It is the work of an American nut case.

6. Parcels you did not order. Do NOT open them. Call law enforcement. You may imagine that you can open a parcel with a knife on a stick, or some such assumption. A parcel with a bomb in it will blow you into eternity along with your stick and pocket knife.

7. Third class mail. I would suggest you put all of it in the trash. Coupon books or single sheets not in envelopes are safe. Catalogs with the stickers holding them shut are probably safe also.

8. Once smallpox is being sent by terrorists, and we know tons of it are available to them, get away from anyone you love, for you CAN give it to them and probably will. You have a 30% chance or survival, so do make any preparations for your loved ones in the event of your death. Any care giver for an infected person should also be quarantined.

9. Anthrax has an amazing life survival time. This is why cattle with anthrax are killed and buried deep, and the location is quarantined for many years. A cow's remains, which was buried 25 years before, was exhumed, and it had live anthrax spores in it. The legend that anthrax has gone our of fashion with nations which produce it is no reason to assume terrorists do not have live anthrax.

Again, for legal purposes, virtually ALL of my suggestions are insane and cannot be trusted. Sabbe?



The following was first posted on this site in 2000:
The 2001 anthrax attack, whether by Islamists, or by Americans, came later.

I called it folks!

This has not been a very happy page to write.  It is like insurance.  You get it, then you hope it will not be needed.  I DO expect Middle Eastern terrorists to attack the USA.  The only question is when and where.  Please discern your risk area and factors.  If you are sitting on a bull's eye, please make preparations.  If you are in Butte, Montana, well then, maybe this seems like a very remote discussion.  You are probably right too.  But, anyone in a medium to large city, or downwind from a Military installation, must assume that attacks could come there.

Also, Mr. Tucker of the UK above, in claiming it is difficult to launch a biological warfare attack, has forgotten that the Russians are the principle benefactor of Iraq in weapons delivery, and the Russians are masters of bio-warfare and delivery systems.  They played horrible tricks on Afghans some years back.  We recall the pretty combs they left on the ground for little girls to pick up which then exploded in their faces blinding them.  Mr. Tucker is whistling in the dark folks.





You may also buy CIPRO and other antibiotics in Mexico if you are near the border. You will need a prescription to come back into the USA with the drugs, but you can get that in Mexico from a doctor. Some Mexican pharmacies are managed by doctors who see patients in the rear of the pharmacy. A Mexican prescription is accepted by US Immigration as of my last report. If you have a doctor friend who will help, tell him you think you have dysentery and want to treat it empirically. He has to have something based on your health needs which he must write in his records. Tetracycline is also used to treat acne. If you have a teen ager with acne, there is you helper.











SMALLPOX-- NO CURE-- Prelude to Armageddon