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Superstition is increasing in modern culture,
but worse, it is taking over the thinking of the
People of God.

By Steve Van Nattan





This is a long form article. Recent research tells us that people are returning to long articles. This is because of the offensive web pages with a tiny island of text surrounded by a sea of flashing ads and worthless rubbish. And, if the article is long, it is broken up into many pages which have to be accessed by clicking "Next" twenty times. So, if you only have the attention span to appreciate tiny box articles, you might as well click out of here now. This article is very exhaustive and covers the subject thoroughly. Readers' suggestions have gone into this article. So, if you need the illumination, I pray I have it covered here for you.

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Superstition- Superstition comes from the Latin words "Stand" and "Over," meaning a superior person standing higher than people who fail to be superstitious. A belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, a need to appease God or spirits, or a false conception of causation. Advanced superstition is facilitated by magicians, witch doctors, mediums, Catholic priests, Islamic mullahs, and some Christian pastors.

Some superstition is based on omens and signs which require action to avoid bad luck. Other superstition involves action in order to gain good luck of assistance from spirits. The fear of the number 13 is a classic form of fear of bad luck. The elevator in the photo has no button for floor 13. This is done because rooms might be hard to rent on a 13th floor.


Why an article on Superstition?

The inspiration for this article is partly the fact that I have noticed more and more superstitious talk in society today. But worse, I see superstition on the increase in the Lord's Church. The immediate jolt was when my daughter saw a video by a doctor on YouTube in which he said a young man came to him and said he would not take the Covid vaccination because it would make him turn gay. Such insanity seems patently obvious, but people today are believing many new superstitious myths in all sincerity. This seems to be partly a result of teaching kids in school to be Atheists for three generations.

Most people reading this will claim not to be infected with superstition. Then again, do you open the fortune cookie to read the fortune in a Chinese restaurant? Hmmm

I was helping my Dad and Mom buy a used car from a car rental company. The company had a pretty typical show room with several salesmen. While we were there, a man came in with a large salesman's case. He laid it on a table and opened it, and inside were maybe twenty new neck ties. The car salesmen gathered around, and one by one they bought a new tie. I asked one of them what was going on. He readily admitted that car salesmen are deeply superstitious about the necktie they are wearing. If they have failed to sell a car for several days, they assume their lucky tie has run out of good luck, and they crave a new one. A tie from WalMart will not do. They want a tie from that salesman who comes around regularly with sho nuff lucky ties. They seemed to be just as superstitious about the guy selling ties as the tie itself. They all at once disappeared into the back and put on their new ties.

We could almost have pity on the car salesmen. Not making a sale for several days is deadly on the cash flow if you are on commission. So, anything that might seem to improve the odds seems justified, even if it has no science to back it. But, that is the very nature of superstition. We can live without it, and we may even admit we do not need it, but we give in to it in case it might just improve the odds of success in life, or safety from disaster.

I have proof read this article way too many times. I am in terror of missing a typo. During the last read, it hit me that I sometimes have worn a red tie, referred to by some people as a "power tie," to appointments or gatherings where I wanted to command a presence. There is science in this, and research has proven it works. But, when I put the tie on, am I thinking about science, or am I using my magic tie? This article invites you to examine this in your own life.

For the record, I now wear a bolo tie with a silver slide clasp with a huge setting of copper patina malachite. I get exactly what I want..... attention. I also wear a western shirt and urban cowboy boots to complete the persona. Top it off with a Jackaroo drover hat from Australia, and voile, the waitress at the Mexican Restaurant gives me great service. Call me what you want, but my outfit is not based on superstition..... it is a Southwestern trick used by a child of Los Angeles to survive in Texas. For a free steak, I will come to your Bar-B-Que and spin yarns about the good old days in Oklahoma and Kenya. For big game hunting stories I need a stipend to pay royalties to the hunters I borrow the stories from. It's a Texas thing.

We are superstitious when we wrongly identify the cause of a particular life situation, especially when we invoke a supernatural belief or myth in that estimation. When we do this, we may have all sorts of explanations for our wrong beliefs, but our explanations are all a lot of rubbish.

Brace yourself..... what follows is very likely to be unpleasant.



Ancient history of Superstition

The first thing to understand with superstition is that it is based in pride. The superstitious person feels like he has the mystic secret, and everyone else lacks it. This is true whether it is about carrying a rabbit foot or being in a church building every time the doors are open. The act of superstition makes you more wise, more safe, more godly, or more savvy about destiny.

I am reminded of Margaret. She grew up in the Boston area, and her family was Catholic. She said that her father was a generally godless and vicious man. He would have nothing to do with the Catholic Church. But, when he was dying, his family prepared to rush him to the local Catholic Church so that he could die next to the altar. Margaret, though young at the time, decided they were fools and that God was not conned by their last minute piety. This was not an act of faith..... it was all about superstition and geography.

Here is a very useful video on superstition origins. Please notice how religious imagery can become a good luck charm. Also, notice that some superstition is derived from biblical truth that is twisted and warped.

End video


Example from old Europe

In ancient Europe people often accepted that kings and queens, by virtue of their divine right to rule, had the power to heal disease by their touch. One particular malady called scrofula, a tubercular inflammation of the lymph glands in the neck, was believed to be healed when touched by a sovereign. This healing was seen as validation of the monarch’s appointment from God. It was claimed that the first to practice the healing touch was Edward the Confessor, ruler of England from 1042 to 1066.

This nonsense is undoubtedly the result of pseudo Christians craving for the miraculous touch of Jesus. It is seen today in the faith healers of the Charismatic community.

Are you perpetuating a devilish superstition? One of the most well-known superstitions that is believed to come from the Middle Ages is the need to say, “bless you” after someone sneezes. There was a belief that sneezing gave Satan the opportunity to enter the body and the person who sneezed, and they needed the help of God to exorcise the devil. Saying “God bless you” (Gesundheit) was believed to be a way to keep the Devil from entering the body and therefore save the person who had sneezed. It was a way to explain the death that sometimes occurred after a person sneezed and it instilled in people the sense that they could do something to help. There was also the prevailing belief that a person could ’sneeze out their soul’. This was also counteracted by a person saying “God bless you” or covering the face to keep the soul in. This superstition was encouraged with the spread of illness during a time when there was little way to help people to overcome devastating ailments.

In the Middle Ages, salt was a precious resource, and it was believed to have medicinal properties. If salt was ever spilled, it was no longer able to be used for medicine and therefore it was gathered up and thrown over the left shoulder in order to blind the evil spirits that were said to constantly follow people around.

Bridal garments were considered blessed. The bride would have all her clothes ripped from her by the guests on the wedding night as everyone tried to snatch a piece. Gradually attention focused on the bride’s garter-ribbon – a symbol of sexuality and fertility. In Medieval times, unmarried men fought for the bride’s garter to ensure they would be the next to find a beautiful and fertile wife. Bachelors even mobbed the bride as she stood at the altar, throwing her to the ground and ripping the garters from her during the wedding ceremony. When the church protested, the custom evolved to the groom removing the lucky garter from his new wife in the bridal chamber and tossing it down to the waiting men.

Lithuanians believed that if you used a candle to light a cigarette (or anything else), a sailor died.

Spilling coffee is a sign that money is coming to you.

Putting your clothes on inside out in Hungary is thought by some to be a sign of good luck, but only if you leave the clothing inside out until the time you’d normally undress for bed.

In Spain, it’s customary to eat one grape every second for the final twelve seconds of the year. This is thought to bring twelve months good luck.

In Croatia, some think it’s bad luck to cut your nails on a Sunday – in fact it does not bode well to use any sort of clippers or scissors on a Sunday at all.

When you see a chimney sweep in Poland, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a wish… but ONLY if you hold or rub one of your buttons when you see him, and keep holding it until you see a man wearing glasses.

Thirteen is actually a LUCKY number in Italy. The number is associated with the ‘Great Goddess’ of Fertility as well as with lunar cycles, so rather than bad fortune the number 13 is all about abundance, prosperity, and good luck when gambling. The only time the number is unlucky is if you are the thirteenth person to sit at the dinner table. If you are, keep a sharp eye for any Judases in your midst and you should be OK.

My Irish great grandmother told me that if a horse hair fell into the rain barrel, it would turn into a snake.

In Appalachia, they say that if you sweep in the house after sunset, you will sweep someone away, meaning they will die.

So, you can see how America came to be infested with all sorts of superstitions. Our ancestors brought them along with them. It is ungodly to perpetuate any of these childish superstitions.

This article shows how pervasive superstition is in Hollywood. Are you letting your kids watch Disney movies that are loaded with magic and superstition. Your kids will get the impression that superstition is serious or fun, and it will one day come back to torment you when they dive into magic.


Power over people

One of the key factors in historic superstition was that the person using it wanted power. They wanted to restrain the gods or devils, or they wanted power over people. The specialist in this cult was the witch doctor in Africa, the Shaman among American Indians, and the wizard in Europe. Today, we have the magic makers in the form of witches, fortune tellers, faith healers, and water witchers. We also have witch doctors in Washington DC in the form of politicians who claim the power to force people to perform acts of alleged democracy by powers of persuasion.

Remember, as you thoughtlessly dip into the pool of superstition, you are defying God and seeking power over people. Since God does not respond to your demands, any power you do receive comes directly from Satan or his devils. In the case of the faith healers and prosperity doctrine preachers, they are exorcising God as if he were their genie in a bottle. These preachers seduce you to believe you can actually exercise power over God and force him to make you rich by tossing him a few dollars in the offering plate. This is nothing but witchcraft and old fashioned black magic.

The photo above is of First Lady Roslyn Carter and Jim Jones.

Such a charming man, and such a killer. He is the man who lead a huge group of his followers to Jonestown, Guyana where he convinced them to commit suicide by drinking poisoned Kool Aid. The deception is strong. Who is your guru? Any man you must have before you to feel right with God is not a servant of God. He is your guru. Any performance that you must participate in to feel right with God is superstition and nothing but magic. For Catholics, that includes the Mass.

See how the gullible fools from other nations fawn over the guru. He is feasting on this worship of himself to feed his sick ego.

Please notice the hypnotic expressions on the faces of Jim Jones' followers. This is Satanic seduction via superstition.


The Arussi Galla tribe in Ethiopia

This was the tribe we worked with in Ethiopia in the 1970s. They professed to be Muslim, but they were really totally committed to animism and superstition. They determined how to finish a day by walking in the woods, and when a certain little bird flew up and to the right of left or did some other odd thing, that would tell them whether to keep going and finish the day as planned or whether to go home and do nothing all day. How is this different from some of the alleged "signs" Charismatics and Pentecostals use to decide what to do next.

At the right, a sacred ibis bird of Egypt.

I had a piano tuning customer in Michigan who was Pentecostal and totally filled with superstition. After I finished tuning her piano and was about to leave, I asked the usual question, "Do you want me to call you in a year when it is time to tune the piano again?" She said, "Wait a minute," and she leaned against the door post, bowed her head, and meditated. She then told me, "Father does not want me to decide that now." God gave us brains to determine whether to wash the car, buy chocolate instead of vanilla, and decide things based on what we like or think is prudent. If you have the mind of Christ, you will be free to decide whether to go through Chattanooga or Bogaloosa on your way to Georgia. And, you will be expected by God to figure out if you need to tune the piano in a year.

Philippians 2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

There is virtually no example of Jesus showing any sign of superstition. He knew who he was and who had sent him, and he made choices with the mind he had.

When you make a choice that is against God's will, and if you are zealous to walk in his will, he quickly steps in and interrupts you. Interruptions are the mercy of God sending you in the right direction to fulfill his will. You don't need some superstitious trick to exercise God into choosing every detail in your life. Trust him.

Dr. Luke tells us how God redirected the Apostle Paul, and Paul did not rub a rabbit's foot to learn God's perfect will:

Acts 16:6 Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia,
7 After they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not.
8 And they passing by Mysia came down to Troas.

Paul had decided to go to Asia and preach the Gospel. Did he fail to consult with God? Nothing in the text indicates Paul was operating under self-will or lacked prayer. God simply stepped in, and Paul ended up right where God wanted him.

Isaiah 30:21 And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

Do not sit down and wait for God to turn on a neon light in the sky telling you his will. KEEP MOVING, and God will guide you. You cannot steer a ship that is dead in the water.... it must be moving to respond to the helmsman.


The Wasukuma tribe in Tanzania

The Wasukuma tribe in Tanzania believe evil spirits want to live in their home. So, when they build a new hut, they put a clay pot over the peak of the roof. They believe the spirits will be content to live in the clay pot.

Many tribes in Africa will kill both babies when twins are born. Some kill only one. I have never learned why they think twins are bad luck.

The Arussi Galla tribe with whom we lived in Ethiopia believe that spirits inhabit Lake Langano nearby. They are just sure that if they go out into the water, the spirits will pull them under and drown them. We had a worker who was not a believer in Christ, and he would not get into the lake. But, we swam in the lake, and he saw that we did not get pulled under, so if we were present he would get into the water and enjoy himself. He undoubtedly believed that our God protected us, so he reasoned that if he stayed close to us, he would be safe.

There are tribes around the world who do not want their photo taken or their portrait painted. They believe that the picture will rob them of their spirit. Strangely, there are people in our allegedly civilized world who believe that if they are photographed, something evil will come of it. Of course, with the Internet such things could actually happen, but not from spirits or bad luck.

So, what fetish do you have in your home that you think will make God more likely to help you or give you good things? How about a cross up on the wall? Why is it there? How about the cross you wear around you neck? Do you feel more right with God that way?

Any object or fetish in your home, car, or life that has to be there in order for you to feel right with God IS A PAGAN FETISH. I do not care how sacred it feels, it is your magic talisman. Even a Bible, sitting on the coffee table, that you never open and read, is a fetish. That Bible will not get you any closer to God or Heaven unless you read it. The paper, leather cover, and gold "Holy Bible" has no power to change your life. It is the reading of that Bible that changes you.


Islamic fortune telling by "Cutting the Koran"

There are Islamic Mullahs in North African nations who are fortune tellers. They use the Koran, the holy book of Islam. The Koran they use is special and printed with signs, notes, and talismen in the margins and in the script. See the photo at the right.

The Mullah places the Koran on a table spine down, and holds it between his hands. He jerks his hands away, and the Koran falls open at random. The Mullah pays no attention to the text message. He looks at all the markings on the two pages, and he then gives you your fortune, and you give him a goat.

There is a Fundamental Baptist pastor in the hills of Tennessee who boasts that he has no idea what he will preach on Sunday morning. He claims he walks into the pulpit, places his Bible on the pulpit between his hands, and lets it fall open. He believes that the Holy Spirit chooses the topic for him to preach on in this way. His sermons reveal the fact that the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with this superstition because they are dull and filled with stock phrases that have no teaching value. Here is how to get ready to preach according to the Apostle Paul:

2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Any short cut to avoid the hard work of study is NOT of the Holy Spirit, and it may be superstition and mystic machinations.



We can dispense with superstition the day we go to the Word of God for our world view. The culture of the world, especially the White race world, has transitioned from binary and duality to unity or universality.

What do I mean?

The Christian, and society at large in past years, assumed there were two entities with whom we deal. God and the creation, including we humans. God is a spirit, he is other, he is the one who made us, and not we ourselves. The world today has imported the singular view of all things from Buddhism and Hinduism. Everything id part of everything. God is permitted to participate, but only an a part of the whole. Jesus had his day, but what we need today may not be provided by the Jesus of Galilee.

The dual world we live in was so from day one:

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

There is God, and there is everything else- two distinct entities. And, One made the other. Superstition believes all is one big lump, and God may not be quite enough top get us through the day safely.

Then, we see that Jesus Christ is working on our behalf from his side of the duality:

1 Timothy 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

Are you going to the mediator, or are you going to the lucky money on the lottery ticket?

The terror of this paganizing of society is that it is in Christendom with a vengeance. Joel Osteen tells us that we are the great "I am." We are encouraged to see ourselves as the center of the universe, and all of us together can create a great force for good. Good is not sourced from One being, as the Bible teaches.

Romans 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

What creature are you clinging to? You know, it could be your pastor if you believe he is the source of you Christian victory. Worshiping the creature is not only about dodging black cats.

So, when you slip from the narrow way, even for a moment, and "knock on wood," you are entering the world of oneness. You are denying the your world is ruled by Another. And, you solicit help from wood, rocks, and rabbit's feet. When you go to church to buy accident insurance from God, by racking up good behavior points with God, you are not there to worship him and be edified. That is the horror of superstition. You have left the habitat of Christ, where all things are of God, and you have entered the habitat of universalism. This is what the Pope did when he called a prayer meeting at Asissi, and he invited Buddhist monks, American Indian shamans, and Muslim Mullahs. The Pope denied the sovereignty and prior claim of Jehovah God, and he played church with the heathen.

Think about this the next time you pin a cross on your lapel, or hang a cross around your neck. Is it to exalt Jesus Christ, or is it to feel pious and give you some immunity from fender benders in traffic?



Billy Graham started out in a tent in 1938 preaching the old time Gospel once delivered, and he somehow ended up in the Slough of Despond recruiting Atheists and Buddhists into the Church who don't even know who Jesus is. All it takes is a little false doctrine to start down this road..... Like, "We must be living right, we got a bargain on that car."



Superstition, as a cultural and anthropological feature, has returned with a vengeance. The Enlightenment Era was marked with scientific discovery, and this increased the level of education of the masses. This resulted in enlightened people abandoning superstition. This can be seen in Africa in a microcosm that has happened much faster than it did in the West. Africans who, one hundred years ago, left food under a small shelter to appease devils and keep them away now laugh at such notions. In Europe and America superstition largely disappeared. But, for some reason, superstition is back with amazing results.

I have a theory which I cannot prove, but I feel it is a reasonable possibility. The modern world has had five factors driving superstition.

1. Consider Hollywood, TV, and movies in which fictitious notions are presented as facts. Star Wars was a classic. All sorts of effects were introduced which are beyond scientific fact. These movies take the viewer into a world of make believe that is highly realistic. The result is that people have come to believe in effects around us which are totally fake.

2. Social media has given superstition addicts a medium to promote their fake beliefs. Memes are very powerful in this regard. The poor fool who thought that Covid vaccinations would make him turn gay probably read about it on social media, and he took it at face value.

3. The god of Science has betrayed millions of people. The Covid epidemic is classic. Dr. Fauci, at first, told the masses not to wear masks. Whatever his motive, he was going against well known precautions during an epidemic, while he appealed to "the science." Later, he went stark raving mad trying to convince people to all wear masks. This sort of insanity by scientists and alleged "experts" is causing people to leave science behind and believe in Mother Goose. Global warming, global cooling, climate change..... which is it? Thousands of scientists are walking away from any of these panic parties. So, who shall we believe..... an overweight ex-Vice President, a retarded Senator from South Dakota, a crack addicted Hollywood star, a street brat from Manhattan, or the scientist who has denied Climate Change? Superstition is a great shortcut to what appears to be sanity.

4. Since the 1970s, we have had a serious rise in mystical distractions. New Age Yoginis, like Ruth Montgomery and Marilyn Fergussen, have preached New Age religion while claiming it was not religion. Yoga and Karate have taken hold powerfully in the culture, and people are more and more willing to abandon God and turn to mysticism. Many church denominations have added mystic aspects to their programs, like walking the Labyrinth in the Episcopal Church. According to Malchi Martin, theologian from the Vatican turned descenter, witchcraft and superstition are rampant in the Vatican. Superstition fits well with the possibility of finding a spiritual quality to nature and the unknown.

5. Many people, frustrated by conflicting stories and myths from alleged "experts," are fleeing to the refuge of ignorance. Some people willfully keep themselves dumbed down in order to avoid taking sides and having an opinion. The new era superstition gives them what seems like a tangible way to explain the various cultural conflicts while explaining the mysteries of life.

These factors, in my estimation, have caused the average person to become prone to look elsewhere for the answers to life. And, superstition is a handy way to deal with the unknown and the mixed signals of modern "experts." As I write, the US Military is releasing information suggesting that space aliens are real. So, people have a whole new area of life where they need some magic rabbit foot or St Christopher medal to protect them.

It is important to understand that modern superstition is unlike the historic carrying of a rabbit's foot or other talisman-based good or back luck fetishes. But, there is some similarity also. In the following video you can learn about the power of superstition as it exists today:








This is possibly the best defining lecture on this topic which I have seen.

Anything you observe because you are law keeping will cause God to punish you. It is rank superstition.

You've Got to Put Down the Duckie
What do you have in your hand, or mind, that is keeping you from living in complete faith in Christ?

At the above right is a Chinese wishing tree with wishes tied on written on red paper. What is your fetish?

Read how God sends his servants to camp around about his children

John Piper discusses what is happening when your plans are totally shattered

Mark DeJesus on Religious Obsessive Compulsive Scrupulosity
Mark comes from the experience of having lived with OCS himself. This is a great start to deal with OCS.

How bad can Obsessive Compulsive Scrupulosity get.
Some poor language, but Jordan Peterson tells stories that illustrate where OCS can end up.

Learn to tell the difference between the profane and the holy
This article is at this journal.
With both superstition and Religious Obsessive Compulsive Scrupulosity the most deadly aspect is that the victim cannot tell what is profane and what is holy.

Revival Movement of East Africa- Obsessive confession of secret sin.
This video exalts the Revival Movement. But, if you pay attention, you will hear the narrator tell about confession of secret sin. This movement was still raging when I was growing up in Africa, and it was clearly based on run away Religious Obsessive Compulsive Scrupulosity. Many missionaries were sucked into it out of a desire to be more godly. They sat in groups and confessed wicked and sensual thoughts to one another which they should have confessed in their closet. The result was that they became suspicious of one another, and they lost faith in Christian fellowship.

By Mary Van Nattan
Superstition is at the root of spiritual abuse. The followers of the Indian guru or Baptist pastor are both holding the leader in awe as a supernatural manifestation whom they must adore and submit to in order to prosper spiritually. These leaders are virtual talisman.
Excerpt from the article linked:

"Just because you, or anyone else, chooses to think that spiritual abuse and brutality is helpful or satisfying or "serves a useful purpose" does not make it so. It is still destructive. It is destructive to both those who abuse and those who are abused. I don't care who it is - Phil Kidd, Lee Roberson, Paul Washer, Mark Driscoll, Kenneth Hagin, Bill Gothard, or your own pastor - men who are motivated to shame, berate and belittle Christians as a constant thread in their preaching or practice are abusers. Men who use fear and guilt to keep people performing to their expectations are abusers. An abuser, no matter how he is defined, is an abuser still. He may claim the title of pastor, preacher, evangelist, missionary, etc., but if he is beating the flock of God, he is an abuser. It is not necessary to beat the sheep in order to get God's work done. This is not the way to feed the sheep."


This is not the voice of Jesus who said.....
Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Ravenhill's burden is not light. He inspires Religious Obsessive Compulsive Scrupulosity.
And, right next door is superstition, in which, you will add to your life the fear that, if you fail to do certain acts, God will cast you away.

Gothard used girls, whom he claimed to be rescuing, in his sexual perversion. You need to understand that the track record of family guidance gurus is horrible. Get your child raising guidelines from ONLY the King James Bible.


The word "profane" in King James English means a lot more than modern English usage.

This man never opens the Bible. He uses it as a battering ram. That is a fetish action. The use of a crucifix is pure paganism. I have to conclude that Larson is possessed of devils himself. The making of a video show of spiritual warfare is vain and blasphemous.



What sort of superstition have you seen in the Lord's Church?





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