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Where did They Come From, and When?
By Steve Van Nattan-- Updated!




The Industrial Revolution changed many slow tedious tasks of Americans and Europeans, making work much more friendly, and raising the profit margin astronomically in many ventures. The McCormick reaper and the thrashing machine, though primitive in the early days, reduced farm labor cost fantastically. The cotton gin virtually made the US South a land of wealth and prosperity, so much so that the North fought a war against the South to reign in the wealth factor. The steam engine, though in existence, was perfected during the Industrial Revolution so that vast new areas of work could be done with much fewer people.

The telephone and the radio brought communication from the dark ages of overland mail to instant information gathering. Finally, the assembly line, mastered by Henry Ford, bid farewell to human intensive manufacturing forever. The computer, what I claim is the Third Industrial Revolution, has finished off the age of sweat as millions of people accomplish much, and win high profits, while virtually vegetating physically.

What was the down side of this great era? Well, the laboratory has only recently turned is its report. Heart "disease" came into existence, and cancer became a major killer. Why? Answer: Five fold--

One- Leisure:

People of the middle to late 1800s began to see the fruit of the Industrial Revolution as they could work less and prosper more. Laws and conscience came into play, and John Wanamaker, a true born again Christian, along with the raucous labor unions, forced the leeches of big money to give the working man two days off rather than none. Hours worked per day were shortened. The result was that workers had more time to play and sit around.

This new found leisure culture gave rise to more eating establishments, and the Industrial Revolution again came through, and many machines to process and cook food were streamlined. Fast food came into existence in the late 1800s at public gatherings, and into the early 1900s fast food started being carried home. Add leisure, and the image of "the old man" coming home from work and sitting down in a chair like a sloth and munching trash food began to appear. This has come to complete wickedness in the end of the 1900s with the TV, VCR, and non-participation amusements. Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans and Europeans have next to no food set by in their cupboards, and they may eat out regularly for at least one meal a day, often the noon meal at work, and the evening meal because they are too lazy to cook. Eating establishments are now the majority business on any main avenue of every city in the USA and Europe.

Two- Kind of Work:

Man, long ago, herded sheep and cattle, and if he found an alternative trade, it was that of mending tents, sailing ships, or taking camel caravans across the waste lands between prosperity and population centers. The Jews today are famous for entering a city, getting a loan from uncle, and starting a commercial business. Years later, they own much of the trade around them. Most sane folks admire this industriousness, while a few hate the Jews for it. Chinese Americans have done the same, and they are an interesting case study.

The Chinese came to America first to build the railroads. After the end of the Industrial Revolution, vast gangs of track layers and human haulers were done away with by the steam drill, like the one that beat John Henry in the song, "And he laid down his hammer and he died..." The Chinese found themselves with a new country to live in, but without a trade. These industrious people went all around America opening laundries and restaurants. Later, others simply waded into the work scene and took any jobs they could find. Now, what were these Chinese peoples' heritage in China? Farming. They were a very good choice for cheap hard labor in building a railroad, for the Gringos in the USA were already nursing a beer belly and angina.

Do you see how the Industrial Revolution made these Chinese people a new people out of an old people? You have the stereotype of them as laundry owners, right? Well, they beat the Anglo kids at math and spelling contests all the time, and they prosper in all trades. But, they suffer the results in their health just like the rest of us as they excel in computer programming.

All vocations in the western world were radically changed as men were given ways to do their work without as much calorie output, and as men were actually replaced by machines. Also, sedentary work, which was once reserved for the gentry of the élite owners and managers of the days to the British East India company, and of the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, was now the bread and butter vocation of thousands of people-- "pushing pencils" and managing costs and purchasing. The Industrial Revolution made it possible and respectable to find work at a desk, and that work paid well. By the time the 1900s were well under way, many calorie intensive tasks were reduced to watching the work be done and pushing buttons at the right moment.

Classic to this world is that of the ships. The Industrial Revolution began with men crawling all over sailing vessels like so many ants, and it ended in our day with men "down below" pushing buttons and "monitoring" this and that function. In very recent times, the space industry has advanced this until one can sit here at this monitor and replace the whole publishing industry with the twitter of the keyboard. I am feeling some guilt over this one :-)

So, life is good, but, unlike my Dutch ancestors in Upper State New York, I have TB (tired bottom) from working hard, yet whilr sitting for too long. There is more to it than that, but let us at least note that this results in me not getting a fraction of the exercise from my work that the Van Nattans of New York got as they survived in 1695.

Three- Women went to work:

Sweat shops were the first place that the Industrial Revolution attacked the role of the wife and mother at home. Thousands of Europeans came to the USA to escape the feudal and disgusting conditions in Europe. These people were desperate to make a new start, and in desperation the wife, and even the children, went to work in textile shops. Mindless brutes of the commercial world paid them poorly and worked them so hard that little time was left to shop intelligently and prepare healthy meals. Let us not forget that John D. Rockefeller was the leader of this demonic system. The result was that more and more Americans depended on early forms of fast food, and eating habits deteriorated rapidly in cities.

World War II then caused a great leap forward into the garbage food diet in the average home. Women were coerced by patriotic blabber from FDR et al to enter the factories and help capitalism rage along in a war time economy. Lots of men got rich, and Mama became an absentee lady from the home. When the soldiers came home, Mama had cash, Daddy had cash, and they went and bought cars and houses that demanded both of them KEEP working. Thus, the ladies have been working outside the home ever since, and the cost of housing is based on two incomes. It takes a real rebel to live the modest life of one income, Daddy's income.

But the tragic part is that Mama does not cook. She buys "prepared food" and heats it. And this food is garbage. I have marvelled over and over at the length of the fast food and frozen vegetable freezer cases in super markets. I used to wonder how they could waste so much space and electricity on 100 feet of freezers like that. Finally, it soaked in, the customers are buying that much rubbish and eating it. We will discuss later how it must be heated much too hot to insure no litigation from food poisoning. Also, it is loaded with preservatives to keep it from spoiling and to maintain the illusion that is IS good food. Even the packaging material is deadly. 95% of all plastic packaging is made of petroleum products, while soy bean plastic is mocked and degraded for commercial reasons. Your lovely piece of steak is wrapped in crude oil. Check it out!

More recently, "My Career" has been the battle cry of feminists and ladies pinched by the bank to make payments. Women are conditioned, from kindergarten and through college, to admire and aspire to the work of men. The physical and psychological and emotional strengths of ladies is mocked, and they are encouraged to "kick butt" to prove they are tough. One recalls Hillary Clinton mocking at ladies who stayed at home and bake cookies. She panicked at the reaction of the vast mass of ladies heading back home just as she made her stupid remark, and only a trip to the White House basement, to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, saved here tottering image.

Life goes on with most male oriented jobs still done by men, and female oriented jobs by ladies, but more and more, women are doing manly work. They often survive, with labor laws to prop them up, but they crash when they get home, and the kid gets his own breakfast and sends himself to school. A latchkey breakfast- A coke and a Mars bar. Mommy and Daddy are both eating from the vending machine at work, and they shop on the way home for Swanson TV Dinners-- exhausted and too tired to shop intelligently.

There is now a frightening and daring trend starting-- Women are going back home to be wives and mothers. This is seen as revolutionary, which shows just how far the thinking of modern man has transgressed the law of Jehovah and common sense.

Let me say this-- The "house husband" is a rough existence, for, as Harry Golden said, "A man must have somewhere to go in the morning." And, God would agree in His Word. But, at least the "house husband" concept recognizes the fact that someone has to mind the home, stock the cupboard, and see to it that the kids are properly fed and kept safe and disciplined in the home.

Four- Philosophy of life
What is the philosophy of life for the modern man? "If it feels good, do it." I don't think that is too simplistic. Perhaps we should add the words of Ricardo Mantalban in the Cordoba Ad on TV. "You deserve a Cordoba." You deserve this and that- you believe that don't you? Well, if you don't you are a freak, for the average White Race member lives with the presupposition that he exists for his own self-gratification.

Add the philosophy of the average manager, from the 7-11 store to General Motors, which is, "I gotta take care of Number One," and, "You have to step on some heads to get ahead." Add a little, "No pain, no gain," and I think you can see that the work and living ethic of the post Industrial Revolution is wildly anti-Christian and anti-christ. Satan said, "I shall be like God," Modern man says, "A am the master of my fate." This has seeped into Christendom as Charismatic and Reformed scum leaders teach people that they must be rich and flaunt their riches to show that God is good to the right people. They claim the life of the very poor Carpenter of Nazareth, then mock viciously at anyone who lives a simple life of contentment and hard work. Lavish life, monster ranches, and gaudy Cecil B. DeMills platforms are the rage on TBN, the 700 Club, and with all TV evangelists, including Richard DeHaan and Chuck Swindol.

The average Fundamental Baptist preacher is FAT! This tells the troops that the belly goes first. Denominational and local church leaders do NOT rebuke these fat boys, for they too are lazy slobs. Fat is IN with modern religion, left, right, and center. Jaba the Hutt would have been ordained in a second if he applied for ordination from the Bible Baptist Fellowship today.

The bottom line-- ahem, yes, the posterior line, of this age is that fat is in, or hanging out. Eating the wrong things, and eating much too much of it, is just another way of enjoying life to the full. Puns abound I gather :-) In any case, fat is accumulating around the belly of the average modern person today, and the toll is obvious in the cardiac ward of your local hospital.

Five- Diet:

Well, you knew it would lead to the dinner table, right? Really, the dinner table is just part of it. Fast food, which we said came into our experience in the last 100 years, and the perpetual snack, are a way of life. The man of good manners in the UK, and in the USA long ago, would NEVER be seen walking along the avenue eating as he went. One hundred years later there are vending machines everywhere, there are stand up cafes endemic in Europe. Do you recall the automat of New York City and Philadelphia. As a kid I thought those places were the ultimate adventure in eating. Put a quarter in the slot, open the door, and out comes a piping hot plate of food. No menu, no waitress, not waiting-- to me it was as good as going to Disneyland.

Fast food has made it possible for working managers, the house wife, the lineman, indeed all of us, to "drive through" and come out with a "delicious and nutritious" mess of food all wrapped up so that we can eat it while raging along to the next appointment or to the Laundromat (there's a work killer). This causes a great heart and cancer potential. Driving, even in the most pleasant lays, causes the adrenaline to flow fast. The digestive system is put on low profile, and then the stomach is loaded full with food. And, what kind of food? Carbohydrates cooked in hydrogenated grease with lots of salt. Wendy's even stores the cooked hamburger in a bin of hot grease to keep it tasty to your palate.

But, long before the day of fast food, other things were happening in the food market. Canning of food became very common, and in the process, commercially prepared food became less and less nutritious. Safety regulations demanded very high temperature cooking, and milk products and canned vegetables were over heated and lost food value. Flour was bleached and ground extremely fine with hot blades rather than stones. Rice was bleached. All cereal grains were poured at least nine times between the field and the store shelf. Then housewives learned to rinse any food value off so that the grain product was fluffy and clean looking. The hogs and the Purina people get the leavings of food processing, and the dogs and cats eat better than their owners.

Raw foods are dried, dehydrated, cooked, mashed, juiced, de-pulped, and generally destroyed as good food. Then the government gets into the act, and regulations are set in place forcing the food processors to add food value back in at the end of the manufacturing process. Milk has vitamin A and D added, and all manner of foods are "fortified" with artificial products, often acquired from coal tar and waste materials, so that the eater thinks he is getting a "balanced and nutritious breakfast." Various alleged medical and nutrition experts are called on, and agencies are set up to test and approve of this foodless food. It is now possible to reduce good food to the food value of cardboard, add various fortifying ingredients, and the final product will be recommended by some group of asinine Medical Doctors as meeting the "daily minimum requirement" for survival.

Conclusion and Introduction to Devil's Food:

For purposes of this study, we wrap up this introduction with an observation on diet. Food is ruined for the most part. It is over prepared, over processed, over protected, over regulated, and vastly over rated as to its usefulness, and then it is eaten too fast or while idling in stop and go traffic. The problem is that millions of Americans and Europeans are stuck with this rubbish to eat since they live in urban areas. I say they are "stuck," but there are alternatives. Before we get to the alternatives, we need to first become convinced that some foods are not good for us, and then we need to go an to identify and find the better foods.

The following discussion relates to two ailments in particular: Heart "disease" and cancer.

Before the 1900s, there was almost NO heart "disease" nor any cancer in the whole world. What there was related mostly to some local problem in environment or in individual heredity, such as Caposie's Sarcoma in Greeks. Medical records show that heart "disease" and cancer are a phenomena of the 1900s exclusively. We may also exclude many "backward" peoples of the world who do not eat and live the "modern" life. These groups, such as the Bushmen of Congo and the Masai of Kenya, are like control groups to prove to us that we cannot go on living the alleged "good life." The Masai, Eskimos, and Bushmen eat meat, blood, and blubber all through their lives. They may suffer from various pathogens, but they do NOT have heart "disease," stomach ulcers, diabetes, or cancer. Something more is going on which needs to be addressed.

We no longer live and die of natural causes like our ancestors did long ago, and we can clearly cure this problem.

Thus, we now get down to specifics: Food which came into common use in the late 1800s and early 1900s, AND this is food which modern man, worldwide, will NOT give up. Will you?

I have added ALTERNATIVES to each section. Some of my friends may wonder about my zeal in one or two of these, but the idea is to help people move from peril to safety, or at least get started on the journey.



All of the Following Diet Items
Arrived in the Late 1800s and Early 1900s--
Cancer and Heart "Disease" Followed Proportionally

Dry Breakfast Cereals-

In 1894 John Harvey Kellogg, a rank Seventh Day Adventist, invented corn flakes. This alleged food is made from fine ground highly processed corn four, it is cooked, then roasted, and the final product has only got any food value because of all the "fortified" additives in it. Kellogg was well received because of his efforts with TB victims. He gave them fresh air and tender loving care, which worked well in a day when no drugs were available.

But, his invention of corn flakes was a hoax. Problem: The nation went for it. Corn flakes are only good for fattening hogs. What are YOU? A breakfast of any variety of flakes, coffee (sugared), and toast is a killer breakfast. It fails to last through the day, results in carbohydrate snacking, and clogs arteries.

If you are going to start your day with carbohydrates alone, at least cook up some old fashioned oat meal, semolina, or cracked wheat. You do get a little nutrition there. In fact, with a good portion of hard protein and some chili pepper to give you some zip, a moderate portion of healthy carbohydrates at breakfast is the best time of day to eat them. This is because you have the rest of the day to work them off and burn them up. You DO need them up front to get the first kick of the day going. Then the hard protein takes over later and carries you through the rest of the day. Is that too simple for you bunkie? Well, you see, this world, with your body, was made by a very orderly Creator, and He made it real easy to understand, IF, that is, you don't complicate things with modern notions of health.

By the way, please don't listen to these Seventh Day Adventist vegans. They are arrogant slaves of the carbohydrate demons because they believe meat is sinful. Jesus, and all the Greats Men of the Bible, ate meat.

ALTERNATIVES: Cooked cereal is the choice here. Oatmeal has some reports in cancer and heart help, and cream of wheat is a blood builder. Sprinkle on some soy and Flax seed, and fight back on the Cholesterol problem. Flake cereals do NOT do either of these. Homemade ten grain cereal can be made with a grist mill, buying various grains from bulk food stores. Surf the Web-- Several companies are online. "Granola" is OK if you make your own. Use honey or molasses as the gummy glue ingredient. This can be made extra sticky, coated with chocolate, and used as a candy bar substitute.

These alternatives are NOT a substitute for a high protein breakfast for hard working people and students. We are only talking about the substitutes for flake cereals. Just don't you be a flake :-)


1886- Dr. John Stith Pemberton first introduced Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. The pharmacist concocted a caramel-colored syrup in a three-legged brass kettle in his backyard. He first "distributed" Coca-Cola by carrying it in a jug down the street to Jacobs' Pharmacy. For five cents, consumers enjoyed a glass of Coca-Cola at the soda fountain. In 1886, sales of Coca-Cola averaged nine drinks per day.

1891- Atlanta entrepreneur Asa G. Candler acquired complete ownership of the Coca-Cola business for $2,300. Within four years, his merchandising flair helped expand consumption of Coca-Cola to every part of the nation.

1920- The Coca-Cola Company established a manufacturing operation in France.

1928- Coca-Cola made its first Olympic appearance when 1,000 cases of Coke accompanied the U.S. Olympic Team to Amsterdam.

1929- Sixty-four bottling operations were located in 28 countries, spreading refreshment worldwide.

1943- On June 29, General Dwight Eisenhower dispatched a cablegram requesting a shipment of 3 million bottles of Coca-Cola and complete equipment for bottling, washing, refilling and capping twice monthly.

1955- The 10-, 12-, and 26-ounce king-size and family-size bottles were introduced with immediate success. Fanta was launched in Naples, Italy. In 1955, Fanta was the #1 orange soft drink in the world. It was my favorite in the 1950s in Tanzania as a kid where I grew up in a missionary family.

1971- Young people from around the world gathered on a hilltop in Italy to sing "I'd like to buy the world a Coke."

1982- The Coca-Cola Company introduced diet Coke to U.S. consumers, marking the first extension of the Company's most valuable trademark to another product. And the "Coke is it!" theme was translated and tailored to reach consumers everywhere as it was launched worldwide.

1998- Sales of Coca-Cola and other Company products exceeded 1 billion servings per day.

So, Coca Cola is potentially a world wide threat. Is it dangerous, and does it contribute to heart and cancer problems?

Fact- Coca Cola originally was laced with cocaine. The formula is still a secret, and I am told the FDA cannot see it. One thing is clear though- Coke is loaded with sugar.

Fact (some claim it is urban legend)- Drop a nail in a coke, and in several days it will be eaten away. Coke DOES contain phosphoric acid, which is also used as a toilet bowl cleaner and banned in some states.

Fact- The USA did not drink sugared beverages in any quantity during the early 1800s like it did after the advent of Coke and the soft drink war which followed. Refined sugar is a phenomena of the era we are discussing here regarding heart "disease" and cancer. Refined sugar use also introduced a leap in diabetes.

ALTERNATIVES: Fruit juices are a great escape from foodless cola and other dead drinks like Gatorade, which is an mineral overdose according to many physicians. If you HAVE to have carbonation, I have heard nasty things about it, but I have yet to be convinced, since CO2 is what we all produce as waste and exhale. It seems to do no harm for the short time it is in us. In fact, we inhale CO2 all the time as part of the mixture in air. I cannot see how it can be awfully bad for us if used in moderation. So, buy club soda, or cream soda, and go around to a specialty store, or a Chinese or Arab grocery, and buy what the British call "squash." This is drink syrup. Add a bit to a glass, and fill it with club soda. Do-it-yourself is more fun anyway, and your kids will think of this as an adventure. You WILL be a hick burp though :-)

Refined White Sugar-

Dr. Paul Dudley White, Massachusetts General Hospital in the early 1920s, and later General Eisenhower's doctor, said that in the 20s he didn't see a single case of myocardia infarction, or heart attack. Sugar, and all the other items in this section, were the major dietary factor in the change from no heart "disease" to the plague we now live with.

Sugar, during Little House on the Prairie days was a rare luxury, and refined white sugar was as rare as caviar is to us today. White sugar was bought in small quantities and served at Christmas. Today refined white sugar is the major ingredient in almost every food product, and it is added to some of the most illogical foods, especially kid's foods which sucker in the user to think he is being satisfied. Why is refined sugar so deadly?

First, the nutrients are all removed with refinement, bleaching, and granulating. Molasses is taken off the end of the process and sold as an expensive cooking ingredient, or worse, fed to cattle and hogs in feeder lots.

Second, the sugar is pure carbohydrates. When you get to the Refined Flour topic below you will find out how that kills you.

ALTERNATIVES: Sugar is food, and it is useful as a carbohydrate. Excess is the problem, and nearly all of us use excess sugar if we use our past ancestors as a point of reference. So, move over to honey and molasses. Honey is sugar. Don't believe the health food nuts in their effort to make honey anything but sugar. But, honey is more interesting, and it does have some traces of this and that which God arranged for via the good bees who made it. Adding molasses to sugar is useful in baking and for use in porridge, but it is still refined sugar at heart. "Natural" or "unrefined" sugar is still sugar and just as inviting to overuse. It is not bleached though, and so sulfur is not involved. This is probably a plus.

Artificial sweeteners are very suspect. They are man made chemicals, and that ought to cause us to pause and consider. Aspartame is said to be deadly and cause many health reactions. Other sweeteners seem to be rather benign, and stevia is sweetener taken from a plant. It is a good substitute, though it is still a novelty and expensive. Once some farmer plant ten thousand acres of it, we should see good prices.


Not a food, right? That is true, but no single ingredient of modern life is so insane. The governing leaders refuse to deal with it, yet it causes massive numbers of cancers and heart failures. One guy said, "Smoking won't send you to Hell." True, but it will make you smell like you just came from there.

Smoking is dumb. Did you know that cigarettes are laced with chemicals to further addict you? The FDA cannot get near the weed merchants. Also, the farmers pour on all sorts of bug killers. And, they don't wash the leaves before they dry them. Furthermore, all tobacco carries tobacco mosaic and spreads that disease to farms where tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers are being raised. If you smoke you are killing yourself, and you send smoke laden with all your disease viruses out into the air for others to breath. Your smoke can carry plant disease, TB, and AIDS to anyone nearby. That is one reason our family avoids areas where people smoke.

AND again, tars and nicotine vastly add to your chances of dying of clogged plumbing and cancer. So, go have a Coke, smoke a fag, and eat a bag of cheese puffs while you lay prone and watch the foot ball game. Walk as little as possible. You will be in the mortuary up to 30 years ahead of your ancestors.

ALTERNATIVES: All tobacco substitutes have tars and nicotine. So, the best plan is to just stop gassing your body with these pollutants. If you MUST keep smoking, order tobacco seeds from a seed catalog, and plant your own. At least it won't have all the chemicals from the commercial farm and the additives of the manufacturer. You will also probably smoke less since you will not be able to raise enough to be a generic chained smoker. A hooka also takes out almost all the tars and nicotine. Have you ever seen the water in a hooka after a smoking session? That will convert you friend.

But, having said that, again, why not just stop the filthy habit? Don't tell me you cannot stop. That is a childish lie. You are just too proud and lusting, in your own ways, to do right. You will stop smoking the day the doctor tells you that you will die in six months if you don't stop smoking, right? You know, a boy of fifteen starts smoking to prove he is a man. A man of 55 tries to stop smoking to prove he is a man. Why start?

Chlorinated Water-

Chlorinated water is now found in nearly every city in the world. It is not questioned by 99% of people. There is another more efficient and quicker way to purify water- ozone. But, the idea needs a crisis, as usual, to get the world to consider it. Ironically ozone purification is faster and cheaper!

I read a research in a science magazine. A man gave chlorinated water to a batch of chickens. A second control group got no chlorine in their water. The first group died off rather quickly, and the man dissected and examined them. They ALL died of clogged arteries. To be certain of his work, the man gave the control group the same chlorinated water of the first group. The control group then died of clogged arteries. The man theorized that the chlorine roughs up the lining of the arteries, and this snags fat which ordinarily would pass on through.

Our family drinks NO chlorinated water. Our loved ones have had it for years, and they have been balooned regularly. Hmmmmmm.........

ALTERNATIVES: Easy but not cheap-- Have bottled water delivered. In Nogales, Arizona the local water is so suspect, due to the mindless water use and disposal practices of Mexico just across the line, that all local people on the US side order water delivered. Be sure the water is spring water or purified by taking out ALL impurities. In Tucson, Arizona one company is simply taking canal water, killing the pathogens, and bottling it. The 60s protest song was too true: "America, America, you can use the latest tooth paste... Then wash out your mouth with industrial waste." All the chemicals from the environment remain in the water.

You can buy home distillers, but they are a pain in the neck, and some are dangerous while in use since they sit high on the stove as the boil away. There is a system available called reverse osmosis which cleans water, and filters can be added, but there is no guarantee that 100% of chemicals are taken out, regardless of the claims made. This water choice is now found all over the USA in small kiosks where you can fill your own bottles. Just beware of your bottles becoming contaminated, and also be aware that sick people could have used the equipment before you. Disinfect things and your hands.

Also, you can collect rain water in some areas, but the air and the roof may have added something, though usually not enough to be a problem. Just be sure to divert the entry into the cistern during the first rain, after many weeks without rain, so that the roof is washed clean before adding to the cistern. Then you need to also purify the water of pathogens. Well water is the best choice IF the well is checked and found pathogen and chemical free. Well water has minerals in it which you DO need.

Homogenized Milk-

In the early 1920s and 30s milk was still delivered to the door in bottles with a bulge on top. In this area the cream would rise, and people skimmed it and made their own whipped cream toppings, ice cream, canollis, and butter. You have never had a real conolli if it was not made with unprocessed sour cream. I refuse to give the other secret ingredient lest I be excommunicated by some Baptist jackboot.

Most of you couldn't make a pound of butter if your life depended on it. Why?

Answer: Homogenization. The dairies learned to homogenize milk so that the fat would not float, and the dairy industry took over the making of butter and cream products. This was very profitable to them, and the customer complained very little since most people are too lazy to make their own butter and ice cream.

How is milk homogenized? The whole milk is forced through a tightly packed screen or wire plug in a pipe under very high pressure. This process breaks up the molecules of fat into bits and pieces, and these pieces, like broken balloons, no longer are able to float to the surface of the milk. So, what is wrong with this? Nothing morally, but it is deadly for your health. If you are an evolutionist, the following will drive you nuts. Sorry, but here it is.

Mother Earth News reported TWICE about research done under government grant by one gentleman. The man wanted to see the effects of homogenized milk on people. His research was showing that homogenized milk was deadly, so the Feds pulled his funding half way through the research. The man got mad, and he raised the rest of the cash to finish the research on his own. Several years later, he did it again because of the skeptics who mocked at him. He learned that the pieces of pulverized fat molecules were so tiny that they could slip right through the villae in the small intestine, and again through the walls of the capillaries to be stored as excess fat. This process also occurred in the arteries. Add the roughing effect of Chlorine, and you see the double trouble of this.

I first heard of homogenizing as a danger from a dairy farmer in Michigan in about 1973. We were about to go to Ethiopia, and I asked him what harm pasteurizing did to the food value of milk since we would have to do that. He said that pasteurizing harmed the food value but was otherwise harmless. Then he went on to warn me not to homogenize milk. He said it would cause clogged arteries. I never learned how he knew that, and I was somewhat skeptical. But years later I heard of the research above in Mother Earth News. The man who did that research tested homogenized milk on animals and found that raw milk did no harm, while homogenized milk clogged their arteries.

Since that time we have stopped all use of homogenized milk, and we have noted a number of close friends who gulped the stuff and had to be balooned, some of them several times.

Correction: April 2001-- A reader did some checking and phoning, and she found that milk products producers DO homogenize heavy cream and the milk and cream used in ice-cream. We had said they did not do this, but this was in error. So, it may still be that butter is not a problem, but if it too is made of homogenized milk, then virtually no milk product is safe other than skim and 0% fat milk. There is one brand of cream, Organic Valley, which is not homogenized. May of 2001 we learned, by the help of a reader, that butter is probably not homogenized by most dairies. This was the case with the milk seller in her area.

Now, here is the good news:

ALTERNATIVES: Drink skim milk. Raw milk is a choice, but it is not pasteurized, and from time to time raw milk distributors send out milk with pathogens in it, and people nearly die from the stuff. I would never drink raw milk unless I owned and milked the cow myself. Try to find a farmer or dairyman nearby who does not use hormones to enhance production. Buy from him, skim the cream, and make your own butter. This is still legal in most states if the farmer pasteurizes the milk. If you are very dedicated, buy a fresh cow or a goat, and milk them yourself. This is getting more and more popular, though not so much in downtown Brooklyn and Manchester :-)

Hydrogenated Oils-

This is the topic which finally prodded me to unload my knowledge of food which I have gleaned during my 58 years of watching and skeptical inquiry. So, I will now send you to a number of Web Sites which cover the topic. Simply let me say this: I believe that hydrogenated oils are the single most deadly food item in the world today. This process has been around since the early 1900s when Oleo was introduced. You had to mix a packet of yellow coloring into it yourself because the diary industry demanded some means to show customers they were not getting real butter.

Hydrogenation simply consists high heating of vegetable oil to over 400 degrees and then percolating hydrogen gas through the oil until the oil molecules absorb the hydrogen and harden. Fully hydrogenated oil is as hard as a block of wood, so the process is stopped when the consistency of butter is reaches, thus "partially hydrogenated" is what you always read on the ingredients on the package.

The problem is that the hydrogen cannot simply evaporate during cooking, not can your digestive system break down the hydrogenated molecules, since the process is chemical and initially accomplished BY high heat. This hardened oil stays that way in YOU, and your body processes it as an alien item, not as food. In fact, some scientists say that hydrogenated oil is technically classed as a plastic, and some industrial bakers will even yell, "Hey Joe, bring me another lump of plastic" when asking for food oil. Industrial hydrogenated oils are processed longer so they can be handled as hard lumps. Visualize your plumbing :-)

Why hydrogenation?

One: Hardened oil, like margarine, is easier to handle, from shipping to the dinner table. Liquids are always a pain to shippers and store employees since the bottles leak and customers drop them. Also, we have come a long way from the days when Greeks and Arabs poured oil on their bread at the dinner table. I tried this on my two oldest kids once, telling them this was how Greek kids ate their bread, and I have never heard the end of it.

Two: Hardened oil does not go rancid nearly as fast, which is the main reason you will find it in nearly every prepared food you pick up, especially pastries. Somehow, the process preserves the oil.

Three: Hardened oil is much cheaper than butter in baking. You will notice that WalMart and many food stores are coming out with butter only cookies. They taste better and cost more. Safe food is like that.

Four: Hardened oil retains its hydrogen after melting, and this extends the properties of the product. It you need your innards greased more, well then, that is good, right? Leave me out please.

So, if it were not for the adverse effects of hardened oil on the arteries, it would be a great idea and harmless. But, as it turns out, hydrogenated oil is deadly, causes millions of heart attacks. In contrast, animal fats are good food, recommended by the Bible, and should be increased in our diet.

Well, here is the rest of the story which is found online. Please SEND MAIL if any of these go dead.

The manufacturing process to make hydrogenated oils hard:

Mary G. Enig, Ph.D. and Sally Fallon on hydrogenated oil:

In this report, the lady doctors review the same history of diet change which I discussed above, then they go on to talk about the hardened fats and traditional food fats. The conclusion will worry you if you think margarine is saving you from heart "disease."

Here is a very easy to understand discussion of the chemistry of hydrogenation of food oils:

This is the best thing I have ever read on the topic, it is short, and it proves that "partially" hydrogenated oil is more deadly than fully hydrogenated oil. Amazing and terrifying, and the FDA will not even consider the topic.

Here is an exceptional article on how the synthetic oil products attack us:

A Health Education Specialist speaks out about good and bad oils:

I rest my case-- Canola oil IS deadly. We were told this in about 1973 in Ethiopia by German missionaries who knew about a research in Germany associating canola oil with cancer, and we have avoided it ever since. A must read:

New Age source. While I have a disclaimer on these people, their article shows how hard the food industry has worked to hide the conspiracy to protect trans acid fats and kill you. The article is a fantastic piece of work. In fact, after you read this one, you may want to make yourself a lard sandwich:

Here is an example of how wimps at the American Heart Association are virtually murdering people. If you follow this plan you should make a down payment for bypass surgery:

Harvard study is very convincing and exposes the food industry's bull headed death wish for Americans:

ALTERNATIVES: Several are available. You can simply put your favorite oil in squirt bottles, using olive oil for Italian and salad things, and maybe sesame or corn oil for toast. That is exactly what your margarine is anyway. You will think the taste is different or "too oily," but you are just reacting to the appearance. Restaurants frequently have a small kettle of corn oil on the grill and brush is on the toast to keep it warm and serve fast. Check it out :-)

Margarine is just as "oily" as the straight oil. Also, you can put a half pound of butter and one and a quarter cups of corn oil in a blender and blend it. Pour it into plastic bowls and put it in the refrigerator to keep it hard. If it is too runny, reduce the oil. We use this and like it. You can also put lard on your bread like the Veldkamp kids did all their life growing up in Grant, Michigan. They still brag on this treat :-) In fact, lard is barely higher in nasty fats than dairy butter. When I was a kid in Oklahoma, when my Dad pastored poor White folks on the Canadian River, we too were poor. Mom did all her baking with lard, and I still long for some of those goodies. You were never poor until you had to eat lard and beans, folks, Mexicans use a lot of lard in their tortillas, which are far more tasty than the oil kind, and they use it in many dishes for flavor.

Refined White Flour-

Have you been told that too much red meat and animal fat will clog your arteries and kill you? Of course you have. Is there any proof of that? NO! My wife's heart doctor says that we have had about 30 to 40 years of this FDA official legend of high carbohydrates and low protein diets, and he says heart disease is worse. He, and many doctors, are moving over to the high protein and low carb diet plans. Watch the other extreme though, as in the Atkins Diet, for it can be overdone I understand. Red meat IS back though, and it keep you healthy. SDA doctrine be damned-- Jesus are red meat, and so did David. Get used to it.

Let me ask you a question. You have groaned over all the fat in chicken meat, pork, and beef. How did those animals get that way? Answer: By eating lots of corn and molasses in a feeder lot in Colorado while getting no exercise. Read that again, Bunkie.

When we were missionaries in Ethiopia the local people would occasionally kill a wild pig which was ravaging their gardens. They were Muslims and would not eat the pig, but we convinced them to bring the pig around for us to eat. When we butchered the pig, honest, there was NO fat on the thing, and the meat was delicious. My wife had to add oil to the pan to fry that wild pork, or it would stick. The animals God made were not loaded with fat. Man did that, and, in our day, he does it with carbohydrates. Visualize your plumbing :-)

I learned the following right thinking from a meat cutter in Michigan named Bob Bird: The cows, hogs, and chickens basically metabolize food the same way you do. So, tell me please, how do you get excess fat around your equator and grease in your plumbing and around your heart? Answer: refined flour, refined sugar, corn chips, corn flakes, French fries, pastry, carbo-snacks, and remember- jelly rolls make belly rolls. I don't include baked potatoes here since they have a reasonable amount of food value if the skins are on, but discretion please. This is the way you can be sure to die of a heart attack.

God commanded man to eat red meat, and that command was never rescinded:

Genesis 9:1 And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.
2 And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.
3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
4 But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.
5 And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man.

ALTERNATIVES: If you travel to Canada, buy a gunny sack of bread flour from them. Make sure it is NOT export quality. Canada sends the USA all its best flour, and the inferior stuff is sold to Canadians. Ironically, the "inferior" flour and wheat is more healthy. Try to find unbleached bread flour. Lots of luck. We buy bread flour bulk, and Elizabeth adds home ground flour. We have an electric flour mill, made by Mormons, which does a great job of grinding any grain or beans, though it screams like a banchie. Buy an electric bread maker. They are easy to use, and they let you control the ingredients. You can also make flavored breads, like pizza bread, stuffing bread, jalapeno salsa bread, and chocolate bread.


Preservatives have been with us for longer than 100 years, but not in any kind of proportions as we see today. Nitrates and nitrites were used since the 1890s however, and they have accompanied cancer and heart "disease." More recently, the Feds outlawed the used of nitrates and nitrites together, and ETH was introduced. This is embalming chemical. It is deadly in quantity, but virtually ALL prepared meat contains it.

Now, here is a loaf of bread. It has been made of "enriched" white bleached flour, made of ruined overheated wheat, and on top of that, it now has preservative added. If it is a cupcake, it has even more chemicals added to make it bake evenly, store on the shelf, keep its color, and taste and smell fresh even after 14 days on the shelf.

Bob Bird tells me that many people have eaten chemicals so long that if you gave them a smoked ham from a West Virginia smoke house, they would puke. They WANT the chemical taste. Bologna can only have a limited percentage of bone in it, but Bob tells me that it would actually be better for you if it had MORE bone in it. That bologna and those hot-dogs are made of sweepings and trash meat- Nose, utter, tail, and snout. These are the "fancy cuts" used by the hot dog maker. I had a friend in college who worked for America's premium hot dog maker, and he could not eat a hot dog again. Hmmmmmmm........

So, prepared food, whether meat, potato chips, pastries, ice cream, or any other, has chemicals loaded into it.
[ Here is an example of how it works: ]

Beverages are often 100% chemical concoctions of no food value, yet people chugalug them by the ton. All sorts of research on food chemicals has been done, occasionally restricted by the FDA, only to be later rescinded due to lobbying in Congress. YOU are the laboratory. These companies don't combine all possible selections of these chemicals-- There are just too many.

We conclude that the less chemicals you eat, which are not traditionally known as "FOOD," the less chance you have of dying of cancer and heart ailments.

ALTERNATIVES: Read labels. Watch for chemical names which you don't understand. The fewer, the better. With prepared meats, try to find those which have only the words "nitrites" or "nitrates" used. All others are suspect. Eliminate prepared meats from your diet. You can do without bologna and hot dogs a lot easier if you see them as artery pluggers. Angeoplasty is not worth the risk. Buy red meat more, and avoid chicken from Ty--- Farms from Arkansas. They are the ones who contributed heavily to Bill Clinton's campaigns, and Clinton dropped standards on chicken raising as soon as he took office the first time. Learn to buy politically, and punish companies that buy bad health for you.

Pork is good food, but trim the fat. Eat the beef fat (not the suet)-- it is good food and helps metabolize your food. Try to eat tomato sauces with greasy meat dishes. Remember though, the highest potency of hormones and feed additives from the feeder lots is found in the organ meat, with liver as the highest. Chicken necks, where the hormones are injected, should ALWAYS be discarded. The fat in meat is more likely to contain pollutants than the red meat because the fat is a reserve tissue while the red meat is the working and regenerating tissue.

As to preservatives in other foods, simply reduce greatly the use of prepared, precooked, and processed foods. Canned foods often have little of no additives since the canning process preserves the food adequately. Frozen food is less certain since it may still contain pollutants from the production and lower food chain, as with veggies and dairy products. Carbohydrates fried in oil have to be heavily preserved to keep the trash crisp, and to prevent the oil from going rancid. Do your own deep frying, and you will be amazed at all the things you can deep fry which are NOT in the marketplace. When you visit specialty stores, ask for fish chips and other products from other countries which are ready for deep frying. Eat fresh foods as much as possible, and decide to spend more time processing your own food.


One of the well known vitamins added to food, I am told, is made from coal tar by products. Other vitamins are of the cheapest and least useful quality. Vitamins and minerals often need to be conducted through the system of the body with other trace mineral and food items so that they can be metabolized. This is NOT taken into account when dead milk and bread is "fortified." The FDA prescribed chemical is added, and the consumer is told he is feeding his kid real food again. Trust them, they would not lie, right? Wrong! Their lab people KNOW they are feeding you trash.

The more food you can gather and eat which has not been processed and artificially "fortified," the better your chances of making it to old age and dying peacefully. Eat easy, and you will die hard. Also, it is a lot cheaper to invest in good food now than to pay the doctor's bill by and by. Mark it down.

ALTERNATIVES: Except for iodized salt, eliminate ALL fortifiers if possible. Do your own fortifying. You can add vitamins and minerals and metals to your diet by selection of the right fresh vegetables and by buying natural food additives. If the protein in your diet is lagging, eat more red meat, cream of wheat, and beans. If you feel some item is lacking in your diet, go find a way to get it naturally. It is very dumb to assume that the dear loving capitalists of this world will add into your food the things you need for good health.

Patented Drugs-

If it were not for Chloroquin I would be dead. There are times when the bug bites, and the only reason we survive is that the good doctor comes up with a pill. That is the wonder of the modern medicine, which also coincided with the Industrial Revolution. Perhaps the landmark wonder of that age was quinine. Until this drug was squeezed from tree bark, white men could not go conquer the Third World, and those IN the Third World died like flies of all manner of disease.

So, we cannot just dump all drugs as the Jehovah's Witnesses would have it. Indeed, Dr. Luke of the Bible was a physician, and it seems very obvious that this was one reason the Apostle Paul liked to have him along on his missionary trips. Paul could not "claim his healing" at will, as Oily Roberts claims we should. So, doctors have been helping people for thousands of years.

The problem is that modern doctors are NOT trained in preventing disease. What they know in this area they learn on their own and from "practicing." Many of the myths of modern life are infecting their thinking just as badly as ours. For example, many doctors really believe that red meat is bad for you. They have bought into the myth, or they simply know about litigation. So, we are on our own as to prevention. Here are a couple of suggestion:

One: Try to find a doctor who knows how to take you OFF of drugs after you don't need them. Most doctors refuse to remove drugs out of fear of contradicting a fellow doctor. Also, they get the drug samples, and they like to try them. If your body is going to be a laboratory for medical experimentation, YOU should be the CEO, not your doctor.

Two: Monitor yourself if at all possible, and reduce your drug use until you are just holding your condition in balance. If you have diabetes, and if you still sneak sugar, then you are NOT under control. You are lighting a fire, then dousing it, over and over. You are a dumb fool.

STORY TIME: There is a long pass over a mountain range in California, above Los Angeles, called Cajon Pass. The Santa Fe and Union Pacific railways run over that pass. Coming down the grade into San Bernadino, the train engineer is told that if the train reaches 45 miles per hour, the train is out of control. Now, the curve at the bottom of the pass could probably be taken at 60 MPH. That is not the point. The point is, the engineer could not stop the train at 45 MPH on that grade, so he is technically out of control. He could get down the hill and safely around the curve at the bottom until there is a crisis. THAT IS HOW MOST OF YOU FOLKS WITH DIABETES AND HEART TROUBLE PLAY FAST AND LOOSE WITH LIFE.

Three: Many people take drugs as a security blanket. They imagine that the pills are their ticket to old age. Far from it friend. Pills are a stop gap, and you need to be always looking for a new trick, herb, or dietary change to get back to non-pill-taking. It is well known that certain drugs cause side effects, and cancer and heart ailments both are triggered and enhanced by chemicals from commercial life. What fool would assume that chemicals made by Pfizer, Upjohn, and Squibb would not possibly be carcinogenic. So, the less you use, and the more pain you can relieve with weeds and potions, the better your chances of dying of "natural causes." Cancer is Unnatural as we know it today.

I have to control blood pressure. First, I have tried to get my weight down. Second, I take a minimum amount of the drug I use to control it, and I check my blood pressure regularly. My doctor cooperates well with this and encourages this plan. Change doctors until you find a conservative doctor who will prescribe empirically, meaning, he will guess. Why have a dozen tests if you can find a clever guesser? Then, ask the doctor how you can minimize the drugs. You will probably be told to exercise more and eat different. Sabe?

Here are some ways to stay healthy and still have fun.

ALTERNATIVES: You cannot replace all drugs with herbs and diet changes, but you can often reduce the need for drugs.

First, get an herb book which is written by professionals, NOT New Age Hindu mystics. Those mystics will not hesitate to tell you to drop all drugs and sniff a weed, even if it kills you. There are a number of very legitimate herb authors out there who are professionals with open minds. The New Agers are so open minded their brains fell out.

Second, try to find a doctor who is willing to use a combination of drugs and herbs. My parents doctor is from India, and he grew up using herbs and drugs in combination. MSM, saw palmetto, and various arthritis tricks are legitimate to him within restraints of medical considerations. My Dad and Mom have both been encouraged by him to use red pepper creams to relieve arthritis, and my Dad got definite results. If you can get your bowels going with prune juice, you are nuts if you take a chemical laxative! Also, why buy supplemental fiber when you can eat beans? You get the fiber, moderate carbos, and protein all in the same package. The gas can be reduced by soaking in baking soda. So, why drug up when a natural item, made by the Great Physician Jesus Christ, will do? You will save a lot of money too.

Third, ask you doctor, from time to time, if he can reduce of eliminate some drug you are using. Many older folks are taking up to 15 different drugs, and there is NO need to this kind of thing. No one can be that sick in that many ways. Often the problem is that drug one makes you so sick that you need drug two and three to counteract the side effects.

Aspartame- Please read our article on Aspartame.

ALTERNATIVE: Sweet and Low, or go back to sugar and cut back on the amount. There are other expensive choices, but I don't feel they are very helpful due to the rip off price. A new plant product called stevia is gaining popularity, but the plant powder has a plant taste to it. Some serious commercial development will be needed to make this one affordable and popular. Ace Hardware carries the stevia plant usually in its plant section. It is fun to taste the leaves and put them in iced tea.

MSG- Monosodium Glutamate

MSG is claimed to be hundreds of years old and was used heavily by the Chinese and Koreans long ago. Actually, MSG is produced by the human body and is used to maintain normal health. The problem is, when MSG is refined and isolated, and then added to food, it jumps the free gluten load in the body way up. MSG is one of few chemicals which can cross the brain barrier. Some drugs do the same thing, and they are very useful because of this. The problem is, when you ingest something that crosses the brain barrier, you better be VERY sure it will have no side effects. You may set off an area of your body and suffer mild reactions, but when you tinker with the brain, you are asking for possible wild reactions.

Anything which has free glutens in it will set off anyone who reacts to an overload of MSG. MSG is used in the food industry to enhance flavor and to preserve color and food quality. There is NO control on food producers controlling how much MSG they use. The FDA only requires it be noted in the ingredient list. It can be concealed under many names, and free glutens are in many food ingredients, both in natural and man made form.


If you experience strange physical reaction type abnormalities such as migraine headaches, instant diarrhea, blood pressure spikes, fainting, or any other strange effect, you are an idiot if you don't try going without all food containing MSG for about three weeks. This is experimental, and no doctor will prescribe it. Some doctors have patients who have MSG reactions, and they will tell you to try it just to see if it helps. They are not trained to suspect MSG as a culprit though. If you have the though buy syndrome that says, "I can eat anything I want. Nothing affects me," then go right ahead and eat loads of MSG.

Also, it must be noted that MSG effects can come on with age and with other physical problems. Stress and anxiety must be taken into account. Anyone with Lupus or other degenerative issues should strongly consider eliminating MSG and all food additives, at least as much as possible.



Learn this-- Anything you eat, drink, or inhale is very suspect in a capitalist society. Men who make a profit and are successful in capitalist nations cut corners and use their customers as guinnea pigs. "Oooops," is their byword. But, if you live in a Communist or socialist state, you are even more in peril. Leaders of these lands don't even have the profit incentive to keep them from massacring their people. So, as we near the time of Christ's return, we are told that evil men will "wax worse and worse." Only an abject fool would believe the directors and managers of the food and drug industries are truly concerned for their health.

Get used to it, exercise caution, and you might be blessed to die of old age instead of cancer, heart "disease," or by watching your feet rot off with diabetes.


May I suggest you read my diet plan?
I think you will be pleased to see that you can eat well and not suffer for it.