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Steve Van Nattan







By Steve Van Nattan

Dealing with attacks on your family, your
local church, and the people of God in

Security against Islamic terrorist attacks

Preparing for Government attacks on churches


We talk here about defending the people of God. This is targeted largely at pastors and Christian men.

You preachers, either by stealth, or by arrogant demands, exalt yourself to the seat of power and demand that the sheep follow you close.

Fine, but will you lead in defending those sheep of the Lord Jesus Christ? Too many of you pastors are NOT, that is, not pastors. The word "pastor" means shepherd, and the standard for being a shepherd in the Lord's Church is this:

John 10:11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

Will you? Do you? If not, get your butt down the road and sell insurance please. You are an hireling.

Now, to you who did not click out of here, the following is for the man of God, any man of God, a husband, father, grown son, grown grand son, and, oh yes, you pastors in the Lord's Church. You see, all born again men are "the man of God." There is NO indication in the New Testament that the "man of God" is only a pastor or exalted church leader.

So, we will talk about many opportunities for Christian men to defend the saints, beginning in your own home, and moving on to all the saints in Christ.



If you fail to be a defender of your family, why should anyone believe Jesus is a defender of his sheep? People do not see Jesus in person. But, they do see you and how you care for your family and the people of God.

John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.
35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

The ultimate test of love is when you are called to defend the saints, beginning at home.

John 18:4 Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye?
5 They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them.
6 As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground.
7 Then asked he them again, Whom seek ye? And they said, Jesus of Nazareth.
8 Jesus answered, I have told you that I am he: if therefore ye seek me, let these go their way:
9 That the saying might be fulfilled, which he spake, Of them which thou gavest me have I lost none.

How many have you lost, preacher? And, you, Daddy, how many will you lose because you are too busy with your career to take time with those kids?


Your Wife

Your children are important, but your wife is top priority. If something happens to you while you are defending your kids or other people, who will defend your kids once you are gone. Keep your wife safe, healthy, and alive at all costs. Also, keep yourself alive so the family has a Daddy and husband to lead the home as they grow up.

That means, park the Harley Davidson. I had a 1943 Indian motorcycle long ago, and later, a strange motorcycle from Czechoslovakia. I would love to ride again, but there is this thing about trying to be a provider and a quadriplegic at the same time. It can be done, but it sure works better with all the hardware working instead of busted.

Now, apply that to everything else you do. If you are taking stupid risks, sir, you are not thinking about your wife and kids properly. I am not suggesting you become a pansy and rub your hands with hand cleaner every ten minutes. But, the idea of taking risks, while all men need to do so from time to time, can become a macho fetish. Vladimir Putin loves to ride motorcycles. He rides with a bunch of bikers with the black jackets and the shredded wheat hair, and they ride through the countryside and talk and act macho. But, he is also President of Russia. So, his Harley Davidson (this is a fact) is a three wheeler. It is hard to be President of Russia with your neck broken. Even the most macho men, if they are thoughtful, draw the line and don't cross it. And, that line is usually drawn right after the wedding, or at the latest, after the first kid is born.

Defend your family..... stay alive and healthy, Daddy.


Your Children

After your wife, no one else comes in greater importance, as to survival or safety, than your kids. If grave danger or crisis is upon everyone around you, you must not run to the defense or care of others and leave your kids in danger. That includes the people of God, and you, pastor, have NO business letting urgency call you away from your family if they will be in danger with you gone.

Growing up on the missionfield in Kenya and Tanzania, I saw examples of this. My Dad was called by the local people in Kibara, a town on the shore of Lake Victoria, to deal with a lion. My Dad was not a big game hunter. He shot many zebras, antelope, and hippos for our food needs and for the school kitchen, but he did not consider big game hunting a wise use of time. Hunting big game can go on for days.

He arrived at the site where the local people had the lion surrounded. The lion was in a large bush, and an old drunk African was much too close to the lion, and he was beating the bush the lion was in with a machete and bellowing curses at the lion. If my Dad shot the lion and missed, he might kill someone on the other side. But, the circle of people was keeping the lion at bay. What a fix.

So, he climbed a tree and tried to get a shot at the lion downward to avoid hitting someone. He finally got a shot as it was getting nearly dark. The Lord helped Dad, and the lion dropped stone dead.

Did my Dad think of me, my brother, and my Mom as he went to take such a risk? I am sure he did. Dad was very conscious that, living in the African bush, he was the man in our life, and we would be in deep trouble without him, even for a period of time. Being mauled by a lion is no way to get a vacation.

When you go forth to conquer the world, do you think about the limitations of being a husband and Dad? If you do not want the limitations, do not get married.



What do you imagine God might accomplish with the rest of your life? Whatever it is, you may not make it to finish your work for the Lord if you are 75 pounds over weight. You can carry that stuff just so long, and one day it clobbers your heart, and poof, you are gone. Or worse, you are half gone from a stroke.

Get the carbohydrates under control, sir. Really, are carbs so important anyway? If there are donuts and waffles at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, well, I imagine it will be OK. But, until then, how about getting a bit more gourmet and becoming a beef and cheese connoisseur?

There is also your need for peace of mind. Are you taking the cares of the day home to your family? Is it really that important to your wife to hear it all? Could you do better with your nerves by making a time in the evening to read to your kids? Hey, I am reading a story to my wife about a ship that went on a voyage for business in 1875 and shipwrecked on the coast of Africa south of Morocco. The crew were taken by Arabs and made into slaves. They walked all over the Sahara Desert trying to get to the coast. We are really enjoying the distraction from Hillary, EMP nuclear attacks, Imam Obama, and even writing these articles. I can take just so much in my old age, and then I have to flee to the wilderness, even if it is only by a good book. My wife is enjoying being read to. For years she read to the kids. This is something new for us, and it sure makes falling asleep a lot easier.

Defend you wife and kids from all the wickedness..... find things to do in the evening that are fun and build the family. The fringe benefit is that YOU will have a lot more peace of mind.

I heard of a pastor who would start out on vacation with his family. They would get a hundred miles down the road, and he would turn around and go home. Something back there was more important to him than his family. But, the worst of it was, the poor man was a mental wreck. He could not let go, and it eventually killed him.


Jude 1:20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.



The question here is, "Are you willing to do what it takes to make the local church safe for your members?"

If you have your attendance, the offering plate, or yourself in a higher place than the safety of the local church, go away please. I hate you because you are the enemy of God (Psalm 139:17-24). I will be talking to pastors, church leaders, and fathers of homes who are willing to be defenders of the saints. And, be sure you got the FATHERS part. As a father, you are responsible to God and the people of God to make sure you are never the conduit used by the wicked to attack your home church.

I shall be covering this topic in several places along the way, so I will simply leave this by giving you this:

1 John 3:14 We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.
15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.
16 Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.
17 But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

It is not only about laying down your life, preacher. Sometimes, it is about laying down your credit card. Your brother in Christ in the local church is struggling financially, and he is still looking for a job. He and his wife have not been out to dinner for months. You are getting a regular paycheck from the church. I know for a fact that thousands of pastors around America never give anywhere but in the offer plate, and some of you creeps do not even give there. So, how about buying a gift certificate to a local restaurant for this brother and his wife?

When Jesus told Peter, "Feed my sheep," he was talking to a fisherman. I would be very surprised, when we all stand before the Bema Seat to have our works judged, if Peter does not get a couple of rubies in his crown for delivering fish to some poor widow in the church.

Dr. Peter S Ruckman was a bit of a legend for his eccentric ways of helping his students. He would go fishing in the ocean for mullet in shallow water infested with sting rays. The fish went to a poor student who was living only on rice and beans. Ruckman would take a friend of mine, and he would say, "Shuffle your feet through the silt. It will scare the sting rays, and they will swim away without stinging you."

Some of you preachers are totally fixated on YOU. You make a great show of caring for the sheep in your performance on Sunday, glad handing all the folks, and inquiring about their problems. But, how often do you deliver the goods to their door step between Sundays?


Speak up, sir, I cannot hear you.



Are you a defender of the people of God, or do you let the pastor, or some other faithful Christian, defend the local church. Where in the Bible do you read that only Moses was supposed to fight the enemy? Where is the teaching the only King David fought the Philistines? Certainly, David fought Goliath, but it was one on one. The local church is being attacked on all sides by masses of devils, by Satan himself, and by many godless human enemies. And, you are sitting on your ever loving duff and waiting for the refreshments to be served.

You, pastor, must lead in the battle. The kings of Israel lead the battle. When King David stayed home from the battle one day, he fell into wicked sin and adultery. Any pastor who will not lead in spiritual warfare, AND in defense of the saints, is suspect at best.

Every man of God in the local church must be alert for danger and for intruders from the outside. But, this part of our discussion also includes Christians outside your local church. If you think your responsibility for Christians stops at the front door of your church house, you are a creep.

My wife an I were in Eldoret, Kenya where I was headmaster of a pastor's training school. Across town was a Pentecostal missionary who had a distinct testimony of salvation, and he was doing a good work in running a school for orphans and poor kids. We often traded intelligence when we met in town shopping.

One day brother Green stopped me and told me he needed to warn me of something. A wandering nomadic old white haired gentleman had come to his school. The man was extremely polite and seemed to be very spiritual. He had some stories of his exploits which included alleged miracles and extreme spiritual gifts, and he was obsessed with David du Plessis, who tried to marry the Charismatic Movement to the Vatican. Brother Green asked if I had seen him and his Volkswagen bus. I had.

Brother Green about panicked. He asked if he was ever alone with our young men. I had been with the old buzzard all the time he was on our compound because he gave me the creeps. We fed him, and he putted on down the road. Brother Green told me the man had gotten alone with young girls in his school and molested them.

The old creep came back one day, and I met him as he rolled onto the compound and told him to turn around and clear out at once. He got worked up while trying to stay sweet and spiritual, which was a riot to watch. He then, in a large manner, said, "God bless you, brother." He waited for me to respond, hoping I would violate the Word of God and bless him back. I pointed to the gate and said, "Get out of here."

2 John 1:10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:
11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

Never show common courtesy to a pervert or creep. The saints need to see and know that you are rough on rats with the wicked who would do harm to the Lord's sheep.

If you think we can all survive, in this crumbling spiritual hell called America, without watching each other's backs, you are a fool. Right, a fool. Every Christian who is truly born again, regardless of how they baptize or how they serve communion, is you brother in Christ. You do not need to compromise to defend that brother with whom you will spend eternity.

Ian Paisley of Northern Ireland, also a fierce defender of Protestantism, heard that the Protestant boys had grabbed a Catholic priest and locked him in a tool shed. Pastor Paisley feared for the priest's life. He went to the place and told the Protestant boys he would take custody of the priest, and they let Paisley have him. He took the priest to his own home, fed him, and returned him to his rectory. If nothing else, compassion demands we defend the innocent, even if they are heretics.



How much should we defend people in general, even the unsaved?

Exodus 12:49 One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.

God told the Hebrew people to apply the same standards and privileges to strangers as they did to each other. There is a caveat though. The stranger, to receive this consideration, had to sojourn with the Hebrew people. They had to be committed to them.

This is the first order of "others" we need to deal with. Anyone who is attending your assembly regularly must receive the same defense that you give one another. You may not have assurance that they are born again, but if you welcome them to attend, you must welcome them to be sheltered from general wickedness.

But, what about the stranger who does not attend your church?

We had a neighbor lady, when I pastored in the California High Desert, who was studying to be a "minister" in the New Age Center of Light in Barstow, a city near us. Her husband was also studying to be a "minister" there. From my intelligence from the dark side I had learned that this "Center of Light" was operated as a "church," but it had two levels below that, one for general witchcraft, and one for extreme witchcraft. This included human sacrifice according to a fellow involved with them whom we helped.

Well, our neighbor came rushing to our back door one day, and she said she needed a place to hide from her husband. He had been assigned to kill her and their baby as a ritual to gain rank in the witchcraft power structure. We let her come in, and my wife and I talked with her about how the Lord Jesus could save her and deliver her from the evil she had gotten into. She always listened and showed signs of wanting deliverance, but she never confessed faith in Christ. But, we let her come over anytime she thought her husband was in the mood to kill her and the baby.

Never take a church to pastor in the deserts of the American Southwest if you do not like both physical AND spiritual heat. The point is, it is impossible for a follower of Jesus Christ NOT TO defend people who are in deep trouble and terrorized. If you were in a parking lot, and someone screamed ALLAH U AKBAR, and you saw men preparing to rape a woman, what would you do, especially if you had a gun on you?

What if the woman was Black?

I try to ask all the possible questions, but in good Christian Charity.

What do you do, for people who are in need, in the name of Jesus Christ?

In the front door, and out the back door.



You need to understand that, as a pastor, you are the main target for attack. Do not let that statement go to your head. You are the target because you stand in the place of leadership, both symbolically and literally. You have the shepherd image, though as a Bible believer you hopefully do not call yourself the shepherd. That is Jesus' title.

So, whether it is a free loader from the community trying to shake the church down for free food, the nearby Church of Satan, or ISIS, they will come looking for you. If you cannot deal with this, go sell insurance of drive truck, sir. It has been my experience, and my Dad's, to be on the bull's eye as pastors, and I have many war stories told to me by other pastors. Before you encourage ANY young man to "go into the ministry," he needs to read this whole article and decide if he wants the whole job, not just the flailing of arms behind the pulpit and the salary.

Your Own Lusts- The Local Church's Most Deadly Danger

The most deadly destroyer of the local church is your libido, pastor. It hurts more people than Satan himself.

Do you disagree? Even with Jeremiah?

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Your heart, when operating in the old nature's behalf, will lead you into things Satan never thought of. Get your heart completely under the authority of the Holy Spirit, and Satan cannot get any advantage.

NEVER COUNSEL A WOMAN ALONE. NEVER, NOT EVEN FROM YOUR FAMILY. Someone may see it and not know the lady is your daughter. Counsel your kids at home.

Never counsel a woman in your office with the door ajar under the assumption that the church secretary is adequate protection from your libido running amuck.

Right, sir, YOUR LIBIDO.

There are lots of church house whores out there, but the problem is YOU. You are the one who falls for the dip heads. Don't whine that you are weak. We all are. Just obey the Apostle:

2 Corinthians 6:1 We then, as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.
2 (For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.)
3 Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed:
4 But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses,
5 In stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labours, in watchings, in fastings;
6 By pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned,
7 By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left,
8 By honour and dishonour, by evil report and good report: as deceivers, and yet true;
9 As unknown, and yet well known; as dying, and, behold, we live; as chastened, and not killed;
10 As sorrowful, yet alway rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.

Get your wretched posterior out of the church office, and go make an offense of yourself to the devil and his workers of iniquity downtown. Read that list of to-do items, sir. Do not tell me your self-control is weak. No sir, your go-to-work zeal is a lot of fizzle and farce. You are lazy, so you dive into the naked net.

The best thing to beat down your raging libido is to jump into bed with your wife.

The next best thing is to GET TO WORK. Go street preaching. Hand out tracts at a sodomite rally. Go to a school board meeting and defend righteousness. Give the devil some of his hell back to him. Hey, go shoot pool with some weak brother who, like you, is being tempted with porn. KOA and other vacation businesses have pool tables with no booze.

Do you love your brethren, the men of the church?

Oh, I bet you can rant on and on about all the good godly precious men in your assembly, and what a blessing they are to you. So, why are you flirting with their wives and bedding down a couple of them?

1 John 2:10 He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.

I have observed that almost all pastors who chase church house whores avoid the men of the church between Sundays. It is VERY hard to be the best friend of a man in the assembly and then bed his wife down on the side. It has been done, but only by the most depraved wretches in Christendom. Get out for coffee or lunch with the men of your church. That will help you remember who you really are. Look here, so you have a dippy dame in the church who gets all flirty with your in the foyer. Go to lunch with her husband. That will terrify her. Never say a word about the flirting.

Wise as serpents and harmless as doves, not horny as a Rhode Island Red rooster eyeing the hens.

So, how do pastors deal with their libido?


1. They keep themselves lusting for their wife. Yes, lusting after her breasts, saying those clever private things to her that make her blush and smile, that sort of stuff. And, pastors who stay out of bed with church house whores make regular times to get into the bed of their wife.

Proverbs 5:18 Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.
19 Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

Such verses were why the ancient Rabbis would not allow Jewish youth to read some of Solomon's sayings until they were 33 years old. That fountain is your private part, sir. Keep it blessed by rejoicing with your own wife. Learn to be satisfied with her breasts. Solomon does not allow you to get bored with your wife's breasts. This is the wife of your youth. Do you remember how it was long ago. Blow on the coals, sir, stir up the fire again. How long has it been since you showered with your wife, like long ago?

Gotcha, boy. I am messing with your stuff, mister, lest you fall and become a castaway.

And, finally, when some church house whore gently lays her hand on your arm and coos, "Pastor, you have been such a blessing to me since I came to this church. I really have come to need your thoughts to deal with my own life problems." Or, many other such lies she tells. Gently lift her hand off your arm, and tell her that you failed completely. She will go into phony shock and ask why. You will then tell her that she has become attracted to you instead of Jesus Christ, and that means you failed to teach her correctly. That should just about quench the lusting whore.

Do you want to save your local church from total disgrace and ten years of being the brunt of gossip in your town? OK, run the whore off. And, we will see what kind of men you are, because the whore is the wife of the head of the Deacons' Board, right? Hmmmm

2. Finally, let's get it down where the real battle is. Porn.

Bath Sheba no longer bathes on the roof top, right? She is fluttering two clicks away in cyberspace. If this is how you kill time, then you will kill more than time. You will kill you church, your kids, your wife, and finally yourself. Spiritual death will haunt you, and all the power will seep out of your soul. Oh, you will still shout and wail the same clichés and Hallelujah phrases which raise the Amen corner, but the church will slowly die.

Is this why you have been inviting in so many roving evangelists lately? You lost the power, and you hope these evangelists will kick start the church again. Hey, guess what, one very famous Baptist preacher tells me that most evangelists and preachers watch porn in the motels they stay in. I sure busted your bubble that time, right?

Your choice, sir. That filter on your Internet browser is not for your kids only. It is for YOU.

I tuned a piano in a home where the husband's computer was smack in front of the front door, and the path to the whole house went back and forth in front of his computer. I remarked that I had not seen such a choice before, and the wife, lucky lady, said her husband did it on purpose so that she and the kids would know that Daddy controlled himself when online.

Why are you always working late on your computer in the church office?



Counseling That Destroys Churches

We are talking about defending the people of God. Do you want to defend you and your people from the destruction of lust?

Here is the solution:

You, pastor, must never counsel women. No exceptions, ever.

You, pastor's wife, never be alone with a man from the local church. That includes doing some ministry.

Oh, I hear you. All those situations where it was simply not avoidable.


Titus 2:3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;
4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Rule I have used.

If a woman tells me that she needs me to counsel her..... that the aged women just do not understand her needs, I assume she needs sex, and she has targeted me. No other judgment. I am bigoted about this.

Send women to the aged godly women in the church for counseling.

Pastor's wife.

Never allow any situation where a man of the local church must be alone with your. And, having your young children nearby is not enough. The world knows that a lot of action can go on with little kids in the house. If the man will not bring his wife along, whatever he was going to do for you is not that important.

Also, there are men out there, sometimes whose wives have died or divorced them, who are really lonely. They long to have a godly woman to talk to, and the pastor's wife would certainly be safe, right? Lady, you are asking for all Hell to break loose in your marriage if you start "counseling" lonely men. That only works in Harlequin novels, and then only because the world allows for lust.

Platonic lust is still sin, lady, and it will leave your fantasy life captivated with filthy thoughts. Did you ever wonder why you cannot rise to the occasion in bed anymore? Is there a lonely man you are chatting with?

Back to the pastor.....

and, those sweet things that just have to have your wise counsel..... RUN THEM OFF.



"My rapist is still a church leader. Hes still preaching to teenage girls and I am certain, because I see the pattern now and understand him to be a practiced predator helping them overcome their body image issues. He met his wife when he was a 20-something volunteer in her high school youth group. He went after another girl before me, who left for college just before that overnight leadership retreat. I was not special."

Read the whole story here, and how church leaders cover up this rapist youth leader's ongoing treachery. Some of you reading this will get a libido rush because you ARE a church house predator. Blast your filthy hide.

Youth Ministry

Why do your youth need their own ministry? What is it about the Word of God that they cannot understand when the pastor teaches?

Oh, I hear you..... the youth need fun things to do.

Really? What is not fun about young people sitting with old saints and getting the old folks to telling stories of survival, fishing, hot rods from the 1950s, and courting long ago?

You see, pastor, you have been suckered into the propaganda that youth cannot thrive spiritually if adults are around. You have come to believe that really doing family things, in family style, is going to burn off the youth in your church.

I have avoided "junior church" and finally trashed it in my pastoring career. And, for this I had a Friday night family night where little kids sat at the feed of 75 year old Fred Wheat and listened to his funny stories. During our "traditional worship" I had youth singing the old hymns of the faith at the top of their lungs as the old folks grinned or even wept to see young people so motivated. I had kids whose parents told me their young son sang Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise all week long instead of some rock song.

Furthermore, preacher, one reason you love the youth to be out of the meeting, and cloistered with some diddle head from the local Christian college, is because you are too lazy to exercise your soul, mind, and emotions to communicate to adults and youth at the same time. It can be done. The creator made you to be a creator, and you are getting lazy about it. I did it, with the help of the Holy Ghost, and youth and adults can be taught and motivated with godly zeal all in one group.

Terrifying, is it not? They told you in Bible college that you have to treat the youth like freaks until they are 18 years old, right?

Why is this an issue in defending the local church?

Answer: Some of the most wicked sexual scandals in Christendom are perpetrated by youth workers in the church. You see, the teen age girls sit there and look long and eagerly at the new youth leader. He has only been out of Christian college a year. He is newly married, but he sure is handsome. The plot thickens. His wife is pregnant, and he is not getting any these days. What do those teen age girls have on their mind? Sex.

Boom..... There goes your church's testimony for ten years minimum. And, there goes half the youth group as the parents run for cover.

So, the whole church worships, eats, and plays together. Those teen age girls look at you, sir, and what do they see?

They either see the "man of God" who opens the Bible and teaches them, or they see an aging man with thinning hair, and sex is nowhere in the thing. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

Do read the story by the churched young lady in the side box. Beware of young married men who teach girls.

There is a lot more to defending the local church than a permit to carry.



When you become obsessed with numbers, you soon become disillusioned. It is hard to get the numbers up the New Testament way. That implies getting people to confess Christ as Savior, and that takes time. So, the temptation is to go the cheap route.

You get a "church bus," and you go around the community recruiting kids from homes. This works great. There are many parents who put their kids in day school all week long, but on Sunday the rug rats are home, and the parents get interrupted when they want to have leisurely sex on Sunday morning.

Voile, the Fundamental Baptist church to the rescue. What you are doing is NOT building attendance. You are running a day care center so those happy parents can have sex.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is NOT a New Testament concept.

If you want children to teach, win to Christ, and to defend, get them by getting their parents. Those are the kids who last in the faith and in church attendance.

Now, another question: Is your church safe for kids? Is it clean? If you have busses, are they safe? I have heard so many stories of rickety old rust bucket buses being used to haul kids to Sunday School. This is wicked. If your buses are dangerous, you do NOT love kids.

Finally, who is in charge of the kids in your local church? Do they have ANY record of being cruel to their own children? Have they had any legal issues with sexual abuse, even if they were found not guilty? What are you telling the parents of the kids by how you choose to care for their kids?

Do you ever visit the children's Sunday School classes and sit in the back of the room? Any teacher who gets uncomfortable with this needs watching. Or, possibly the teacher needs training or help in some other way. Do you care enough to find the issue and solve it? Or is your Sunday School just a roaring factory of entertainment and chaos?



All new people, whether strangers or a "friend of the family," must henceforth be vetted thoroughly, NO EXCEPTIONS. Make the investment, and use the services provided online. You need to first search sites which rate the reliability of these online services to see who does the best job.

Next, sign up for a one year membership so you are not paying high prices on a one by one basis. Do NOT, NEVER, ABSOLUTELY EVER bypass this step. We now live in an age of predators of all sorts, among them, sexual, financial, Satanic, Islamic, and more. They may approach one of your members and endear themselves to them, doing all manner of favors etc. Then, you member, IE your most trusted deacon, will bring this predator along to church one Sunday. The deacon will really believe the predator is a sincere seeker. But, what follows will possibly destroy your church and end your career as a pastor as a cell mate to a 400 pound Black sodomite in the nearby prison.

1. Sex perverts

A fellow showed up at our church in the California High Desert. He called himself "Rebel." He dressed western, was a perfect gentleman with the ladies, and, I found out later, he had totally abandoned his wife back in New Jersey. As time went on, I learned that he was about as country western as Boston Baked Beans.

The man was handicapped, having had polio which ruined his legs. He got around OK, but he also got a lot of sympathy because of the handicap. He came to our parsonage and hung out, talking about all sorts of things that I began to wonder about. Telling tall tales is noble in Texas, but in that California town, well, folks thought he was colorful but a bit much.

I dropped in on him to visit him at his apartment. Inside the door, for about twelve feet under the front window, was a stack of Hustler and Play Boy two feet high. I asked him how those books helped his spiritual relationship with the Lord. He sputtered and admitted he should not have them.

The next weekend was "Yermo Days," a day when whatever little history a railroad town has, is flaunted, and "a good time was had by all," especially the Coors Beer truck. Well, Rebel got his nose full that day, and he danced, sort of, and flung himself around with the village whore all afternoon. The next Monday he showed up at our home, and I informed him that his gentlemanly behavior with the ladies in our church was really a subtle form of church house hustling, and I wanted him to move along.

He informed me that I was a very unloving pastor, and he moved along. I have seen more harm done to the Lord's Church by perverts, both in the pew and in the pulpit, than any other offense. If you identify a pervert, show him the door at once. Seldom does it go well to try to restore a pervert.


2. Church Dividers and Destroyers

There are agents provocateur sent into churches to destroy the local church. The narrower your message, and the more you openly name and expose heretics, the greater chance you have of being infiltrated.

I preached a series of sermons to Pope John Paul II. I recorded them and sent them to the Vatican. Of course, I was preaching them from my pulpit, in the church I pastored in Michigan, as a way to inform our people of the Roman Whore's evil ways. I put an ad in the Grand Rapids newspaper before the series. On the first Sunday in the series, about ten new people showed up at our small country church. A reporter from the GR newspaper showed up, and I was featured in the next Sunday paper. Hubris, in large portions, and I inhaled the incense too much.

I was elated. And, after the service six young adults, two were married, talked with me, and I learned they were very zealous in Christ. They were never a problem, and we had a lot of fellowship with all six for some years.

But, a couple came for the series and seemed genuinely blessed with the preaching. I did not vet them well enough, and over several years they did amazing harm to our assembly. They were well prepared to use stealth to attack our church, and they did things I was absolutely unfamiliar with. I am now convinced that they were sent by either a Jesuit priest in Grand Rapids or by Opus Dei.

If you have a church of about 20 to 200 people, and if you are King James Bible only, and if you are preaching and teaching instead of running an amusement center, you have been infiltrated. Someone out there hates you and your message and your people. They will send their agents, and the thing soon becomes deadly. It is my observation that mega churches are not infiltrated by anyone. They had to make every imaginable compromise to become huge, so Satan needs to waste no further effort on them. They are totally dead.

Who are the infiltrators?

There are people who are mad that they were dealt with wrongly in some other church, and they want revenge. There are indeed pastors who hurt people and openly shame and mock people to the point that these people are driven to rage, and when they finally walk out, they dedicate themselves to destroy other churches. It is important to talk to new people about their past experiences. If you learn they came from a church almost exactly like yours, and if they have powerful resentment and bitterness for that previous church, you need to kindly but bluntly ask them why they have come to your church. If they cannot give you a straight answer, you need to run them off at once.

On the other hand, if there was treachery perpetrated by the pastor of their former church, you should make some effort to turn them around in Christ and send them back on the road to victory. This means that you may have to break fellowship with their former pastor if you learn that he really is a brute. But, when this potential crank digs in and refuses to be delivered of their bitterness, again, run them off. THERE ARE OFFENSES OUT THERE PREACHER.

Opus Dei
and other Catholic agents-
These come under assignment to destroy your church. They may try to disrupt the assembly by seeming eager, helpful, and ready to take responsibility. If you give them responsibility, they will cause unspeakable chaos. They may also set up a honey trap. I woman or girl, either alone or in a family, will seriously seek help and counsel from the pastor. This will then lead to well orchestrated tricks which a weak pastor will fall for. Even a strong pastor who is fool enough to try to counsel the tricky seeker will find that after a couple of sessions there will be a rumor in the church that the pastor is sexually involved with the woman or girl. This results in the end of the pastor's ministry, the end of the local church's testimony in the community, and the pastor may end up in prison. See the link above for much more on this group. And, remember, the Jesuits have been in the church destroying business for centuries. You must vet everyone who comes to you.

, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Seventh Day Adventists-

The Mormon Church is well known, in some areas, for infiltrating local churches and destroying them. The closer to Salt Lake your church is, the more chance of this happening. When a Mormon walks the aisle to get saved, deep skepticism is appropriate. Mormons almost NEVER come to Christ walking the aisle. They come by some Christian telling them what they believe officially. They then go to the Mormon Bishop and ask if it is true, and, after learning the disgusting teaching is Mormon, they then get raging mad at the Mormon Church. They do NOT go looking for another church. Only the soul winner who started with them can now bring them to Christ. The same applies to Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists. They come talking about their need for deliverance from their cult, and then they go to work on the inside and destroy. Sincerity is not the test of new people. You simply must do your homework.

Church Savers-

These are people with massive experience "saving" local churches. They come with pretty good credentials, but they are NOT coming to you to really save anything. They believe they can save any church from whatever is troubling that church, and they are great at sniffing out a church in the area in deep need of their "ministry." If your church is in a period of troubled issues, that is why they came to you. They will adapt to your standards, the Bible you use, and the music you like. They will be helpful up front, but they will go among the sheep and try to "save" them from their sorrows and sins. Everything they touch will be trashed by and by. They will also eventually turn the people against you the pastor.

A very frustrating form of "church saver" is the Ph.D. from a nearby Bible college or Seminary. He will come in intending to be helpful and submissive to the church's leadership. But, he will not be able to restrain his compulsion to help you, pastor, upgrade your theological and hermeneutical skills. Sometimes this can be tolerated if the man is otherwise self-controlled. But, all too often the scholar from academia will decide the pastor is totally inadequate to the task of pastoring any church he sits in. Some will move along, while others will attack. If you have such an attack, go at once to the board of directors of the institution he works for, and demand that they get him under control.

Having said this, if an instructor from a nearby Bible college is a godly humble man, he may be one of the most helpful men you can have in your personal friendship. If his experience before he became an instructor was in pastoring churches, ask the Lord how you can learn from him without creating a difficult situation.

Now, pay attention, church leaders and pastors.

The most deadly "church saver" is a former pastor of your denomination who is supposed to be retired. He will come to your church and give every impression that he sincerely wants to be of help. He will show what seems like real submission to your leaders. And, he may be a good member for a while. His first objective will be to teach the adult or senior's class. DO NOT LET HIM TEACH ADULTS. Give him the younger children to teach. If he balks, run him off.

Whatever you do, DO NOT PUT HIM INTO LEADERSHIP ON YOUR CHURCH BOARD. That should only be acceptable after at least a year of faithful attendance and good behavior.

But, when something in your assembly, or in your preaching, violates his presuppositions on church government, standards, or doctrine, he will start a fifth column and seek your destruction- you leaders and pastor. He will most often start his attack by endearing himself to the seniors, especially any who have already expressed dissatisfaction with something in the assembly. He will also double team you in your denominational pastors' fellowship, turning other pastors against you. He will use some issue of minor doctrine, especially End Times doctrine, or he will claim you are not enforcing "Baptist Standards," or whatever standards your heritage claims to follow.

Story time:

One church in which I candidated had such a man, and he was destroying virtually every pastoral call by turning the seniors against every candidate. The deacons were 100% for me, and the congregation vote was only 60% for me. The deacons asked me what I thought. I told them to consider the retired pastor. Did he want to be asked to pastor the church? They told me he was a real problem but manageable. I asked what the former pastor thought of him. They did not know, but they contacted that pastor. The man told them the retired pastor had driven him mad with antagonism, and this resulted in a near fatal heart attack of that pastor. The former pastor made the mistake of thinking he was obligated to keep the retired pastor.

The deacons asked me what to do. I told them to run the man off at once, showing no mercy. He could be considered virtually deadly because he nearly killed the former pastor. They did exactly that, and they had a talk with the congregation about the matter. The seniors almost all were smitten with great guilt for assisting the retired pastor. The Sunday after the man was run off the church attendance jumped by 90 people. They were all young marrieds who had fled from the dry atmosphere the retired pastor had instigated. The church voted again, and I was given a 100% vote. I had already taken a call to another church, so I declined and told them that my only part with them was to root out the creep who would have tried to destroy the next pastor.

Once you are convinced you have a "church saver" from Hell, you must call a deacon's meeting, and you must strike suddenly. The man needs to be confronted by several leaders. He should hear the accusation against him. He will deny it of course. Then, with NO mercy the man must be run off. You need to know he will go at once to other pastors in your fellowship of churches and move the attack to them. Usually, this man has a reputation already, and other pastors will not respond to him. If they do, at once threaten to break fellowship with those other pastors. Meet with a couple of leading pastors, you, pastor, and several of your deacons. Let the other pastors know that you have NO interest in negotiating a resolution to the matter.

For the record, I am a retired former pastor of four churches, I have missionary experience in Kenya and Ethiopia, and I have worked in church camp ministries. If I come to your church and you at once thrust me into action in Sunday School or on the church board, I will run from you in terror.

1 Timothy 5:22 Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure.

Deeper Life Snake Oil Peddlers-

These are like unto "Church Savers," but they seem much more genuine at first. These people are usually gushing with love for everyone, including the cat and the gold fish. Everything is "precious" to the deeper life lady, and the deeper life man fakes intense deep concentration when talking to other men. Their smiles are way overdone, and they may be virtually hypnotic. This fake charade is meant to give the impression that they deeply care about every nerd they talk to. They will flatter you, pastor, and tell you they never heard sound Bible teaching until they came to your church. Inhale, sir, and you are dead meat.

They have an agenda though. It is often Bill Gothard, Mike Pearl, or some Patriarchal cult. They may also have tongues speaking in their hip pocket ready to introduce to some weak saint in the assembly. They may be obsessed with Tozer, Watchman Nee, Martyn Lloyd Jones, or some other guru of the "deeper life."

They almost always have some book or video they are passing out to everyone, "just to help you in any way we can." While some of the gurus they exalt may even be reasonably sound, these people in front of you are NOT. They are full of themselves, they believe they are spirituality superior to you, and when you back away, POW, they drop the bomb. They go among the congregation, usually by phone, and start asking people to pray for the pastor that he will see the need for the deeper life and a revival.

At this point, pastor, you have two choices..... You must totally submit to them, or you must run them SUDDENLY right out the door. Do not give them one minute of reprieve in which to attack behind your back. I must include in this category anyone who speaks highly of Jack Hyles, Peter S Ruckman, John MacArthur, or any other famous preacher. They do this to give your members the impression that YOU are not much of a pastor compared to Hyles, Ruckman, or Famous Amos. When you ship them out the door, they will fake being deeply hurt. "We were just trying to be a blessing to this church." You will indeed be blessed, pastor, when you see their butts swinging across the parking lot for the last time.

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

These are people who pray on churches to sustain themselves. They are masters at making pastors and church members feel they are obligated to help them. I will give examples, and then you decide if you want them to destroy your church.

They divide the church because certain members will feel obligated to help them, while other members will want to run them off. The division of the church becomes the compassionate versus the cruel.

A lady was a Tupperware dealer. She gave parties for the ladies in the church, and then, instead of delivering the Tupperware to the party host to deliver, the dealer brought it to church in the trunk of her Cadillac. She then distributed it between Sunday School and church service and after the meetings. She was extremely vain in her dress, trying to look prosperous. I asked her politely to find another time or way to deliver the goods so that business was not being done at church. She raged and roared and cursed me thoroughly. And, she went away.

A family came to our church on a church dinner Sunday. The man was a timid soul but had a large dose of attitude. He told us he had written a book of poetry of the most excellent sort, and when he found a publisher, his ship would come in, and he would be rich and famous. His kids had been trained to believe anything sitting around loose was theirs by inheritance. His wife, after the church dinner, said, "Why don't we just take home all these left overs home?" She then began stacking up other ladies' serving dishes of left overs. She was going to take the food AND the dishes. I told her we did not do things that way. She looked terribly hurt, and her husband looked at me with great disapproval. The next week I called the husband and told him to take his free loading program to the next church. He raged, and I hung up.

A good old boy pulled into the parsonage driveway. He told me he needed money for gas to get to the next city. I noticed his pick up was full of tires, and I got suspicious. I escorted him to town to fill up his truck. I never give out money to free loaders. I got his license plate number and called the police. They were looking for him for stealing the tires locally. They caught up with him, and I trust he served some serious time. He was said to have run this trick all over Michigan. He used churches all the time to get free gas for his program. By the way, he really talked a great line of zeal for God.

A family came to our church who were known as a musical family. The husband walked right to the front, sat down at the piano, and started playing before the service. I had to ask him to take a seat, and he pouted all through the service. Afterward, he announced that their family did carpet cleaning for a living. When would we like to book a cleaning? I told him not soon. Later in the week I called him and told him to keep moving.

Vultures will destroy the peace in your assembly as they frustrate the members who watch all of these tricks. Vultures fully believe they own your cash, food, and anything they can lift. They are also very religious and often know the vocabulary well. If you hesitate in dealing with them, they will play other tricks. One family I did not react to fast enough went around to church members' homes the next week and told them I wanted them to help the free loaders. When something like this happens, you will have to run them down and catch them. Threaten to call the sheriff or police and press charges. They will flee.

In the coming days, ethnic people will be going to churches of other ethnic origin and demanding they be given help or favors if the church wants to prove they are not racist. BE RACIST. Run them off. And, it sure helps if you have welcomed all sorts of ethnic people into your church as members. The accusation of racism falls quickly in that case. One way to deal with ethnic trouble makers is to print a form for them to fill out. Then tell them the request will be reviewed by your people. Make no promises. If they come back, inform them that they do not qualify unless they attend your church for at least a year.

Having said this, do not become mean spirited. But, make sure you are helping someone who is not playing games in the name of God or Christ. When a HoBo or bum dropped off of a freight train in our desert town in California and knocked on my door, I fed the guy. I gave him water to carry along, and I warned him if there were particular dangers on the rails up ahead. When an old man was riding the rails in the winter, I used to take him to the local cafe, buy him the special of the day, and ask the owner of the cafe to find a trucker who would give the old guy a ride over the very cold hills east of us. The cafe owner really liked to do this. I loved those old fellows. They all had religion and all belonged to a Baybtist church in Tennessee. I would tell them not to tell me how many times they had been saved across America. I did not ask them to confess faith in Christ. I gave them a Gospel and tracts, told them they needed to read and act upon the Word of God. I told them that if they confessed faith in Jesus Christ, alone, on a flat car, between our town and Las Vegas, they would truly be saved.

Isaiah 59:1 Behold, the LORD'S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:

Beware of becoming cynical about needy people. A preacher must not be short handed. Make a covenant with the Lord that you will try to help some random person in need on the street, or downtown, every week if God will lead you to them. He will, I promise you.

Last Thought-

Patience with the above church infiltrators will get you only one thing..... A CHURCH SPLIT. You need to understand that some of these people are sincere. Others come to you intending to destroy your church. In either case, Satan is moving when they walk through the door, sir. The faster you vet them, nail their attack strategy, and run them back out the door, the better your chances of not being destroyed.

In my days pastoring I used two techniques. Some of these people I confronted and rebuked to their face because I felt they needed to see that I was strong in Christ and could not be steam rolled by them. Sometimes, I called them at home, and I told them to go away. I told them I had determined what they were trying to destroy our church, and if they ever came around again, I would call the sheriff.

Now, I assure you, there are a handful of people in this world who will tell you I am a good loving man, patient with the downtrodden, and prone to put up with a lot of sloppiness in the sheep. But, when the above scum come around, and when I catch them at their tricks, I am ruthless. This is simply because, as a pastor, it is my job to slay giants by the Grace of God. To go limp and wiggly at that point is wicked.

Zechariah 9:14 And the LORD shall be seen over them, and his arrow shall go forth as the lightning: and the Lord GOD shall blow the trumpet, and shall go with whirlwinds of the south.
15 The LORD of hosts shall defend them; and they shall devour, and subdue with sling stones; and they shall drink, and make a noise as through wine; and they shall be filled like bowls, and as the corners of the altar.
16 And the LORD their God shall save them in that day as the flock of his people: for they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign upon his land.
17 For how great is his goodness, and how great is his beauty! corn shall make the young men cheerful, and new wine the maids.

A man of God, be he Daddy, Husband, Deacon, Elder, Bishop, or Pastor, must be fierce when defending the people of God. Even the slightest hesitation tells the adversary that you are weak. Wimp out on the devil in front of you, and he will go find seven devils worse them himself and make your life pure Hell.


3. Psychological Cases

Never be intimidated by people who come with "my condition."

The man and his family come to you with exultation, praising your church, your King James Bible only position, and your great youth program. Rule number One: Beware of flattery. It is ALWAYS of Satan according to the Bible, and Satan used it on Eve, and he will use it in the Antichrist who will conquer by flatteries. (Daniel 11:21) There is no more deadly weapon to destroy a man or church than flattery.

What should be done with the psychologically troubled?

Directly reject the flattery first. Be considerate but blunt. You are dealing with an afflicted person, not a spiritual criminal.

Next, do your vetting on this person. See if his health records are available anywhere. Keep it legal, sir. But, you need to make very sure he or she has not been in sexual offenses due to their mental issues.

You need to watch the person to see if they are taking pills from time to time. Preach a topical sermon on 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Make sure to let the people know you are available to talk about issues they have.

If the person in question comes and shares his or her problem, keep it in confidence. If they start acting out mentally related troubling behavior, take the issue to the leading men (not just deacons). Do not ask the mentally troubled person to sit in a deacons' meeting about him. He is not able to deal with this sort of thing like other people, and you could cause him to go right on over the edge. Knowing you caused a suicide is NOT easy to forget.

If this person is acting out in any extreme way, tell them to go away. Try to make them believe they will be better served by some other church. I can promise you from experience that, if you let them hang around, they will cause serious harm to the members of the church, in one way or another.

Please understand that the courts will give a mentally troubled person a pass if they are on mind control drugs and are under professional counseling. They may have sexual perversion or stalking issues, and rage is almost always involved. This will, sooner or later, make for extreme offenses in your assembly.

Finally, this may be devil possession. If so, you need to hear from the victim, or his family, that they want deliverance. If they do, you need to arrange a time, with godly leading men present, and with prayer warriors on their knees, to confront the devil in the victim and cast it out. There is no defense of the saints more urgent than possession or oppression by devils. It is YOUR job to stand and do battle to rescue them. Jesus never backed away from a battle with devils.

Do not assume the person is not be born again. Devils can attach themselves to believers. When they do, there is a reason. The victim almost always got into some disgusting sin in the past which opened the door to the devil. In this case, counsel with the person after they are delivered, and find out what the sin was. They need to confess this sin, verbally reject it, and deal with any messes they made in the process. If the sin is disgusting, but it is not a legal issue, do not require a public confession. That could make it impossible for the victim to have victory going forward.

Victory in Christ is promised by him, but getting there can be messy because of the wretched things we humans do to our lives and to others.

A word of caution with psychologically troubled people: Do not leave them in the assembly if they do not get victory or help from some source. They will chatter all the time about their "condition," and the whole church family will be in constant fear of offending them. Their story is often told over and over, and this bores people. One by one people will start leaving your church.

We had a man in the church I pastored in California who had fits of terror of the FBI chasing him. We will call him Bob. I did my homework, and no one believed he could possibly do anything the FBI would worry about. Bob would go for weeks, even months with no sign of the affliction. During that period of time, he was a great guy, and he loved the Lord. He also was famous in our desert area for his work on historic things about the Mojave Desert. He even proved the source of our excellent water table was the High Sierras, which was a pretty clever feat for the guy.

One Sunday Bob came to church, and he told me he had spent the week escaping from the FBI. He had driven his old Buick all the way from California to Washington DC with the FBI supposedly hot on his trail, and on the return trip, an FBI station wagon had taken up the chase, and when rounding a corner, the station wagon ran into a telephone pole. He laughed and said he then slowed down and drove peacefully home because he had lost them.

That was an easy spell. By the time Bob got to church, the thing was all over. Other times he would arrive at church in the midst of some FBI plot to poison him or steal his car. Because we all loved the guy, we had to play along with it. The church family learned to quietly ask a question based on the bad logic of his fears, and sometimes it actually worked and snapped him out of the thing.

You need to understand that the world of the mentally ill or troubled is very real to them. If you mock or belittle their logic or fears, they will abandon you, and they may decide you work for the enemy. You can point out details in their stories that are irrational. Here is my experience with the above fellow.

Bob told me that the FBI was trying to kill him by putting poison in fruit or vegetables at the super market. I pretended to be amazed. I said, "Bob, that shows how clever these people are. I wonder how they can tell which orange or apple you will pick. If they made a mistake, they would kill the wrong person." Bob thought a while, and then he said, "You are right pastor. They could not figure that out. They must be using some other trick to kill me." That ended Bob's terrors for a couple of weeks. He could usually think it out if he was given space.

Because of the sane periods, and because our people all got a charge out of helping him abandon some terror spell, the man was left to deal with life, and he was actually a blessing when he was not in flight from the FBI.

Hey, preacher, I caught you grinning at me. OK, tell me, when a car behind you turns and follows you several times, do you not wonder if they could be following you? You and I are just a bit more logical than Bob, so let's show some mercy on these troubled folks if they are not causing any issues in the assembly. Personally, it made my day when I could coax Bob into rejecting his suspicions. I knew he would have a great week ahead.

Be careful, as I said above, about leaving a case like this to continue in the assembly. It may be a sort of ministry, or it may be an absolute shipwreck. The key is to watch the people of the assembly to see how they are dealing with it. In terms of defending the saints, sometimes you need to weigh one person against the whole assembly and make a hard choice.


4. Egomaniacs

These people have revelations, prophecies, or a degree in psychology, among many other self-exalting qualities. They know a lot more than you do, pastor, about many things. They are eager and obsessed with the need to school you on everything you bring up.

Add politicians to this catagory in most cases.

The first time they offer advice it will be in private and with deep concern for you and the church. If you act upon their advice without consulting other leading men (not only deacons), you are hooked. The egomaniac now believes he owns you, and your escape will be ONLY with much pain.

What should you do?

Run him off.

Did you expect me to give you a long detailed prescription for rescuing the buzzard? There is seldom any hope for these people. They are full of themselves, and they are almost always not born again. Leave them in the mix of your church family, and they will destroy your ministry. If you do some research on previous churches they attended, you will almost always find that they split them and/or destroyed the pastor.

Some of these creeps have a wife who will try to seduce you. The whole thing is meant to destroy your life and the church. From my experience with this sort, I have found that they usually work alone. They cannot stand to be managed by anyone.


5. Devil Possessed, Or Devil Supervised

The lady and her husband came to church one evening and seemed to enjoy themselves, participating in our service. She was wearing Levies and was wearing a Schlitz Beer belt buckle.

A man from the church had visited them before they came to our service, and our man said they were sending their daughter to Grand Rapids of the Bible and Music, a sound Bible institute. The man who visited them played the baritone for our singing, and we sometimes had another instrument or two on hand. The lady in question asked our man visiting them if she could bring her drums to play. He asked her if she could play a non-rock straight beat. She understood and promised to keep it with no off beat.

It went all right for a while. She kept the drums pretty much like the Scottish drum corp. But, she got weird. One evening after the service, she got down in the aisle of the church and did calisthenics. I did not know what this was about. I also sensed some rebellion in her, and I determined that the lady was either devil possessed or under supervision by a devil.

The next week I called her former church pastor and asked him what was with the lady. He told me she had become very rebellious to him, and she got mad and went to play her drums in a rock bar. I called her husband at once and told him he needed to find another church to attend. The lady sent me a letter and raged at me, and I was not shocked at that.

About three years later, I was in another town having a prescription filled at a drug store, and up walks a lady. She was shy in manner, and she was dressed in a long modest dress that looked like it came right out of Little House on the Prairie. She said, "You don't remember me do you?" I told her she looked familiar, but I could not recall where I had seen her. She told me who she was, and I was blown away. She was quiet and gentle and respectful. Amazing.

She went on to explain. She said that when I sent her and her husband away, it really knocked her back in shock. She then examined her life, and God showed her she was a rebel and living a very nasty life. She repented in the other church mentioned, and she was restored there. She also said she was living very differently toward her husband. I had recognized before that the poor man was totally out of control with her.

She later wrote a letter to me and thanked me for running her off. She credited that to her repentance and restoration to Christian fellowship.

And, I had assumed she was not even born again.

Lesson: When God allows a devil possessed or oppressed person to cross your path, there is a reason. Just keep on course, do the right thing, and let God do his work. But, ultimately, you must defend the flock of God from such people, unless they repent.


6. Rich Fools Who Divide and Destroy

I was leading the singing one Sunday morning, and a big new yellow Cadillac rolled into the parking lot of our little country church. None of our people were new Cadillac people, and I got a bit nervous. But, there are rich Christians who are God fearing and can be a blessing to the local church. So, I tried to control my suspicions.

The man was alone, and he sat through the service participating. At the end of the service he said something flattering to me as he shook my hand, and the red flag went up. Rich visitors, who flatter you and tell you you are a great Bible teacher, the first time they attend, are sent by Satan himself.

I promise you, friend, if you suspend this rule EVER, you will pay dearly for inhaling the incense of the rich fool.

I intentionally give him a tense smile and a dull "thank you," and off he went. He never came back. I learned later that during the twelve years I pastored in that community this rich creep tore up six churches and destroyed ten marriages with his alleged "counseling ministry."

What is it about the rich?

1 Timothy 6:17 Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;
18 That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate;
19 Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.

Rich Christians (many are not really born again) are thus..... high minded, trust in their riches instead of God, are no good, do few good works, are stingy, and will not communicate with poor saints. This is often the rule, not the exception. Rich Christians who live 1 Timothy 6:17-19 do the things Paul told Timothy they must do. I have known a few, and when they do live up to this standard, they are an amazing blessing, and their wealth becomes a resource to the Holy Spirit for many good works.

Of course, some of you preachers cultivate a close relationship with these rich bastard sons because they cover you with gold. You are as damned to Hell as they are.


7. Sincere but Confused

John 3:4 Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?

This man was sincere, but he was confused. He later became a very special man in the mix of loving followers of Jesus Christ.

Notice though, that Nicodemus came to Jesus by night. If Jesus had entertained Nicodemus' questions in a group in the daylight, Nicodemus' confusion might have been contagious. When you have a confused, BUT SINCERE, person inquiring, do not run them off. They could become very precious to the local church once they are born again. But, do not deal with their confusion in group gatherings. If they ask questions, tell them you will get with them personally to answer the question. If they are sincere they will accept that.

I had two deaf people come rolling up on a big chopper motorcycle one day. The man had a red bandana, leather jacket, and a scruffy beard, and the lady was dressed in early American Goodwill. They reeked of poverty or hippy. Lord, why do you send me these people? I do not know how to help them. Maybe it is because I love to talk about motorcycles. Ask me about my 1943 Indian.

I soon learned that the man could read lips amazingly well, and with my tight lipped manner of speech I was startled. That was not all. He had a Masters Degree in Psychology and Counseling. After much visiting, I could not figure out exactly why he liked being with me and our church family. But, he was one of the most alert and eager people I have ever met. He was always asking to work on the church building to keep himself busy. Why was he riding across the Mojave Desert on a chopper? I was also confused.

Finally, I learned that his "lady" was not his wife, and they were on their way from the San Juaquin Valley of California to the Texas border where she was going to divorce her husband. Her husband was a Mexican drug lord, and he had beaten her so badly that her mind was weakened by it. The deaf man wanted to rescue and marry her.

Do not become a pastor if you crave the quiet contemplative live.

The man was confused. He knew he could not live with the lady unmarried, but he was terrified of the drug lords. So was his "lady." He asked me what he should do.

Boom. What a monster to deal with. He was very sincere and wanted to do the right thing.

I told him he was on his way to do the right thing. The lady was deaf also, but, as I said, she was not as bright as the man. She needed protection and help to deal with life. He wanted to be the man to do that for her. He also confessed his faith in Christ openly.

Off they went to Texas.

I did not hear from them, though the lady's daughter joined our group and confessed faith in Christ. The daughter was limping along in many ways, but she wanted to serve the Lord. One day the daughter brought me a round cardboard box of nickels she had won from a slot machine at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. She told me God showed her it was dirty money, and she promised God she would stop gambling. I took it, and it sat in my closet for months because I could not figure out what to do with "dirty money." I finally dumped it into the offering one Sunday morning under the Bible truth that, "the idol is nothing."

What a lot of sincere people, and what a lot of confusion. And, God sent them to me for a reason. One reason was to grow me in the Lord to be willing to deal with people who just do not fit in the mold. There was nothing in my Bible college notes on this assortment of human grief.

The man and his "lady" wimped out according to the daughter who was still attending. I could not judge the man. Dealing with a Mexican drug lord would result in him being killed at once, and the lady would have been given a Medijin necklace, that is, her throat slit from ear to ear.

About two years later an older car pulled up to the church. There was the man, his wife, a different lady, sitting next to him, and a little baby. He was grinning a lot better, and I asked him what happened. He said he realized he could not stay with the other lady without marrying her, and that would not work. So, he found her a special home where she would be taken care of, and he soon found an honorable wife and married.

He was on his way to Wisconsin where his brother had found him a job as a family counselor in a deaf clinic.

Preacher, when you deal in love and patience with what God sends you, God gets the victory, and you get to watch the results.

The man had stopped by on the way to Wisconsin to let me know where our friendship had gone, and where God was leading him next. I was humbled and exceedingly blessed to realize that a few answers to some sincere and wild questions, using the King James Bible literally, had resulted in things that I could in no way claim credit for.

Do not run off those sincere and confused people. Like Nicodemus, God may have some very special plans for them, and if you brush them off, you will not get to see God use you as he does amazing things.

Having said this, remember please, confused people need to be kept clear of other church members if their confusion is contagious. Satan can get the advantage by sending you confused people who have no intention to obey the Word of God. This sort of confused person must be run off.


GET IT IN WRITING- UPDATE December of 2018

Your local church needs a statement and agreement to hand everyone who attends your church or asks for membership. This is for the purpose of placing criminals, terrorists, child molesters, or church destroyers on notice so that they will become terrified of your church before they even attend a meeting.

Add this statement to your church constitution or doctrinal statement if you have one. For the record, I do not approve of local church membership, doctrinal statements, and constitutions because they add to the King James Bible and imply that God forgot something that you have to add to his Word. But, if you have these documents, add your statement on law and order to your constitution.

Write this in the form of a legal document, but use plain English. Add a line at the bottom and a line for a signature and identification like a driver's license. Here is my example of what I would write on the Law and Order Statement:



SIGNER'S WHOLE NAME PRINTED ________________________________________

Please X one: ____ On my own and my family's behalf, or ____ on my under age child's behalf

In attending Cedar Creek Fundamental Bible Church, (hereafter called "the church") or in seeking membership in the church, I (and my family) agree to be totally subject to the following conditions:

1. If I or any member of my family (from here on "I" includes "me or any of my family members") sexually accost, attack, seduce, or molest anyone attending this church, or any member of the church anywhere, and if the leaders of the church learn about my offense, I agree that the leaders of the church have legally obligated themselves to at once call law enforcement officials and file a report against me. They also have the right to report my actions to the news media. I agree that no person attending this church will assist me in any way to avoid arrest and prosecution for my offenses.

2. I agree that, in the case of an offense by me against the church, or any member of the church, I am hereby issuing a "hold harmless" agreement to not pursue litigation against anyone who reports my behavior to law enforcement officials or the media.

3. I agree that, in the event that I become violent or aggressive in any way when I am confronted for my behavior, I hereby give the leaders of the church permission to use any force necessary to evict me from the church facilities and prevent me from remaining on the church property.

4. I agree that this statement by me includes anything by me which is verbal, written, threatening, or teaching which violates the doctrinal or biblical teachings, or social conduct standards of the church which I am offending. This will include profanity, blasphemy, pornography, or tattoos which portray any of the above offenses. Profane of vulgar tattoos on me I will cover so that no one can see them. No exceptions. The same applies to offensive or suggestive clothing. In particular, women who promote feminist thinking, or political correctness, and women dressed in a sexually suggestive manner, will at once be removed from the church by the leaders.

5. I understand that I am not in any way now under suspicion, that I am now welcome to attend the church, but I also understand that the leaders of the church will be ruthless in dealing with me if I in any way commit any of the above offenses.

6. I agree that the leaders of the church do not have to offer any proof of my offenses before they take action against me.

7. I agree that all of the above applies to any gathering of the church, whether in the church house, at a picnic, in church members' homes, or any other event specifically designated as a gathering of the church.

8. I agree that this agreement is not my property, and I give the church the right to keep it on file indefinitely. A copy of this agreement will be provided to me by the church upon request, but the church will never show this agreement to anyone for any reason except to establish any offensive behavior by me or my family members for which the church had to take action or appear in court.

"Offense" above is defined as a) any sexual, perverted, or socially disgusting behavior, and b) any form of dress, body art, or affect in my presentation of myself (such as sodomite verbalization), and c) any attempt by me to inspire anyone present to behave is such a way, especially children, and d) any form of social or non-Christian verbalizing of behavior (such as Muslim complaints about ANYTHING, feminist nagging and complaints or sarcasm about men, degrading or suggestive speech about women by men).

Church leader's agreement (including the pastor and all visiting special speakers and missionaries). In accepting leadership in Cedar Creek Fundamental Bible Church, I agree that, if I can be proven to have overlooked an above cited offense against any member of the church, or any visitor in good standing, I will at once be dropped from leadership in the church and excommunicated permanently form the church. If my dilatory behavior involved overlooking of law breaking, I agree that I will be reported to local law enforcement.

I, as a pastor of this church, if I overlook or cover up any of the above offenses, will be at once excommunicated from the church, and I agree that I will be reported to any church I seek to pastor for the rest of his life. And, I will not seek any redress for this action in any form of litigation. As pastor, I will make it very clear to all the church members that they must be totally cooperative with law officials and the courts as to anything they saw regarding any offenses reported.

Government agents or Law Enforcement visitors:

I am here ____ on official business, as a legal representative, or as a law enforcement official.
I am here to ____ worship Jesus Christ and learn Christian truth.
I am here to ____ report the church's activities for a news agency.

A copy of this agreement will be held on file under lock and key by two designated church officials. No such agreement can be removed from file or destroyed without a majority vote of the church leaders. If a copy of this agreement is subpoenaed by a court, a copy must be made before this agreement can be turned over. Any such court order to turn an agreement over to the court will include notification of the agreement signer. If a leader holding agreement files leaves the church for any reason, or is relieved of his position as a leader, he will hand the files over the the pastor at once. The same applies for a pastor who leaves the church. If I violate this agreement in any way, I agree to accept the legal responsibility for any litigation which follows.

Signed Head of Home ______________________________

Second parent ____________________________________

Witness __________________________________________

Date _____________________________________________

Identification ______________________________________



Pastor, you must make it very clear to your leaders, for liability reasons, to file every agreement and NEVER take it out of file to learn anything about the person who filled it out unless, and ONLY unless, that person has committed an offense clearly specified on the agreement. It is wicked to do what you promised not to do. Make sure the signer's name is on the top of the page so that you can check only to see if they have signed the agreement if you have any doubt in the future.

Never file a COMPLAINT with law enforcement. File a REPORT. A complaint may only get you into a civil suit against the offender. You want them prosecuted by the court, not you.

This agreement is designed to FORCE you, pastor, to totally open up all evidence in the case of any offense and not use some damnable reasoning that offenses need to be covered up to protect the church's testimony. You who have done this, and there are thousands, from the Pope to Bob Jones University, and hundreds of Fundamental Baptist churches, should be flogged with a cat of nine tails for covering up all manner of sexual sin. If I can, in any way, destroy you sex offending pastors, I sure will do so.

The question arises about under aged offenders, especially youthful sex offenders. To be totally covered, the kid's parent must sign the agreement on behalf of their child if the child attends alone. When the child reaches the legal age of responsibility in your state, the child must sign an agreement. Explain to the parents that this is to protect their child and discourage sex offenders from preying on kids who attend your church. Most parents will be relieved and spread the word around town. You will find that the net effect will be to bring order to your youth activities and enhance your testimony.

I can hear some of you preachers whining about how this agreement will discourage some visitors. You are right. The question I ask you is, "Are you willing to offend someone who is suspect in order to protect your church family, especially kids, from criminals and offenders?" Right, you want the attendance to grow more than you love your church family. And, you sir, are a devil and should be horse whipped.

The situation which inspired me to add this agreement is an article which told of a judge in Waco, Texas allowing a rapist college student to plea bargain himself out of a rape case, and the judge gave the devil a few months probation, a class on being a nice guy, and no listing of him on the sex offender list. If this is the way Texas is going, the rest of the USA will follow shortly. Bible believing church leaders now have to prepare for rampant sexual offenses against our kids.

If you file a report of a sexual offense which happened at you church, and if law enforcement and the courts fail to take action on it, immediately report it to the news media before the court puts a gag order on you.


Get a permit to carry now.



This article is being compiled (July 2016) just after a Catholic priest was beheaded in front of his congregation in France. ISIS tells us there are more decapitations of ministers coming.

Preacher, if you do not have a permit to carry, get one. And, CARRY.

A church we attended here in Texas has a pastor who has a permit to carry, and every Sunday he has a 9mm Ruger in the pulpit loaded to go. His reason is that:

a. He is obsessed with the notion that he is a defender of the sheep of Christ.

b. All the people sit with their backs toward the only entrance door. He would be the first to see any attacker even before he reached the glass door. The preacher is also a good shot. When ISIS comes to execute him, there will be dead Arab meat all over the place, and the preacher will very likely be left standing, and his people will be safe.



I will go down the list of issues as I see them. The future in America and Europe will not be for the timid, and God needs men who will defend the flock of God.

A. Know the Enemy
First, try to define the most likely enemy. Your church could be attacked by racists, Islamic terrorists, or some looney crank who hates Christians. If you see Black or White racists as the possible enemy, find defenders who do not have racist tendencies and who will shoot any color terrorist. Also, your defenders must NOT favor defending one race over another.

If your potential enemy is from an Islamic community nearby, you need defenders who are familiar with Middle Eastern and Islamic issues. A US Military Veteran with experience in Iraq of Afghanistan would be desirable. A born again Syrian refugee would also be ready to go.

There are people who will need special consideration among your people:

1. Anyone who has converted from Islam to be a Christian. Also, anyone on a terrorist hit list, and anyone against whom a Fatwa has been issued by Muslim leaders. Be very cautious in defense of the children of converts from Islam to Christianity.

2. Children whose parent is on the sex offender or predator list. You need to make a list of these people and keep it updated. Your security people need a copy on them at all times so they can check new visitors on the spot. Your nursery people need this list also lest the offender try to kidnap a child.

3. People who reported a crime or are due to testify in court.

4. Children of very rich Christians.

5. Spouse of someone under a restraining order. A list of this group is needed by your security people.

6. The feeble minded and handicapped.

7. The ushers and church treasurer who handles the offering.

8. Known transsexuals and sodomites. Both categories must be escorted and watched at all times by security, and this security person may need to be incognito in order to stay with the threat. The bathrooms are critical with these people. If any stranger gets personal with a child, security should butt in and say, "Johnny, your Mommy wants you. I will help you find her." If you unregister your church, you can legally tell these people to go away.

Anyone on a restraining order or sex offender list must NOT be allowed in your church house. Call the police if in any doubt about them.

Your security people need to know the potential victims well, and arrangements must be made to escort them to and from their vehicle. Lest I forget, you need a security person posted outside the church house to guard the parked cars during the whole duration of activities. Tell your people to always lock their cars. Car bombing Christians could become an action used by Islamic terrorists and certain Progressive Liberal politicians.

B. Find your defenders NOW

You must insist that there be men, especially your deacons and elders, who are armed and have a permit to carry. Each defender must also have a walkie talkie, not a cheap one, with which to call other defenders, and the pastor and staff must be carrying a walkie talkie, and preferably a Glock. For simplicity, a revolver is an ideal gun.

You must assign two men at the front entrance, and a man at every other entrance. Only the main entrance should be open to the outside.

Any areas which you are not actively guarding must be designated and marked and No Go Zones, and your security people must enforce this, even for church members. The platform area may need to be a No Go Zone for everyone except those ministering.

The men at the front entrance must watch for visitors they do not know. A protocol must be in place as to handling these visitors. Never make an exception for the following as to race or color. Every visitor must be considered a potential terrorist.

The visitor must be approached, stopped, and politely confronted. "I am not familiar with you sir, why are you here today?" If the answer is that they were invited by a church member, send someone into the church to find the one cited. If they are not there yet, ask the visitor to wait in his car until that person comes.

If the visitor gives you ANY aggravation, consider him deadly. Send him away, and/or call the police.

When a visitor approaches, especially two or more, watch them for signs of evil intent. They may be furtive in eye contact with you or others. They may have a bulging chest out of proportion to their body structure. This could be a bomb. They may be talking in another language. When they exit their vehicle, they may hesitate and look the area over. If they look Middle Eastern and are wearing sun glasses, they are trying to avoid eye contact.

When you get bad signals, meet them as far from the church entrance as possible. This allows time to warn other security people of potential trouble.

Enlist all your US Military Veterans and cops in the congregation to participate in security, and you may want one of them to be a team leader of your defenders. Ask a cop to review all your strategies and tactics for legal issues.

Insist that all men who carry have their guns secured so that kids and strangers cannot grab them. Trust no one when it comes to gun safety.

C. Deadly modern church traditions.

Pastor, you very likely now have a totally upside-down philosophy of church attendance and church growth. If you keep the Sunday School buses running bringing in the rug rats of the world to build attendance and make yourself famous, ISIS will load one of those kids with a bomb, and your attendance will drop to zero when the parents learn you love numbers more than their kids.

If you are now raging at me in your soul, consider this..... doing funerals for 35 kids of parents who do not attend you church. You will be famous, sir, but not like you think.

All guests, including kids, must be invited and accompanied by adults. Kids from homes of Middle Eastern people must NOT come without their parents, and the parents must be vetted online before given admittance.

I am sorry it is thus, but I do not believe the FBI, and other US Government agencies, will tell you about anyone you are vetting. They seem to prefer that you are killed first, and then they will tell what they knew about your killer. Until something changes in Washington DC, you must assume that the US Government wants terrorists to kill Christians.

You need to TEACH that the Bible requires church leaders to defend the saints. Show the believers that the early Church met in homes, not special real estate called "the church." Teach that the Church is the believers, not the real estate. If you refuse to do this, you will pay dearly for it, and the people killed in your church will not be martyrs..... they will be the victims of a bastard son- a pastor who loves his fame and the offering plate more then he loves the sheep. I am talking about YOU, sir.

D. If you choose to keep meeting in a church building, consider this.

The mega churches will be attacked with bombs, poisoning, and grenades. The mid sized to smaller churches will be the ones targeted for beheading the pastor and machine gunning the people. Terrorists want to be able to reach the platform quickly, kill, and flee. So, this will not happen in mega churches. Do not think your modest size will deliver you from danger.

So, you must have men in the back row who are sharp shooters with hand guns. They must regularly practice at local gun ranges. These are your second line of defense if terrorists get past your door defenders. I suggest a Colt 45 of Taurus which can take 410 shot gun shells, and use "Personal Defense Rounds". These are a slug with several buckshot following. This reduces the problem of a bullet passing through the terrorist and hitting someone else.

In the balcony, if you have one, you should have a sharp shooter with a competition rifle, and he must be GOOD at it. This man, or lady, will have to try to shoot terrorists who make it to the aisles or platform without hitting innocent persons. I suggest an AR-15, and possibly remove the scope, as in the photo, because of the closeness of the targets and the need to shoot several terrorists fast. Discuss this with the shooter. The shooter must have a special location where he cannot easily be neutralized and where kids will not distract him. But, he must be close to the balcony rail so he can work the aisles also. Instruct him to never let the rifle out of his possession, EVER.

If you do not have a balcony, you may want to use the sound control room, and provide an open window for the marksman shooter. Encourage him to try to not be visible so that attackers do not know he is there.

I suggest a word like "Security" be shouted by any of these defenders who see a suspicious person (visitor or stranger) doing something like putting his hand into his coat. Tell the congregation every Sunday that if they hear the word shouted "Security," they are to freeze or get down. The reason for this is that the terrorist will not be able to stand still. He will become terrified that he has been spotted, and he will run. The defenders then know who to take down.

I strongly encourage that there be NO children's church. Children should be with their father or defender at all times. This will result in your kids learning to worship with adults, as in the New Testament church, which some of you diddle head preachers have never tried.

The safest place for a kid is right next to his Daddy.

Read that again, preacher. Then, read it again and again.

E. Sunday School.

This is a very troubling issue. Sunday School was not a part of church life for 1700 years. The first Sunday School was started by a preacher in England, and his objective was to teach the kids from the sweat shops to read and write. If you are determined to keep Sunday School going, you have a terrible security breach.

If you continue with Sunday School, then all teachers must have a permit to carry, and CARRY. They must be required to shoot 100 rounds at a gun range every quarter to keep their shooting skill up. This includes lady Sunday School teachers. Anyone unable or unwilling to carry must not be allowed to be a Sunday School teacher unless there is ALWAYS an assigned carry person on hand, AND that carry person must be at the front of the class, seated, and directly facing the entrance to the class room.

Hey, preacher, ISIS defined this for us. We are at war, and President Obama is making sure that ISIS can attack the Lord's Church, which he hates intensely. You are a damned fool if you wimp out on the Lord's Church in America. And, I mean DAMNED because Hell will be full of hirelings like you who put their own interests, and their sissy lack of testosterone, ahead of the safety of the saints.

John 10:13 The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

F. The halls, bathrooms, and social facilities must be patrolled at all times
while the church is in session.

If you have a separate gym or social center, it must be locked down solid during Sunday services. Your security must all be in one building to avoid confusion. People puttering about outside the meeting area, maybe getting ready for a church dinner etc, could be taken hostage. Visitors and strangers must be confronted and sent packing if they are seen in the wrong areas. It may be necessary to assign men to guard bathrooms, especially if you insist on keeping Sunday School going. Rabid sodomites are getting bolder and bolder. The day may come when Sodomites launch attacks on churches, which will include molesting little boys.

If someone really needs to work in a peripheral area, assign a defender to stand guard with them. You may want "on call" defenders who are not on duty but can be called into action to guard someone in particular.

If you want to know of an alternative to Sunday School as we did it for twelve years and a church I pastored, send mail at the link below.

G. Policy on Middle Eastern people.

This is touchy, but it is a fact that most ISIS and Islamic Terrorists come from the Middle East. However, they also come from Eastern European nations which are Muslim, and these people do not always look Middle Eastern. For this reason, your door defenders will need to ask for identification, and if the name looks Middle Eastern or odd in any way, the person needs to be treated with special suspicion. If they have an accent, that is another red flag. Racial profiling is absolutely needed in this situation.

If anyone complains about this, they should be highly suspect. Be courteous, but NOT apologetic. Do not explain why you do this, just do it.

There is a way to force the issue with an Islamic terrorist, but I am not sure you will want to do this. You could have a copy of the Koran in Arabic on hand, and any suspicious person of Middle Eastern appearance could be asked to stand on the Koran and curse Allah. If you choose this tactic, be ready to start shooting. Someone will rebuke me for using rough tactics, but then, if the option were to look on as women are raped and children mutilated, would you be willing to use a little profiling and testing?

H. Anyone screaming "Allah u Akbar" should be taken down without questions asked.

If you see no weapon, pile on them and subdue them. If you see a weapon, kill them. If they start to put their hand into their shirt of jacket, kill them. They are a suicide bomber. You may have only a split second before the terrorist triggers a suicide bomb.

I. If your church is a Nonprofit Corporation, unregister it at once.

Your church is presently a public building, and trouble makers can force their way into your meetings if they call for legal help to do so. Nor can you discriminate for any reason. Any faggot, with a mind to, can force you to give him admittance. You have NO rights as a nonprofit because you are an instrumentality of the United States Government under the absolute control of the IRS. You may not believe me, so call your Christian attorney, and ask him to look into it.

The word "Church" is well defined in Black's Law Dictionary, and a true church is legally a nonpublic entity. The term "Church" is as old as the USA, and any court will understand this, once reminded. After your church is unregistered, put a well done plaque on the wall of he church entrance briefly explaining that any visitor is entering a private facility and may be required to leave if they in any way disrupt the gathering. Anyone spouting off at all loudly about this should be ushered right out the door. Call the police to help enforce this.

J. This defense of the local church is not an adventure.

It is not war. It is defense of the saints.

It is not a time for Veterans to play war games again, and cops need to be recruited and encouraged to help you prevent the militarizing of the church. Do NOT permit Veterans or Cops to be in uniform unless the Police Department assigned them to duty at your church. If you want to identify your defenders, I suggest a badge which has one word on it- "SECURITY". Be sure your people all know who your security men are. A lady cop, as a member, would be very useful in dealing with women's bathrooms and handling female trouble makers.

You may find that kids, and some dead beat men, will gather here and there to talk tough and about guns and terrorists. STOP IT AT ONCE. You are gathered in the assembly to exalt Christ, worship God, and edify the saints from the Word of God. Jesus did not waste his time talking about swords and how to snuff Roman soldiers and Pharisees.

Furthermore, US agents will definitely be sent to spy on your church to see if you are some sort of Militia group. Give no offense in any way. Also, if any Militia or Tea Party types attach themselves to your assembly, run them off. They are NOT born again in most cases, and they will only give Caesar reason to put the hammer to you. Alleged Christians who are in the Militia, and other such groups, do not love Jesus. They love the US Constitution, not the Bible. They are some of the most deadly freaks you can have around. Some of them simply want an excuse to kill someone. I speak from experience with these people. Also, excessive US flag waving will attract crazies. Wave only the old King James Bible, and you will give no offense.

You must be highly efficient, precise, and subtle so that you do not terrify the timid folks and visitors who are not prepared to see defense out in the open. One reason you have defenders is because not every Christian can grab a gun and shoot the crazies. Even Jesus told his disciples that two swords were enough for eleven men.
(Luke 22:36-38)

Do not make a big fuss over your defenders, but do make sure people know who they are so they can point out suspicious activity to them. Show your affection for your defenders by allocating them an ammo stipend.

Having said that, make sure all your defenders understand that they will probably never have to act in crisis mode, given the low odds of ISIS actually picking your church among thousands to attack. But, let the defenders understand that if a crisis happens, the lives of God's children hang in the balance, and your defenders will determine if lives are lost or saved. Also, instruct your defenders that their presence will be a discouragement to all terrorists except suicide bombers. ISIS are quite human, and they want to survive after they attack.

Finally, make sure your defenders are prepared to kill evil men to the glory of God. Beware of blood lust, and eliminate any defenders who have the disease. But, you must be sure they will act and shoot under emergency conditions if needed. If you have Military Veterans helping, make sure they understand that in the Lord's Church there is no such thing as "collateral damage." Any shooting must be on target and meant to kill ONLY the wicked.

Require all your defenders who carry weapons to practice at a shooting range regularly. A man carrying a gun he has never shot is a serious liability. Also, require that the gun he practices with is the one he carries at the church house. You may want to ask a local policeman to give you all a gun safely seminar, and include a discussion of liabilities in self-defense.

Final thought: The best defense is when a threatening person is stopped, subdued, and handed over to law enforcement. The object must never be to see if we can have dead bodies all over the foyer of the church, even if they were all criminals. It is estimated that over 200,000 lives a year are saved by gun owners who intervened in an ongoing criminal act.

K. Law E
nforcement People may think you are dangerous
If the local law enforcement or politicians complain about your defense arrangements, visit the Chief of Police, or the Mayor, and demand a contingent of police be assigned to your church services, and demand enough to cover all the security points you need in place. This will cause them to back off at once because they do not have extra police for every church to have protection. Good law enforcement officials will probably be delighted to see your plan, especially if you include Veterans, Police, and a tight structure of security rules.


L. Some People cannot kill for any reason

It may be necessary to hold sessions in which security people are encouraged to define openly when they will kill anyone who is clearly attacking the saints. If someone cannot come to a "kill" conviction, they must not be on your security team. This does not mean they are a wimp or unspiritual. It simply means that they are a serious risk.

1 Samuel 17:29 And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?

The cause is..... Defend the Flock of God. That is reason enough to kill those who attack the Flock of God.



You need to understand that the vast majority of Muslims in America and Europe have deep sympathy with, indeed, downright approval of, ISIS and Islamic terrorism. When a church or synagogue in your community is attacked by Islamic terrorists, these allegedly "peace loving" Muslims will be privately rejoicing. They deny this, but the stories around past terrorist events in the USA prove me right.

So, when another church is attacked, what will you do? "Well, those Catholics are heretics, so they probably got what is coming to them." If this is your response, do not go asking for any consideration after YOU are attacked. While we Bible believers agree that the Roman Catholic Church is a heretic church, we need to take a public position when they are attacked by random Islamic terror. The terrorists need to know that Christians stand united as to terror. This should include any group of lawless people attacking churches or synagogues.

The reason I suggest this is because all Muslims in the Middle East think that all Christians are the same. I have talked to Muslims in Africa and in the USA who think all Americans are Christians. They have no perspective as to who you think is a heretic in Christendom. So, ISIS, and all Islamic terrorists, need to see Christendom standing together simply for the purpose of intimidation. In no way would I ask you to make some sort of ecumenical movement of this thing.

Also, remember, American Muslims have freedom of religion just like you do. When people around you call for attacks, either physically or legally, against mosques, have nothing to do with this. If their freedom can be attacked, so can yours. But, as you defend Muslims' rights, keep in mind that you are not buying the goodwill of ISIS or Christ hating Mullahs. They see you as suckers and fools for defending them.




This needs to be discussed delicately of course. The reason I am adding a short item on this is because soon we will not be able to speak openly of the US Government as the enemy.

TERRORIST- A terrorist is a man or entity which finds open warfare too difficult. So, they resort to doing violent stealth acts against their target group which will cause shock and awe and cause their enemy to go into total way-of-life changes out of abject fear.

This is what ISIS is doing in Europe and soon in the USA. Those who learn to go right on living, instead of going into trauma when an attack happens, will defeat the terrorist every time. This was clearly shown in Northern Ireland and in Israel with the suicide bombings by Yassir Arafat.

It is clear from recent legislation that the US Government wants power to take over every aspect of the lives of Americans. This is shown very well in the Patriot Act. This act, initiated by President George W Bush and passed into law, allows the President to take all food, water, and property of all Americans any time he wishes. This will include church real estate. A simple act of declaring the Executive Powers Act by the President instantly switches the USA from democracy to total dictatorship. The Patriot Act was passed with no complaint by Americans because it immediately followed the 9/11 False Flag event master minded by President Bush and his friends.

So, let us hear none of this rubbish talk about the US Government being the friend of Americans. The point is this- the Hidden Hand knew they could not just invade America outright. So, the used terror in 9/11 to cause Americans to panic. It worked, and the day will come again when the Hidden Hand will want total control. Another False Flag event, probably nuking a whole city, will very likely precede total Martial Law.

When this happens, churches will be given orders what they can preach and when and how they can meet. In order to cause American Christendom to submit, False Flag attacks on churches will be launched by US Government or Military entities. Black Ops will most likely do this. You need to carefully consider what is coming down, and you need a plan for your local church.

Let us get something clear. Local law enforcement, while they have some warts, are not in an organized strategy to form a tyrannical order to torment and subject the citizens. The issue here is our national law enforcement agencies, beginning at the White House. We have just about finished eight years of a President who has preyed on racial issues between the American people. He will go his way, and the election of the next President will determine largely whether we become a police state or remain a republic in which the states enforce law.

The day may come soon, depending on who is President, when Americans will be hounded and pestered by Big Government and its enforcement agencies. The day WILL come when churches will be told what they can preach if they want to keep their nonprofit status. Pastors will be sent letters telling them to stop any mention of sodomy from their pulpits. I got just such a letter way back in about 1990 from US Gov. Health and Human Services. They told me to "discuss homosexuality in terms of the more positive aspects of your belief system."

The letter should have come from the IRS because nonprofit corporation churches have NOTHING to do with HHS. The IRS clearly wanted to run the thing up the flag pole to see what would happen. I called HHS and asked them why they were taking over my pulpit. I was blunt and forceful, but polite. They told me the letter was sent out by mistake, and I should ignore it.

Hmmmm Mistakes like that do not exist. The letter was in the computer and well written. They made three things clear:

1. The US Government is moving quietly to threaten churches with wrath if they talk about sodomy.

2. When the US Government attacks, they do not come through the front door. They have an obscure agency of the government do the dirty work for them. This makes for useful confusion and disorientation of the victim.

3. The letter, legally, was a joke. There is virtually no legal device whereby Health and Human Services could prosecute a church for preaching the wrong thing.

That letter came to me a long time ago. Given the present hate for Jesus Christ and Christianity by President Barak Obama, and given the bias at Homeland Security against Christians as "potential terrorists," I can promise you the day will come, or is on us, when US Gov. agents will be visiting your church and even trying to join as a member. This will NOT be for your good. It will be to subvert your ministry in Jesus Christ.


1. Keep 100% on target. That is, do NOT make your pulpit a center of patriotic and national issues or declarations. You must resist the urge to hint or indirectly discuss election issues. That is where the IRS will hit you, and they will destroy your church.

2. Do NOT allow any member or visitor to make militant or patriotic statements or add such things to your Sunday School of other programs. Do not permit the handing out, or displaying, of ANY political or patriotic reading material. No exceptions. You are called to save souls, not America.

3. Do NOT allow the promotion of civic or social causes in your church. These could be used to accuse you of starting some sort of subversive activity. Do your alms between Sundays, and teach the people to do so in the model of Jesus Christ, that is, spontaneously.

4. When you sense an agent of the US Government has infiltrated your assembly, confront him. Ask him if he is employed by the US Government. If he says he is, demand to see his ID. He must show it to you. If he declines, remind him that he is in a public building, and he is required to identify himself to people he is involved with. This should be enough to let him and his handlers know the jig us up. He will probably slip away soon after the confrontation.

5. If you are able to vet a member or visitor to the point that you are 100% sure he is a government agent, ask him to stop coming. Let him know clearly that you have identified him as an agent doing stealth assignments in your church. Do not let him threaten you.

Remember, all "rights" of Americans will be taken away from them by regulating them. You pastors will be told you have full freedom of speech as long as you only drop out the topic of sodomy. My counsel to you is to preach against sodomy the next Sunday. Boldness when the Word of God is attacked is the best plan. If you take weeks or months to get your zeal up to preach the forbidden message, they will see your as a wimpy man and easily intimidated.

The other message you will be told not to preach is the one against Islam. Again, preach that message the next Sunday. You should have a copy of the Quran and the Hadith (sayings of Mohammed) on hand and browse them before this landmark arrives so that you have your weapon loaded and ready.

The third message has already been demanded. During Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans fell into dangerous disorder. The Military was sent in, and they called pastors together and asked them to preach to their people from Romans 13- Submit to government. The US Military knows their Bible well, at least the parts that would serve their purpose for subjecting the masses. The Evangelical preachers did as they were told. You will need to decide ahead of time if you will preach on behalf of the US Military and Government. One option might be to simply absent yourself when the notice comes to pastors to gather for the call to preach for Caesar. You could have a standing invitation to lunch from one of your business people.

I would strongly encourage you to have a plan for the possibility that your church will be taken over and destroyed by the US Government. This has been done several times in the USA already. Know where you will meet, and have a plan for removing all the hymn books, musical instruments, and records to a safe location. Be prepared to totally destroy ALL church records, PARTICULARLY YOUR CHURCH MEMBERSHIP ROLE. Every document you save, because you imagine you may need it to settle some issue in the assembly some day, will be used against you by government agents and court prosecutors. Your membership role will be their guide to attack the members individually and drive them apart in terror. The key question is, "Is there a way we can disappear for all legal purposes."

When I came to a church I pastored in Michigan, I burned all the church files at once. That included the membership role. There were some horrible liabilities in the files. We unregistered the church with the IRS, and we then burned every copy of the church constitution and all other guidelines to church affairs. We defined our only document as the King James Bible.

There is a very good reason to do this. If the US Government tries to prosecute you or your church for any reason, they will have to use your documents in order to find you guilty of any violation. The judge CANNOT prosecute a case against anyone or any church on the basis of violation of the Bible. That is forbidden as a church and state issue. This has already happened in several church court cases, and the judge had to throw the case out every time. No judge will move forward with nothing but the King James Bible as documentation.

You can laugh off my suggestions, but once you have been hit with a subpoena to appear, and if you then do what I suggested, you will end up in prison for destroying evidence. Do it now.

Psalms 109:29 Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle. Lead your adversaries to confuse themselves if possible.

Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins. "Strifes" is litigation in the Hebrew. If you related to the US Government with hate, rather than with prudence and integrity, you can expect them to drag you before the courts to teach you a lesson.

Matthew 5:25 Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. If the government sends the health department around to inspect your church, cooperate completely. If they want your bus checked, do so. Only if they demand that you stop preaching the whole truth of the Word of God, only then must you stand your ground.

Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
3 For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.

When you are tempted to turn in hate and rage against the government stealth attacks, remember, you have not been crucified. You have NO rights as defined by the Word of God. You are a servant of Jesus Christ, so stop whining and complaining because the US Government is turning against the Gospel and the Lord's Church. Stop waving the flag and demanding your rights. Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Your objective must be to defend the people of God, not to correct liberty and rights issues. Keep the flock together, and keep out of Caesar's hair.

Last Thought:

I suspect that a lot of Christians and their pastors have a secret hope that Christ will rapture his Church before serious persecution sets in against American churches. There is NO reason to expect this. Christ will come back for us when the Father sends him. During every era of Church History there have been saints and churches being persecuted by governments. The temperament is rampant in the US Government, and even in the US Military, to make Christians the enemy. If you intend to defend the people of God, you must start thinking NOW about your responses when organized government persecution comes your way.




This is looking for trouble in a nation turning against Christianity. Godless government officials do not know what a church is. They only see real estate. So, the pastor would have been wise to rent a business unit in the community and meet there. A store in a strip mall does not look like church property. Also, instead of calling your meeting a Bible study, call it a party or literary society. The point is, Arizona has come to be dominated by sodomites and Atheists. I lived there and worked in many homes. Arizona basically hates God. So, instead of trying to establish your rights in such a case, disappear into the cultural motif. Tell everyone to carry a six pack of Coke and potato chips into the house where you meet, and DO NOT put up a sign with churchy stuff on it.

The question might better be, when did the Apostles go into confrontation with the laws of Rome? Did Paul ever go looking for such trouble? You need to understand that you have no business whining about how you are treated if you go looking for trouble. And, if you invite the saints to accompany you, you answer to God for the sorrows they experience at the hands of government courts and officials. Do not tell me that the people in Philadelphia were not aware that they could be troubled for their actions.

What is the alternative to these actions which could easily have been discerned as potentially dangerous?

1. Print a tract on sodomy and what the bible says. Distribute that as you move around in the market place by leaving it here and there.

2. Put an ad on Craigslist inviting inquiry into deliverance from sexual addictions.

3. If you want to deal with sodomites in gatherings, go incognito, and seek to strike up friendly conversations. Ask questions and make leading comments to see if you can lead the conversation to Christ and the Gospel. Do not even mention sodomy. Just talk about deliverance from sexual addiction etc. Most police simply want to prevent agitation, so disappear from the police.


The LGBT has become highly organized, and they have stated in their literature that the last frontier for their conquest of America is the family and the church. They are including all religions, including Islam. The link takes you to an article in this journal exclusively dealing with your kids and sodomites.



I strongly suggest that you not allow any visitors into your assembly. New attenders must be there only by invitation, and that must be coordinated with the pastor or a security team member.

Do all your soul winning between Sundays. Stop visitation as commonly done, which is a fetish to many Baptists,. Go to training all your people to win souls. Anyone wishing to attend your assembly must be only by invitation, and they must be vetted before attending.

The day may come when Muslims start suing Christians for speaking to them about the Gospel. In Australia a man went to prison for saying "Merry Christmas" to a Muslim. For legal purposes, you may want to do what missionaries in Muslim nations do. Ask the inquirer to fill out a card to the effect that he wants to hear the Gospel, and file it. You may imagine that doing this would limit your soul winning opportunities. Wrong, dead wrong. It will cause people to want to know what is such dangerous information that you must protect yourself from prosecution, and you will find that more people ask to know.

I also strongly encourage you to at once begin the process of transitioning to the homes of the believers. Start with Wednesday evening prayer meeting and Bible study. Then, move on to include Sunday evening meetings in the homes. Train leaders to teach, and stop assuming that you, the great master Baptist guru, are the only teacher. Your greatest hazard, pastor, is your ego and your notion of "pastoral rule." It may be about time you let Jesus Christ be the head of your local church in reality and not just in your Doctrinal Statement.

The most wicked response by you, pastor, will be thus..... "We are told by Christ that we will be persecuted for our faith. So, if we are killed by Islamic terrorists, this must be God's will."

You are wrong, sir, and you are an hireling and should be horse whipped.

You see, your Savior, IF you are born again, said the following:

Luke 22:35 And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing.
36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
37 For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.
38 And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough.

This was NOT some metaphorical teaching. Verse 38 makes it very clear that Jesus literally meant for some of his disciples to "carry". The reason seems to be that, while Jesus was with them in person, he prevented violence to come to them. But, once he returned to Heaven, he wanted them to participate in their own self-defense.

For the record, the Roman short sword was that era's equivalent to a Glock today. The sword was a utility weapon for self-defense at close quarters, and most men carried one on long trips where peril was common.

This defense Jesus required of his disciples was not to negate his teaching on persecution. It was because there were thugs and thieves on the road to Jericho, and that had nothing to do with persecution. It was common crime. Islamic terrorists may scream Allah u Akbar, but they are 99% thugs, and 1% Muslims.

You may now decide if ISIS and Islamic terrorists are just persecuting Christians. I see them as a lawless mob of thugs who love to see the blood fly. Millions of Muslims denounce them. There is no way I will bow my head to the sword of Islam under these circumstances. And, you, pastor, have no right to ask your men to stand by and watch as their wives are raped, and their boys castrated, in the "glorious name of Allah."

Any preacher who sends email rebuking me for defending the saints will be personally exposed on my journal as a warning to his congregation. Your email will be dropped into the journal intact, probably at the bottom of this article. And, I say that, as usual, in all good Christian charity.



Answer: The week before they attack.



If you have a Facebook page for your church, and if you suddenly have comments from people with Middle Eastern sounding names, you need to greatly increase security, AND stop letting strangers attend meetings. Every new person MUST be spoken for by a member.

Ministry Security - Center for Personal Protection & Safety (CPPS)
This video is well done, and you will see issues I have not dealt with above.
You MUST watch this.

What Does Church Security Look Like?
Once again, there is some very practical information in this video which I did not cover.

Church Safety Video
"Once you have a tragedy in your church, it will define your church for the rest of the history of your church." This one is blunt and powerful. The pastors list one hundred days of violence at churches in the USA. None of them were persecution.


The link may not work.
You can watch this free if you have Amazon Prime. A search of Google may find other free sources.
YOU MUST WATCH THIS. Done by Voice of the Martyrs.
You who have believed that Muslims are good and peace loving people need to understand what Islam really thinks and plans for YOU, that is, if you are a born again Christian.

U.S. Army Considers Christians as Religious Extremist!
When the presenter goes through the Power Point slides, stop them and read some of the instructions to US soldiers. You will realize that the Government leaves very broad opportunities for interpretation. No Christian young man has any business in the US Military since they intend to demean his faith and forbid him to practice all he believes.

You need to understand that, one day soon, the US Military, and other US Government agencies, will be infiltrating our churches to spy on us. They have all been told by the US Military, AND Homeland Security, that Christians are potential terrorists. Janet Napolitano of HS specifically targeted Christians who carry a Bible and study prophecy. She knows here enemy. Do you know YOUR enemy?

What will you do when you realize you have a government agent spying on your local church? What if he has managed to become a member?
Do you have a protocol to confront the agent or spy and demand he show his identity?
Will you ask the agent to leave?

You need a plan NOW before it happens. In fact, based on my information, government agents have long ago started infiltrating Bible believing churches. Homeland Security has an unspoken policy to hire Bible believing Christians because they are not drunks and are more likely to tell the truth. On the other hand, they believe Bible believers are potential terrorists. This whole thing is getting very complicated.




By Pastor Richard Wurmbrand

Ruckman has a brilliant book called "Ruckman's Battlefield Notes". If you can sort out his rhetoric and make heads and tails from it. It is similar to "The Art of War" the difficulty is translating it all into practical information when you need it most. This can be ordered online.



Howdy Steve,

Regarding protection for the Church and families: I grew up attending a house church in my early Christian years. It was a charismatic church but aside from that it seemed like the perfect setup for Christians to meet.

J. Vernon McGee always mentioned that the church started in the home and he believed it would end up in the home. I agree.

Through the years I have always been tuned in to the idea that in this country we will have to take the church underground. If that happens then it automatically becomes more secure because it must be incognito, and it will weed out the make-believers, maybe, and it will operate stealthy.

The best tactic is to be invisible; out of site out of mind. Go underground. Question is, if you are captured will you be willing to be tortured to death before giving out information that will place the brethren in danger.

It becomes a whole new world when the cost of our Faith rises exponentially!

Take care in Christ.




Do you have any thoughts to add?